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Back in the comfort of the bed, wrapped in his arms, I cuddle into him. “Thank you so much,” I whisper. “Did you not like the toy? I thought you did but then you removed it in the end,” he covers me with the blanket to stop the chills running on my body. “I loved it! It was just intense, I was afraid I’d squirt again,” I explain. “Doesn’t it feel amazing when you do?” His brows are furrowed in confusion. “It does but it’s so strong. Kind of like a fine line between pleasure and pain. I don’t know how it’d feel if I was to do it twice in a row,” I wonder. “Will you let me try next time? I promise to stop if it gets too sensitive,” His voice sounds excited. “Sure. Do you love me?” I look at him through my lashes. “What do you want now?” his finger taps on my nose. “A massage, my neck and back hurt.” Laughing, he gets me to lay on my stomach while he sits between my legs. His strong yet gentle hands work on my neck first. His fingers rub in tight circles relieving all tension in my body. My back is next, I moan quietly when he runs on my sides. The tingling sensation overtakes my inner part.

A moment later, I hear him reach for the toy. “Turn around,” he instructs. Holding the vibrating object against my clit, he uses his fingers to feel the most sensitive area of my body. “You’re soaking wet, babe.” He could read the alphabet in his sexy accent and I’d feel the fire rising within me. I feel myself climbing the mountain of ecstasy at a high speed. His fingers are curved, hitting hard on the right spot, his other hand works the toy in circles around my clit. “Ella, don’t hold back. You know you want to come,” he leans down to kiss me, the taste of his tongue envelopes me in a wave of warmth. The way he knows my body always helps him take me to the highest highs. Resting on my hands, I sit up, my heels push against the mattress, my hips meeting his fingers. The position brings me closer to him and his tongue feverishly exploring my mouth spurs me on. My insides are burning up, my legs shaking, my vision is blurring, I let it happen. The feeling is exquisite. A shock hits me, the feeling getting overwhelming. I push his left hand, the one holding the toy, away while begging him to keep moving his fingers. My orgasm leaves a mess behind while bringing me to a euphoric state.

Again, he leads me to clean myself in the bathroom, handing me a towel to dry off. “Carry me,” I whine ready to go back to bed. His strong muscular arms go around my tired body, bringing me there. Once we’re settled under the blanket, intertwined with each other, his fingers run through my hair. “I love you, forever,” his voice is only a whisper but the words never fail to raise my heartbeat. I look up, waiting, he smiles and with a devilish grin, rubs his nose on mine. “You love the nose thing, huh?” a soft giggle shakes him. “It’s my favorite thing in the world,” I smile. “Did you have a nice birthday?” he asks. “A great one! Thanks to my kind, loving, sexy husband. Seeing you dressed in black was so hot. Your ass looked...Hmm...” I purr while running my nails on his chest, shivers follow my path on his skin. “You’re such a little horny lioness. You’ve drained me, though. I need time to refuel,” he laughs and his arms trap me against his chest.

The next few days turned out to be as great as my birthday with us going to Disney World. Emma and Trevor brought the baby along with the nanny, she’s a young girl, blonde hair, brown eyes named Lilian. She seemed intimated by Ryan at first, I’m guessing she has seen his work before.

The night before we departed from Florida, we gathered by the pool at the hotel that reserved the area for us. Snacks are brought out and a waitress is there to bring us non-alcoholic beverages. I’m wearing a white bikini that looks good with my new tan. The girls and I are laying on the lounge chairs while the boys are playing with a ball in the pool. Cooper keeps on checking out the waitress until he finally builds the courage to go talk to her. He comes back a few minutes later, gives me a look while shaking his head before jumping in the pool again. I wonder what it’s about, Maddy interrupts my thoughts by telling us she’ll have to delay the wedding. She’s worried about the dress situation now that she’s pregnant, it came as a surprise to her and Sam. Her due date is right after the date she had planned for the wedding. Thankfully, it’s still early enough for her to get a refund on the deposit she had put down for the venue.

The boys came to sit with us after a while. Cooper is brooding, he even rolls his eyes when Ryan sits behind me wrapping me in his arms under the towel. With my foot, I nudge him asking what is bothering him. “I tried to hit on the waitress… She agreed to hang out under one fucking condition,” he scoffs. Ryan inquires about the condition. “You won’t like it, Ry! She thinks your wife is hot and the only way she’d fuck me is if we’d have a threesome,” Cooper’s voice is whiny. “Yeah...No! As flattering as it is, been there, done that. I’m not attracted to girls, sorry!” I tilt my head giving Cooper puppy eyes. Ryan turns me to him, “Wait, you’ve been with a girl before?” he lifts his eyebrows. I noticed my friends chuckling; of course, they knew about it. Their boyfriends as well as Max and Cooper look surprised by my statement. “Hmm… You know I was young and curious. A girl I used to know... One thing led to another…But...Uhh… yeah,” The way his eyes are looking at me makes me shy, I turn to Cooper. “I’m sorry dude. We’ll find you, someone, it’s my new goal,” I wink. Trevor who’s the best at deflating a situation talks about their baby when he notices Ryan being lost in his thoughts. The night flies by with us laughing and having a great time before parting ways when we get to our floor. Sam and Maddy will be the first to leave at the crack of dawn to catch their flight. I hug them both, Ryan does the same before retreating to our room.
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