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Ryan is sleeping peacefully when I slip out of bed. I have no idea where he’s taking me today but he did tell me to wear something comfortable and that I needed sneakers. Sorting through my suitcase, I settled on a blue skort and a plain white t-shirt, I also put a traditional white bra with the matching pantie on top of the pile.

I’m just getting out of the shower when he hands me a towel before walking to the toilet to pee. I can’t help myself from peeking at his morning wood, discreetly. I lean against the counter to brush my teeth, I’m bending down when I feel him push into my buttocks. My body craves his touch. “Oh, sorry I just need to wash my hands,” he grins, mischievously. He knows what he’s doing and he’s amused. Moving to the side, I let the towel drop to the floor reaching for the underwear first. I notice him staring at my body through the mirror, he’s now brushing his teeth. The bra is next, I make sure to cup my breasts as I put it on. He wipes his mouth standing straight still gawking at me. “Are you done? Because the water is still running.” I laugh at him, he turns it off. “Happy birthday by the way,” he leans down to give me a swift kiss before resting against the counter watching me. I make sure to roll my hips pulling the skort up before slipping the t-shirt on. “Shouldn’t you shower? You said we have to be ready by 8:30,” I reach for the hairdryer. With a devilish smirk on his handsome face, he undresses, slowly. I watch him intently when the water starts dripping down his muscular body. With shower gel in his hands, he lathers himself, his hand rubs on his cock and that’s when he turns to give me a smirk; he knew I’d be staring. I move to the room to finish getting ready instead of following my impulses telling me to join him in the shower.

No one is telling me where we’re off to even as we sit in two separate SUVs, Ryan has his arm around my shoulders. We drive for a while until the sign for Universal Studios comes into view, my face lights up. Maddy teases me saying they’ve been telling me I’d be happy with the surprise. Max parks the car and I nearly push Ryan out so I can get out myself. Cooper parks further down. Emma left William at the hotel with the nanny knowing that we’d go on a lot of rides it didn’t seem like the best place to bring a newborn baby. She mentioned that she and Trevor were dying for some alone time.

“I came along because it’s your birthday but you know I’m scared of rides so you better be grateful,” Maddy hooks her arm with mine. “I’m very happy you came! Let’s go see the “Minion Mayhem”,” I say excitedly.

I convinced Maddy to come on a few rides but really, I have a feeling her getting to hold onto Sam is what got her to do it. Emma and Trevor seem to be reconnecting, I guess having a baby changes things. They’re holding hands and exchanging cute smiles. Seeing them makes me glad Ryan decided to bring us all here.

The Harry Potter area is bringing back memories of us visiting the studios in London. Everything looks amazing, I can’t wipe the smile off my face. “You’re so beautiful,” Ryan whispers to my ear, making me blush. “You’re the best husband ever, I love you,” I turn around to hug him. The pull between us is giving me a hard time focusing on keeping up with our friends while holding Ryan’s hand. I request a minute to take pictures with a Dobby statue.

Although we’re in Mid-December, the weather is warm in Florida. The sun shining on us is making us sweat. Max suggests we take a break when he spots an ice cream stand. I get a cookie dough ice cream cone. Emma, Maddy, and I sit together talking about the next rides we want to try. Maddy even says she’s enjoying herself. “When was the last time you two… you know…” Emma asks me all of a sudden. “Almost 3 weeks ago, in Montreal. Why?” Although we wouldn’t share very intimate details, we do talk about our sex lives sometimes. “He’s watching you lick the ice cream like a hawk ready to pounce,” she giggles. “I stopped him yesterday, it took a lot for me to do so but I figured birthday sex would be better tonight,” I laugh with my friends then I look into his eyes as my tongue laps around the ice cream, I see him gulping, his eyes narrow on my mouth.

A few hours later, we’re done seeing the attractions we were interested in. Having fast passes made it better. “Ella, will you come to get ready in my room? Sam can go to yours,” Maddy asks. “What? Why?” Ryan whines. “So you don’t see her outfit before she’s ready! And because I’ve missed my friend so I want to spend time alone with her,” she retorts. I know we’re going to a restaurant but I don’t know which one. We’ve all been sweating all day and need a refresher for tonight. I can’t hide my smile when I look at my sulking husband. His patience is wearing thin as the day goes by.

We managed to keep Ryan occupied while I put everything in a bag to go to Maddy’s room. I shower quickly before she does and then we get ready together. She helps with my hair and I help with her makeup. Maddy and I sing along to the music that’s playing on her phone. Sometimes the best moments are spent being silly together I would never trade my tall blonde friend for anyone. Once my hair and makeup are done, I get dressed. As I imagined, the push-up bra looks great paired with the romper.

“Oh my god, you’re looking hot!” Emma who slipped into the room says when she sees me. Her words make me blush although I’m now able to admit to myself I do look good when I look into the mirror. Emma is wearing a white skater dress that hides her tiny belly but emphasizes her breasts. She couldn’t be bothered to wear heels and opted for ballerina shoes. Maddy slips on jeans and a pink ruched top, she also wears ballerina shoes. “Am I the only one wearing heels tonight?” I ask, stepping into a cross between a shoe and a bootie. “It’s your birthday, the spotlight is on you. Besides, I’m already a giant compared to you two minions, ” Maddy teases us.

A knock at the door startles me, I open it to see Max standing there. He apologizes for disturbing us, he wants to know if I would like to leave right now, so Ryan doesn’t see me before we get there. I love his plan, it’s risky, we both know my husband will be annoyed with him. He sends a text to Cooper making sure he doesn’t let Ryan out of the room before we get on our way.

-Tell Max he’s lucky today’s your birthday and I can’t make you cry by firing him!
-I can’t wait to have you undress me later xoxo
-Don’t try to distract me! Send me a picture. I bought something for us to use tonight;)

I’m sure he’s pouting reading my reply denying him a picture. Max knows that his threat isn’t serious. I’m curious about his comment on something for us to use but I know he won’t tell me especially now that we’ve pulled a little stunt on him.
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