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Ryan’s POV

My eyes got big when I spotted her sitting in between Emma and Max at the table. She’s wearing something tight, I can’t tell if it’s a dress or just a top from her sitting down. I can, however, see that she’s wearing a push-up bra making her boobs look amazing. Her long brown hair lays straight down her shoulders and back. She’s sporting a dark purple smokey eye with a nude lip. The things you learn about makeup when you’re married to someone obsessed with it. My cock is pushing on the zipper of my black jeans that I’ve paired with a black fitted t-shirt. The air is knocked out of my lungs from the smile on her face mixed with the twinkles in her eyes when she sees me walking to the table.

“Move!” I tell Max. “Don’t be rude!” she warns me but the twinkles are still dancing in her beautiful brown eyes. “Fine… Max, could you please let me sit next to my sexy wife? I would greatly appreciate it,” I snicker. I’m finally able to tell she’s wearing a romper that also features her killer legs, my hand runs from her knee upwards until she captures it just as it was about to reach its goal.

The restaurant was able to offer us a private spot that’s separate from the main seating area at my request. Once the waitress takes our orders, we get into different discussions. Ella keeps on expressing her happiness having all of us here after spending a great day at the park. I’m hoping what I have in store for tonight will please her as well.

We’re waiting on the cake to be brought to the table when Emma hands a small package to Ella. “Trevor and I wanted to get you something. It’s nothing much but still,” she smiles. A frame with a picture of Ella holding William that has “Best godmother ever xoxo” engraved in it is what was in the package. Sam then hands her an envelope which contains tickets to some baseball game and an ultrasound picture. The picture says “Will you be my godmother too?” on it. “You’re pregnant!” both Ella and Emma exclaim at the same time. The girls hug while Trevor and I tackle Sam to congratulate him. Everyone sits down when Max gives a gift to Ella, he looks shy. She’s excited to find a camera bag, hers was just a random bag she was using in the meantime. “I also got you something, I wasn’t sure what to get but...uhh… yeah,” Cooper hands her a gift bag with bubble bath and bath bombs inside. I reach for my gift on the floor, she opens it and finds a silver dress that I thought she could wear to my next premiere. Ella then goes around the table to thank everyone while offering hugs and kisses. Many pictures are taken, she loves being able to look at pictures when she’s away from her friends or me. That romper makes her curves look amazing, I can’t take my eyes off of her as she walks around the table. The cake is placed in front of her when she sits again.

I was relieved when everyone claimed to be exhausted from our day spent at the Studios. I stand by observing Ella get rid of her heels before reaching for the zipper of her romper pulling it down. My fingers caress her vanilla-scented skin as I push the material off her body, slowly. Her breath hitch feeling me glide over her stomach. As hot as the clothing looked on her, removing it takes time. At last, the outfit falls on the floor by her feet and she’s left in her lingerie set, one that’s made of silk. The black bra has a diamond in the dip of it while the matching underwear has diamonds on the front in a V shape. The anticipation makes her body tremble, I step in front leading her backward to the massive bed. The lust in her eyes makes them look dark, her lips are swollen. Lifting her I slide her on the bed giving myself room to climb and extend to my full length between her legs. My nose rubs on the fabric covering her private part, she inhales a breath. With my hands framing her inner thighs, I lick the material up. “Please,” she’s already begging. Her arousal is soaking up the silk underwear as I keep kissing and licking, teasing her. “Please!” she repeats, louder, her voice strained. “What do you want, Ella?” I haven’t had to ask her in a long time, but it appears, she’s not forthcoming tonight. “Tongue. Remove my underwear. Now,” she’s panting. Giving her one last kiss, I then work on removing the barrier between her and my tongue. Slowly, I slip the underwear down her legs and throw it on the floor. Getting closer to her center, I lick her up slowly, taking time to circle her clit. Her hips squirm under my touch, she’s breathing hard but moaning, quietly. I want her to get loud. Trapping her clit between my lips and sucking hard on it does the trick she finally raises her voice. “Baby, oh… There…” her lip is in between her teeth, her eyes shut, her right hand finds mine holding it. My pants are ready to pop open as I flick my tongue rapidly on her sweet, wet pussy. After a few minutes, I realize she needs a little push to let herself loose and I offer it in the form of dirty words. The reward comes when I get to witness the beauty of her having an orgasm on my tongue.

