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Chapter Four: After

Last night was crazy — that was the most insane birthday night of all time.

Ang called me this morning, hungover, and in an interrogative mood.

"Sooooo, tell me what happened!" Her excitement practically bursting through the phone. "Can I just say even though you banged him last night, guy gave me a massive lady boner from across the room."

"Well, let's just say that we never made it to his place. And we both left extremely satisfied." I say in a elongated and self-fulfilled sigh "and we were both in need of new lungs." I say laughing.

"Well shit Kat! Gotta admit, I knew ya had it in ya but not like that! I taught you well." She said giggling.

"Don't laugh. And you did teach me how to have multiple one night stands, but that was in college and we both know that's been a while."

"Well...not anymore — DAMN — okay so do you want to mix his milk with your Cheerios again, or was once enough?" "What are you gonna do?"

"Nothing, it was a one night stand, luckily I won't see him again so I won't have to endure awkward glances, pauses, and conversations."

"Well okay then — I'm just glad you finally got fucking laid!"

"Yeah, if I'm being honest me too, I didn't even know I needed that until last night — and I know that the one night stand method is perfect because I don't want a relationship right now, I'm focused on Georgia and the shop."

"Well you're right about that. Anyways we're still on for movie night, right?"

"Yeah, we can do it at my place this time. Just bring the ice-cream and we're all set."

"Okay, see ya tonight." She says excitedly "Oh, and I'm glad you had fun on your birthday last night."

"I had fun all day too, I thank you so much Ang, you really made me smile and the day really made me happy, I'm glad I got to celebrate it with you as my bestie."

"It was my honor tots, okay talk to ya lates."

"Yea, love you! bye."

"Love you! Bye." She says as we both blow kisses into the phone and hang up.

Once I was off the phone, I heard the bell ring from the shop door entrance.

"Hey Ben, will you do me a favor and get the Hydrangeas from the back please." I say not bothering to look up. "Oh, and please please water the Orchids."

God! Going over the revenue, profit, and growth charts for the shop are the most stressful and time consuming parts of owning a business. It's a great thing that my grandma taught me how to do it when I helped her with the store, otherwise I'd be so lost.

"So I take it this place belongs to you." A familiar voice behind me says as I turn around, completely losing my train of thought. And completely unable to move further.

There stood before me "sex in the car guy".

And granted it's not such a good nickname, and it needed work, but considering the circumstances it was the only name I had. And also considering I didn't ask for his name after riding him like a cowgirl last night.

Shaking me from my train of thought —

"Are you okay, you look like you seen a ghost, I mean I've left women speechless before, but judging from your confidence last night you are far from shy or soft spoken." He says smiling.

"Yes. I'm fine. Why are you here? I mean what are you doing here?"

I mean I sounded quite rude, but what was this guy doing here and how'd he find me. More importantly, how was I going to get rid of him…

"Well you see, I was trying to buy this incredibly sexy woman I met last night a nice bouquet of flowers. I saw this shop on my way to work and thought why not come here. Popped in and big surprise, small world there you were…leaning over the counter, pen in hair, and in deep train of thought."

Leaning over more, preparing my smug and sarcastic remark.

"Well…I don't like flowers. And you showing up like this…who’s to say I don’t have a boyfriend." I say as I cross my arms.

"Firstly every woman loves flowers whether they want to admit it to themselves or not. And secondly, you wouldn’t have rode me the way you did in my car if you had a boyfriend." He says in a smug tone. “But hey maybe I’m wrong, wouldn’t be a first.”

"Well I — am not those women and I’m certainly not most women. And so what I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m perfectly great being single…"

"I can see, which is what was intrigued me about you. And you’re right you don’t need a man from what I can see, but I’d be great to have around." Smiling as he inches his way toward me.

"You know little about me, we fucked once, it was one night, in the dark, in a car — it was great, really, but I'm not looking for anything, I'm running a business, don't have the time, and I'm busy."

Putting the A in Attitude with my demeanor and tone.

"Well who said it had to be a relationship, maybe I just like the way you made me cum, and how your body was in sync with mine last night, and just maybe I want to be benefits without the friends…"

He said moving closer to me causing me to back up. "Maybe I wanted to get my foot further in the door. Just maybe I want to make you cum 7 times in one night, is that a crime?"

"Faking kindness will not get you anywhere with me, actually you're not getting anywhere at all with me…and the only place your foot is going to be in is your ass if you take another step towards me."

I say continuing to maneuver out of his way.

But he moves closer again and this time I'm backed into the wall, as he places one hand on my hips and the other was trapping me in his arms.

He was buff and strong, and sexy as hell, I gotta admit that. But nothing was going to happen, he took me to the peak of my mountain last night, that's it. It was a weak moment for me last night, I was horny, and whatever Ang gave me made me ten times as horny when it really hit.

But I'm not in the bar, I'm not dancing, It's not a fun time, and I'm not a teenager anymore.

Last night was my last night fooling around it was time to focus my attention back to my business and my sister.

— But the man did smell damn good, and he was wearing a suit, a really expensive suit from what I could see.

His lips were full, his chin stubble inches away from my face. His muscles bulging from the suit, as his eyes roamed my body, as his hand slid down my curves.

And it wasn't helping that I was turned on just by him simply showing up here. It was like I was subconsciously waiting for him to show up the way my body responded.

"You know, last night was by far the best sex I've had ever. I loved being inside you, feeling you, touching you in ways I'm sure no man has ever done or ever could do." Inching closer until I could feel his breath on my skin, and his chest against my own.

"You're a real piece of work aren't ya, you just know every woman that comes in contact with you wants you. You're so sure of your capabilities. Who said I didn't fake it last night huh." I say in an exasperated tone.

Of course the guy made me cum last night, and obviously I didn't fake anything. The guy was the best sex I'd ever had. But, I sure as hell wasn't telling him that — so what — he can be even more inflated and burst from his excessive amount of ego.

"Well I know for a fact you didn't fake it, I know you loved every minute of it — you want to know how I know..." He says as he bends down to where I could feel his lips on my ear and begins to place light kisses on my neck.

I practically melt in the guys hands — I know I'm supposed to be strong, but how can I when he touch me like this, kiss me like this.

"I know, because your body says differently. It's liking the way I'm touching you, kissing you, caressing you. You may can lie, but your body doesn't."

Placing trails of kisses on my neck as he talks.

This man says he has never did anything like last night, but this moment is saying otherwise. Just as he places his hand underneath my shirt the door rings again — damn it!

A well needed, but unwanted interruption at the moment. I was really enjoying this, too much clearly. But this was just what I needed to snap out of it.

"Hey Kat, I brought you lunch, you owe — oh...I see you're busy I can come back." Ben says as he walks to the back.

"No! No need, this gentleman — " I gesture at him.

Sex in the car guy stammers. As he adjust his suit and tie.

"— Daniel."

"— Right, Daniel was just leaving Ben."
I say in an instructive tone, letting Daniel know to leave.

"I'll see you soon Kat." He says with a smug smile as he walks out the door.
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