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Chapter Three: It’s a Celebration!


"She'll have a dirty martini, and I'll have a Bloody Mary." Ang says to the bartender.

"You know me so well."

"Yea I know tell me about it, it's one of my insane best friend gifts." She says laughing.

"We should find a place to sit...."

"Nope we're dancing...and I brought you something to help you relax because you're as rigid as my aunt's ass." She says pulling a little white pill from her mini purse.

"What's this?" I ask inquisitively while observing the contents of what I held in my hand.

"Like I said something to help you relax." She says as she pops one in her mouth and makes her way to the dance floor.

I pop the pill in my mouth and swallow, it gross, but I ignore the taste and join my best friend on the dance floor, drink in hand.

I bop my head and sway my hips to the rhythm of the music, letting everything else fade away and enjoying the music.

Whatever this pill was helped me relax all the way — I felt like a cloud in an infinity of clouds.

Like I was on a smooth surface beneath my feet. Moonwalking across an ocean, it felt effortless.

"Whatever I just took I love it!" I say shouting over the booming music. "I've never felt so relaxed Ang." I say rubbing my hands along the length of my body.

"Just wait until it really really kicks in, you'll feel like you're floating in water, and you'll be horny as hell." She yells over the music in my ear practically making my ears ring.


As I continue dancing I feel the pill kick in more.

Ang was right....I was horny as hell, honestly the drunk bald guy in the corner licking his lips begin to look appealing.


Man! I've got to get laid and right now.

I scan the crowd for my victim of choice.

Nope...too harry.


Got a girlfriend...

He's just — well ugly.

And he's too....well I just don't like his entire look.


Just when I had given up all hope I see a guy across the dance floor.

He's staring directly at me with his ocean blue eyes and his jet black wavy hair.

And he was muscular and tall.
He had his arms folded and a smirk on his face.

Quite frankly I'd never seen a man more beautiful. And I'd never wanted to hop on anything faster than I did right now, with him underneath me.

As I keep looking at him, practically drooling at this point, and dripping wet.

Unaware that I'm moving towards him, three seconds later I'm standing in front of him.

"Let's go to your place." I say without even thinking.

It's like something...or someone has taken over my body.

Honestly I'm shocked at myself, how could I be so blunt and so sexual. I know the pill was doing it's job.

But oh hun, I certainly was not lacking in doing mine.

He smirks and nods, then he grabs my hand and leads me out of the door.

"Hold on let me tell my friend I'm leaving."


I walk through the dance floor to tell Ang bye and that she didn't need to wait up....I was not at all surprised that she watched the whole thing go down.

She winks, and slaps my ass "Atta girlllll"

I knew that I wouldn't hear the end of it, that I better be prepared to give her some deats about my night, and to tell her how it was....I could hear the conversation now.


Before I know it we're in his car and on our way to his place.

"So I noticed you earlier on tonight when you walked in. Not your scenery I guess..?" He said more of a statement than a question.

"No it isn't, but tonight's my birthday and I wanted to do something completely different than I normally do."

"I'm guessing by the way you eye fucked me that I'm involved voluntarily or involuntarily." He says chuckling. "I just want you to know that this isn't something I do, I don't take random girls in my car or to my place." He said in a serious, but in a joking manner.

"Well yes — I did basically demand that we go back to your place — but to be fair I'm new to this. So...yeah." I said giggling. "And you're really going to tell me you've NEVER done this."

"No — never. And hey I'm not objecting at all to being your fuck toy in a one night stand. I think you're hot as fuck, and I'd love to take you back to my place."

He says as he smiles, then places his hand on my upper thigh.

Whew...jeez this man had me releasing a river earlier and didn't even know it....now I feel like I'm as wet as an ocean.

Screw it...we're doing it in the car right here, right now.

"Pull the car over." I said demandingly.

"Why — are you okay? Do you need to puke?....do you want to head back?" He said sincerely.

But honestly — right now...I needed anything but sincere, I needed the bad boy/fuck boy to come out and play.

"Just pull over." I say again.

This time he pulls the car over and I straddle him.

I pull up my tight fitted dress, adjusting my parties to the side, and unbuckle his belt and undo his zipper...

Clearly he was just as excited as I was.

I remove his excited member from his pants and I guide it into me, slowly so that he feels every inch of me, and I him.

I let go of a soft moan. Letting my body relax and enjoy the ride.

I then hear him groan.

"God you're so fucking hot." He says in an exasperation.

I begin to ride him as I feel him grow harder and hotter inside me, I slowly let him feel every wall as I tighten myself around him. Taking in every inch of him, letting him consume me.

I feel myself as I get closer to the tip of the mountain as he pulls up my dress further and grabs my hardened nipples, he begin to tease them flicking his tongue, licking around them slowly, making me even wetter.

I feel him growing harder and feel him twitching inside me, he was getting closer, I could feel it, we were going to reach the mountain together.

He reach his hand down and begin to rub my clit slowly...then begins to speed up his rhythm, my body move in conjunction to the rhythm of his fingers on my clit. Riding on the clouds I begin to move faster.

I hear him groaning, as I feel his breath on my neck, then his tongue on my nipples again as he rubbed my clit faster and flicking his finger along it. Taking me to the edge.

As I come, I hear him grunt.

I feel him come simultaneously with me, as he releases inside me, my walls tightening around his shaft from the euphoric orgasm he had just given me. And from what I can tell, what I have given him.

I lift off of him slowly pulling my dress down as I return to my seat.

"Wow." I hear him say out of breath beside me with his head laid back on his head rest. "You're amazing, I've never had any woman better."

"Yeah, what can I say, I'm a pro." I say out of breath, jokingly. As we both laugh. "I have to get home though."

"Yeah I'll take you, just tell me where you live." He says sitting up still out of breath.

"No it's fine, you can just take me back to the bar, I have someone to take me home."

"We've just did the most intimate thing two people can do without knowing each other, I think if I were dangerous you'd know by now." He says in a serious tone. "I'm not going to stalk you if that's what you're worried about, plus I'm not busy and I was going to leave the bar when you approached me anyways, just let me take you home — it's no big deal."

"Fine. Okay, um let me catch my breath."

"Okay, well you can just show me how to get there. Or if you want to wait until you've caught your breath that's okay too, I've got loads of time." He said as he smiled.

God this man was beautiful. And sweet. God knows it's been a minute since I've seen, ran into, or have had one of those.

But it's just a one night stand. Nothing more.

"I live on Harris Street 3234."

"Okay. Buckle your seatbelt. Safety first." He says turning on the car.

Well that's ironic. Considering we weren't safe at all having sex with no condom. I can't believe I did that, I only live once, but I'd rather not catch an STD.

Wow...I think to myself that's some celebration.

I've never had car sex, neither have I had sex in a while, let alone sex without a condom.

I guarantee Ang couldn't top that.

Although I will say...

Thank God for such a big city, I won't have to see him again, which made this twice the fun and twice the excitement.
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