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Ryan barely gives me time to take off my shoes before pinning me against the wall. Instantly, my inner part is begging for him, and he lowers himself pushing his crotch on me. “Ry…” His lips hungrily press hard onto mine preventing me from talking, his tongue makes its way in. “You know what I want,” He breathes to my ear pulling away from the kiss. I can feel his thirst for my body in his touch, lust clear in his green eyes. He doesn’t have to say the exact words for me to understand what he’s craving for. My fingers are quick to pull his shorts and boxers down. His big throbbing cock stands up waiting for my touch. Shivers run on his chest as I slip my fingers under his shirt to remove it in a hurry. I should be used to it but the effect I have on him always soothes my insecurities that are no longer controlling my life. Getting on my tiptoes, I kiss that spot on his neck that I know he loves. “Ella, no teasing, lower,” his voice is soft yet dominating. His hand gathers my hair as he presses on the base of my neck leading me where he wants me. Lowering myself to the ground, I bite on my bottom lip staring at his crotch before leaving soft kisses around it. “Babe, look at me,” he asks when I get closer to his shaft. Our eyes meet as I lick along the vein slowly, I work my tongue around the tip when I get there. “Fuck! Just like that!” The rawness of his tone spurs me on. Quick strokes of my hand and suction of my mouth are causing him to curse my name. “Do you know how sexy you are wrapped around me right now?” How did he make this sound so alluring? I feel him pulsate in my mouth encouraging me to keep pleasing him. I hollow my cheeks sucking hard while playing with his balls.

His long body bends down to take hold of my elbows pulling me up. In a hurry to get his hands on me, he rips my dress off. “Oops, guess I’ll have to buy you a new one,” he laughs letting the torn material fall to the floor. His long fingers then slip my underwear down and remove my bra. His hands go on the back of my thighs bringing me up to wrap my legs around him. My back is pushed against the wall before I’m lowered on his cock. “Ryan!” I moan, loving the feeling of his big member filling me in a possessive way. Without wasting a minute, he slams hard into me. “I’ll never get enough of you,” the declaration awakes something inside of me, making me feel desired, sexy, even. My legs tighten around him forcing him to go deeper and deeper. “Come for me, Ella,” he tries to cajole me, not that I needed him to. I’m ready to fall over the cliff and swim in ecstasy feeling him hit the perfect spot. “Ryan, I’m…” The wave inside of me leaves my ears ringing, my vision blurring. My eyes close as I feel myself squirt around him. “Stay still,” I whimper in his ear. The intensity of my orgasm causes my body to shake uncontrollably on him. “I can feel you coming so hard, my naughty girl.” He’s brought me to heaven many times before but this is definitely one of the best highs I’ve ever had. The warmth of his breath is hitting my chest while he holds me.

My hands bring his face to me again for a passionate kiss, the taste of his tongue lighting up a new flame. My hips move against his giving him the signal to keep going. He picks right up entering in and out, rolling his hips with force. There’s some sort of hunger in his thrusts that’s driving me crazy. “Baby, do you like it hard like that?” his mouth sucks on my neck. I whisper a yes barely audible. I know he wants more. “Feels good… Faster,” I say, seductively.

Before I even have time to register what’s happening, I’m laid on the table, his mouth finds my right nipple nibbling on it. A soft cry comes out of my lips. “Louder!” he says against my breast. His fingers are gripping my hips tightly holding me as he moves with strength motivating me to raise my voice. I feel like we’re in a frenzy both vocalizing our relish. His body is stiffening. “Ella, You’re going to make me…” His hand goes to my hair pulling hard making sure we keep eye contact. “Don’t stop!” I beg him. His movements are rough, satisfying, driving me to another climax. He lets out loud grunts as we stare into each other’s eyes. Out of breath, he halts his movements buried deep inside of me. His forehead rests on my shoulder for a moment. A minute later, he helps me off the table leading me to the shower. My wobbly legs require his assistance getting there but he doesn’t seem to mind.

“I wish we could stay longer,” he whines, his head rests on my chest, his legs are intertwined with mine in bed. “Me too but you’re filming soon and I’m going to be a student again,” I say. A mixture of excitement and anxiety rush through me thinking about what’s in store for my future. I’m confident with my choice but I’ve never taken online classes, I don’t really know what to expect. “You’ll do great!” He kisses me softly. I should be used to him reading my mind by now but it always makes my heart swell. No one knows me and understands me as he does. My goal is to get my diploma and then start an online service where people can request my help from anywhere. I figured it would be easier with Ryan’s schedule that’s always changing. I have a lot to do to make it come to life, I’ve never started a business before. It’s a bit overwhelming even thinking about it. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt his fingers rub my pelvis. My body always wants more of him and as a result, I let out a quiet moan. “My dirty girl wants another round, yeah?” His accented voice says. A balance of dirty words and declaration of love is poured out as he brings me to orgasm over and over again until the sun rises.
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