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Katarina Wilkinson is a 24 year old florist who dreams of planning events for the famous and the wealthy, while being a florist isn't her dream, it pays the bills. When her youngest sister gets sick and she can't pay the medical bills, she agrees to get married to the wealthiest man alive - Eric Morrison. Although Katarina needs the money to pay for her sister's continuous medical bills, will she be able to put up with Eric and his playboy, egotistical, and devious attitude and tendencies to keep her sister alive?

Romance / Drama
Princess Thompson
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Chapter One: What Does The Florist Say?

"How long has it been since you got laid Kat?"

My best friend Angela says in a playful, but serious tone. As she helps me arrange the order of flowers on her break.

"Why does it matter Ang, you know I'm busy with work and I'm not into one night stands."

"Because you and I know it's been forever — it's been so long you have cobwebs and dust down there."

"It so has not, and so what if it has, this place is barely staying afloat, I had to take out a loan from the bank to keep this place running just last year and plus I don't have time for teenager shenanigans Ang. Plus I have my little sister to think about."

"Which is exactly why you need to take a break Kat — but most importantly why you need to get laid, you're so focused on keeping this place alive for your grandma that you've neglected your own personal life and I get that, I'm sure she'd be proud, but she'd also want you to have a life outside of this place."

"Well when this place has its head above water then I will possibly, maybe, theoretically I'll consider a personal life, but for right now I need to focus on this place, because you know that I have my little sister to take care of on top of my rent being past due and trying to pay off this loan with the bank."

"Damn, I don't think you ever catch a break — I'm sorry babe, I wish I had the money I'd give it to you. And I know you have got your sister to think about, which is why you need a break from all the stress — I knew you would say no so I set everything up for you so that you couldn't say no."

"What did you do now Ang?" I said in an agitated tone.

"Well I made reservations for a spa and nails day tomorrow afternoon and then drinks at Callahan's that night — for your birthday tomorrow.....Kat please tell me you didn't forget your birthday!"

"No —— of course not."

I can see that she knew I forget, and I knew I forgot, but I still decided to lie anyway.

Why was it so important and such a big deal anyway...it was just another regular day and I was far too busy to celebrate it anyway, not only was it going to be busy tomorrow, but I didn't have a babysitter for my sister.

So there was no way that I was going to be able to go — suck on that Ang! Ha!

"Clearly you did. So I decided to take initiative and take care of everything. I got a baby sitter for Georgia, and I paid her for the entire day tomorrow, including the next morning. I then asked a favor from Ben and Daxter, they said they could both use the extra hours anyway so they are going to run the place for you. And as for the outfit I went and I got you a beautiful dress from 'Beatrice Place' which I know you'll love, no need to thank me."

"What the hell! When did you have time to set all of this up and do everything — Ang this is too much!"

I said tearing up, I can't believe she did all this for me — I was going to just have a day in with my little sister, binge-watch some shows with her, eat tons of ice-cream and then go to sleep.

I really didn't deserve Ang...she was the most selfless and kind friend I've ever had — we've been close since elementary school — she's been there since before and after the death of my parent in middle school.

We'd seen the worst and best sides of each other — we know pretty much every detail about each other. I know that she likes to eat Häagen-Dazs Dulce De Leche ice-cream and listen to R.E.M. Everybody Hurts when she's sad. She knows that I love to have Milk duds with my popcorn or I won't eat it.

We've been through it all together. Yet she still surprises me.

"Kat if you start crying then I'll start crying — you know I'm a sympathetic cryer....so don't. This was nothing you should have seen me out together my brother's friend bar mitzvah a few years back. This was a peace of cake — and you deserve it, plus it's a way for me to get you laid. So just bring your ass to my house in the tomorrow morning. Think you can handle that?"

"Idk — it's such a big task — of course I can! I don't know how to thank you Ang, this honestly means the world to me, I was prepared to have a low-maintenance day tomorrow and you just blew me away with all your plans I'm so grateful....as for the getting laid part I'll have to think about that."

I say as I hug her.

"Um well you can thank me, by bringing your butt in the morning. And no thinking cause you're definitely getting laid tomorrow no questions asked."

"Okay." I say surrendering.

Because I know Ang was going to win this battle no matter what — when she said she would do something she always did it. I admired that quality about her accept when it came to my non-existent love life

"Oh and the babysitter will be there very at 7:00 so you can come right after she arrives and shower at my house. Kay?"

"Gotcha, I'll be there."

"And Kat — don't try to repay me for doing this, one I won't ever let you, and two I love you too much to see you stressed which is the lesser but important reasons why I did this — now I gotta get back to work, I love you tots."

"I love you too tots."

When she left I was speechless, I couldn't believe my best friend planned this right under my nose, we saw each other almost everyday, hung out very often, for Christ sake me, Georgia and her had movie nights Friday's. She was definitely right I was too involved in work when I wasn't taking care of my sister.

As much as I didn't want to admit it — I did need a break.

Who would have ever thought MY birthday would be the day I get to relax and unwind a little. All I knew is that Ang set up the plans for the entire day so I was going to be there and be square.

Little did Ang know...I was now ready to let loose and have a little fun — maybe having sex with a stranger wasn't a possibility, but she had definitely given me a little taste of sugar after a "no sugar diet" and the idea of having it I now wanted it.

Although I wasn't sure about getting laid — it definitely wasn't far from my mind right now.

All I have to say is world here comes your single, ready to have fun and mingle, florist.
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