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Ryan’s POV

The temptation to lay with my beautiful wife a little while longer was cut short when I heard Cooper walking around on the other side of the door. Max still hasn’t replied to his text asking if it’s safe to enter the room. I guess it’s good news, Max must have had a good night with that girl. The selfish part of me was happy when Ella suggested for him to ask the girl out. Although Ella is the most beautiful woman in my eyes, the waitress looks a lot like my wife confirming my suspicions about Max’s type. He and I have been getting along better now but I still don’t fully trust him not to have feelings for Ella. Some might say I’m paranoid or being the typical jealous husband but after the Jake episode, I can’t help myself. I know Ella feels safe around him and enjoys his company I won’t mess it up for her sake. Granted, he doesn’t cross the line; then it would be game over for him.

Cooper suggests we go to the gym for a quick workout. His idea turned out to be exactly what I needed to relieve the stress I’ve been enduring for the past week. Our friendship is different from the one I share with anyone else. I obviously keep a line between us being his boss but I also find it easy to trust him. He doesn’t ask many questions, offering his support when I need it but he’s also fun to be around. I found out he’s from New Jersey, an only child who was engaged until a few weeks before he started working for us. His ex cheated on him, the scar is still fresh from the tone of his voice when he tells me about it. A text from Ella inquiring about our whereabouts makes my phone vibrate, our training is done, we head back.

Max is sitting at our table with Ella when we walk in. “Hey! How was your night?” Cooper asks him. “Amazing,” the brown-haired man looks down, blushing. “She asked him if they could hang out later!” Ella sounds excited for him. “Awesome! Cooper, I think we’ll need to book you a separate room though. I mean, the couch can’t be comfortable,” I laugh. The glow in Ella’s eyes is almost obscene, I can read her dirty thoughts from here, she knows we’ll finally be alone. The past few weeks have been hard and knowing I’ll get to ravish her sounds like a great way to spend our night.

The waitress’s name is Rosa, although she has a strong accent that makes her hard to understand, Ella puts her at ease as we board the boat we rented for the day. My wife makes sure to stay friendly while still allowing Max to get to know Rosa better, outside of his hotel room.

Rosa insisted we go to a restaurant owned by relatives close to our resort. Max, Rosa, and Cooper sat on one side of the booth, Ella and I on the other. Excited for us to taste what she refers to as the best food in Mexico, Rosa orders for all of us. Max doesn’t seem to care about the food, he’s too busy devouring her with his eyes. I’m hoping he’s not getting attached already. I was looking forward to seeing him focus on a girl instead of Ella, not that he’s ever been inappropriate or voiced having feelings for her, but I wouldn’t want him to get hurt either. Halfway through dinner, Ella’s delicate hand reaches for mine under the table bringing it higher on her inner thigh. After a glance to make sure no one is paying attention, I press my fingers on her center making her nearly choke on the water she was sipping on. I’m unable to fight a snicker when Rosa asks her if she’s okay. My soaking wet wife glares at me after saying she’s fine. She’s can’t be mad at me, unconsciously, she was asking for it when she led me there. Rosa is a nice girl but she’s very talkative, Ella eventually pretends to have a headache so we can all go back to the hotel. Max seems to be thankful knowing he’ll get to spend time with Rosa, alone.
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