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Chapter Two: New look Who’s Dis’

"So you have my number Georgie." — (my nickname for her since she was two years old). "If you need anything and I mean anything, call me — I won't be too too far away. I'll be here if you need me in a flash — okay?"

"You worry too much Kat, I'm thirteen years old — I think I'll be fine. The babysitter is going to be here, and I promise not to cause too much trouble." She says in a playful tone winking at me. "I'll make sure I'm in the bed on time for school tomorrow — you just stay safe."

"I will — I love you." I say giving her a hug and kissing her on the cheek.

"Love you too...Okay now go....before you're late and Auntie Ang gets onto you."

"Kay bye."

I say as I give instructions to the babysitter for Georgie and head out. I look back from my car missing my sister already before I even left — but I needed this alone time.

And Georgie knew it too, she just knew that saying something would only bother me and make me change the subject as quick as a hare.


"So what are you getting done to your hair?...we have an appointment in three hours at 10:45."

"Well a while ago I was thinking about getting a short cut with bangs and dying it black....what do you think???"

"UMM YES I LOVE IT. I can definitely see you with that look. Though blonde suits you nicely I think you would have looked good with natural black hair too. It would have fit you way better, and your hair is curly too. AHMAZIN!"

"Okay, well now that's decided!!! What's on the agenda for now?!"

"We're doing full body massages first, which I am taking us too now, then after that we are going to the hair salon. Cause the body massages will take about two hours by the time we're done we'll have just enough time to get to the hair salon for our appointment."

"Okay sounds great! I'm glad we ate breakfast at your place."

"Yea, today's your day, and I wanted to make sure that you weren't running through the day with an empty stomach. We will be eating lunch after the mani and pedi I set for 12:30."

"Ang I really thank you for this, I couldn't wish for a better friend than you, ever. You're making this birthday one for the books."

"Yea yea, thank me when I set you up, that's going to be a night for the books."

She said winking and nudging me as we walked in the massage parlor.

"Hello, my name is Angela Jenson I'm here for the appointment I booked for two at 8:00."

"Yes ma'am, follow me." The desk receptionist said leading the way to the main waiting room. "Wait here please."


"It's really been so stressful Ang — with the shop and the bills, the loan, Georgia and schooling, it's been a lot...."

I just unload as my masseuse kneads the tendons in my upper back.

Which I can't say that I didn't need based on how I was feeling and the amount of stress I'm under.

"Kat, you know that I'm always here for you, I'm not going to pretend that I know what you're going through, or what it's like to run a business, take care of an adolescent teenager from her younger years till now, or not be able to have a personal life." She says in a heartfelt tone.

"But, what I do know is you're a very strong woman, and I know that you are capable of doing anything — look at it like this you've been doing it for years and you haven't given up yet." Lifting her head at me and smiling.
"I'm so proud of you Kat! — and that's why I know that you deserve this day not just because it's your birthday, but because you're the most selfless, kind, amazing, smartest person I know, and I know if I could use a break from my life for one night I damn sure know that you could be. All the things you have on your plate. And you gave more than I ever could."

"I don't know what I'd do without you Ang — honestly...."

"Well you'd probably be still hiding out in your dorm room in college from Josh, and you'd still be a virgin."

"Ew you mean the frat guy that had that saliva issue....omg I totally forgot about that....he was such a perv. And that's just cold Ang." I say laughing.

" I know I'm funny as f***. And no shit — he was always asking you for nudes, looking at you and for sure picturing you naked, and he always claimed that you and him were a thing."

"Gosh man that year was horrible, thanks for reminding me." I say face palming, and laughing.

"You're welcome — it's the best friends duty to remind you of your worse years in unwanted suitors. And lack of sensuality and sexuality." She said giggling so hard she snorted.


We talked for what felt like days about the newest things that were going on in our lives — of course I didn't have anything new to talk about.

For me it was work and home, but Ang had told me how she met a guy at a bar, and how he asked her on a date.

"So did you go...on the date?" I asked with morbid curiosity not really sure if I wanted the details...

"You know I did — he was tall, with jet black hair slicked back into a man bun, amazing smile, his muscles the size of Texas, and he had this bad boy vibe."

"You did always have a thing for bad boys...."

