Count the Stars

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“ just remember: if you ever feel lost or alone, look up in the sky and count the stars. I’ll be somewhere doing the same.” Oaklyn believed her.

Romance / Drama
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The one thing that Oaklyn was really worried about when it came to transitioning from staying at home and living in the dorms was her roommate.

She had received some basic information on her roommate like her name and her number but she still couldn't help being anxious over the whole roommate situation. This person, this complete stranger, would be living with her for at least her freshman year. They would share basically everything including every single corner and crack in the small, beige room. The thought both excited her and frightened her.

She stared down at the piece of paper containing her roommate's information and frowned. Oaklyn found herself doing this often; overthinking things until it ended up keeping her up late at night. Sometimes all night. It was a habit she wished wholeheartedly she could kill but that didn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

So here she was for the third night in a week. The clock on her bedside table read eleven twenty five and her light was probably the only one still on in the whole entire apartment complex.

Oaklyn sucked in her bottom lip and ran her thumb over the sloppily written phone number for the thousandth time. The number was definitely out of state. She could only imagine what the out of state tuition must have cost her. Was her family rich? They have to be to be able to send her all the way to Florida for college. Or was she somehow paying for all of this herself?

She continued to wonder about useless things until she eventually became so tired that she was forced to close her eyes and sleep.

Oaklyn never truly fell asleep until she was completely exhausted and it had been this way since her parents divorced when she was twelve. Something about her whole family dynamic being shaken down to its very core made her
change a lot of things about herself.

She never really dreamed about anything
when she slept. At least she doesn’t think she does. If she ever dreamed about anything it was forgotten by time she opened her eyes the next morning and started her day. But for some strange reason she dreamed that night.

When she awoke the next morning, she couldn’t remember anything but she knew she dreamt and there was one simple name stuck inside of her head; Adley Winters.

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