“Close your eyes.” I forgot to get something to blindfold her with but I’m not about to waste time looking for one. Her eyes are shut when I get off the bed to reach my suitcase where I retrieve a toy, a cock ring, hoping to increase her pleasure. My clothes are removed in a hurry to wrap the device on my hardon before going back to her. Her center is still glistening when I plunge in, grunting when I feel her tightening on me. Reaching between us, I turn on the device around my cock. “What… What is that?” her eyes open wide. The vibration it sends down my erection reaches her walls, she clenches them on me in response. “How does it feel?” I kiss her soft lips. “Goo-Good,” she stutters when I increase the speed of the toy, thrusting harder. Her back arches feeling my crotch pressing hard into her making sure the ring is aligned with her clitoris. “Ryan! Fuck… Oh God...” she’s in a frenzy, her sounds are loud, her walls are rippling on me, her clit throbbing. Moving my hips in circles sends her to a level I didn’t know she could reach. Her legs are bent up, her arms around me. The sound of her heart beating fast echoes in my ear when I lay soft little kisses on her neck moving down her chest next. Her eyes are glossy when I look up. “Does it hurt?” I’ve never seen her whole body react like this before. “No. Don’t stop… Don’t stop,” She begs, her hands rest on my bum pushing me further in. Her mouth hungrily finds mine muffling her screams as she squirts. I wish I knew what it is that takes her there exactly but she only seems to do it occasionally. But when she does, it’s always fascinating to watch. Convulsions overtake her small frame; her private part explodes; she’s always vocal about her satisfaction. Her eyes roll into their orbits, her fingers either gripping the sheets or, like right now, digging into my skin almost painfully. Riding down her high, her legs close under me, pushing me back. “Stop…Stop, I need...” her breaths are ragged. I pull out, turning off the toy, my hand runs on her stomach giving her a minute.

With her hands on my shoulders, she leads me to lay on the bed next to her. Her hot mouth devours me from my lips down to my cock. “Did it feel good for you?” she asks in between kisses around my crotch. “Buried in you is my favorite place to be,” I chuckle. “Oh Ryan,” she laughs at the cheesy line. “I meant the vibrations from the ring? Does it feel nice for you?” she continues. “It does, yes,” I move her hair to the side so I can get a better view of what she’s doing. Her fingers reach to turn on the ring again before going up and down my length. “Ella, please.” I’m craving her mouth. “Please? Don’t you always tell me to be specific?” the nice sound of her laugh echoes in my ears. “Suck my cock, baby.” I rest on my elbows to enjoy the show she’s about to put on. Her eyes bore into mine, her tongue laps around the tip, gently. A shiver runs on my body. She twirls her way down taking me into her hot, wet, hungry mouth. Her hand fondles my balls while her throat produces sounds that express the excitement she gets out of her assault. Her cheeks hollow while her hand moves up and down my shaft. The mixture of her mouth, tongue, hand, and toy is mind-blowing. “I’m going to come,” I warn her. “Uh-huh!” she lets go with a pop.

In one swift movement, she removes the ring from my cock and asks me to move by the headboard where I sit with my back against it. Her delicious hips move as she crawls the bed reaching me where she gradually lowers herself on my hard cock. I hiss feeling her wrap around me, feeling all of her. Eagerly, I move my hips to meet hers. “You’re big...I love how you feel,” Her declaration not only makes me grow larger but my heart also skips a beat. I love when she talks to me during sex, her voice always sounds so sexy. My left hand practically rips her bra off to get a taste of her breasts. With her fingers wrapped on my hair, she pushes me further into her chest asking for more. I know she’s already close, I roll us around hovering on top of her, controlling the force at which I penetrate her. All signs announcing her release are there and I smile. “Good girl, come. And then I want to come on your boobs, okay?” I ask her. Unable to control herself anymore, she comes once more. Getting on my knees, one on each side of her, my hand holds my erection, rubbing. “I want to do it,” she grabs me. Her strokes and the way her thumb caress my tip when she gets there are leaving me panting. “So good, baby. Faster,” I guide her, not that she needs me to, she knows all the secrets sure to lead me to orgasm. I grunt as my warm load spreads on her beautiful breasts. Feeling silly, I draw a heart into the sticky mess I’ve left on her chest. “Really? A heart? Let’s go clean this off,” she laughs. “I was trying to be romantic,” My lips land on hers, softly, and then I scoop her up.
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