"Yea, he took me to the movies which I thought was less of a bad boy vibe — but then he got seats in the back....and we—"

I interrupted her...not necessary for those type of details.

"Woahhhhhh....no need for the real deats — I'm good in that department." I said guffawing

"Oh honey — you're NOT good in that department — you haven't been laid since Callicrates built the Parthenon." She said as she giggled. "Which reminds I've got to get you laid tonight!"

"Nope, not doing it — I'm not hooking up with some random stranger Ang." I huff as I say her name.

"Oh yes you are, if you don't I'll make you go out on a blind date of my choice for an entire month."

Ang knew that I hated to be set up on blind dates, they're nothing but an open gateway for egotistical conversations, awkward silences, fake smiles, pretend laughs.

Then to top it off you're not able to stuff your face with a burger or a greasy pizza, mainly because you don't want the other person to see how you really eat, but also because you don't want to seem like a pig and scare them off.

I didn't want to have to pretend so I just saved myself the aggravation and Ang the worry of having to find me the right date that I won't screw up.

I hated her for doing this to me. Is it right to say that, considering she planned this whole day...and paid, just for my birthday....

"Fine, but I'm getting you back....and you won't see it coming."

"Oh whatever, as long as you enjoy yourself and your day, I'll handle any 'payback' you have coming my way."

And with that she just laughed.


Once we were finished with our massages we had a just enough time to make it to our appointment. I was absolutely ready to change my look and reinvent myself, I couldn't wait to see the finished product.

I show the hair stylist how I want my hair, and she began to get to work. With Ang sitting beside me I found I had more courage to do this than I likely would have if I had come here alone.

I definitely would have chickened out. But, because Ang was here and I knew she'd call me a wimp if I backed out, so I sat my anxious ass right in the chair.

"I can't wait to see your cut Kat, you're going to look so amazing, not that you don't already, but reinvention always makes us look like our best, sexiest self."

"I can't wait either, the suspense is killing me, and I don't want to look until the entire look is finished."

"Well I'm getting highlights and a trim, so you can always look at mine, I just decided to keep it basic, you know me."

"I do... all too well." laughing, as she joins in laughing with me.

As I'm sure we're both thinking about all the crazy things we've done — no doubt — from middle school to high school.

No girl group of best friends can top the things Ang and I have done together and for each other.

I remember this one time when a girl was picking at my clothes, they were worn, and I had on old sneakers from the goodwill that had just begun to form holes.

Ang punched her in the face and broke the girl's nose. That day Angela had to be sent to the principal's office, and she got suspended for a whole week.

But Olivia never looked at me again, and she always ran the opposite direction when she saw Ang.


"Okay, are you ready to see your look?" The stylists said, pulling me from memory lane — ahh such good times.

She slowly spins my chair around to face the mirror....


"Omg, you look hot asf!" Ang says as her jaw practically drops to the floor.

I just looked in the mirror in amazement. I cannot believe a simple change in a hairstyle could turn me from a semi-ugly duckling...to a hot as fuck swan.

I've never looked this good, nor felt this good.

"I love it, so much thank you Ang." Looking at the hair stylist "And thank you." I say to the stylist and Ang at the same time.

"Gurl the look in your face, and the smile was so worth it. If we weren't best friends and I didn't know you and I was gay, I'd want to fuck you." She said laughing and then we both began to laugh so hard.

My hair was pitch black with bangs that fell in my face, with an even short cut, but for good measure the stylist decided to wand curl my hair and now it looked even prettier.

For some reason even though it didn't look like me, it did look like me. I know that doesn't make any sense, but it's definitely how i in felt.

This look began to give me a whole new feeling, the feeling of sexy ass confidence.

All thanks to Ang.

Was I ready to conquer the world...yes.

Was I ready to show off my new look to everyone and anyone?...yes.

Was I ready to conquer this birthday...yes.

Was I ready to get sloppy drunk tonight...yes.

I wasn't on top of the world, but this new look would definitely get me there.


We went and got our nails and pedicures, which I admit, was in desperate need of and then we headed to her house to get dressed.

Once we got to her house we waxed and did all the prepping.

I have to say I was excited to see what this birthday night had in store for me.
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