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Chapter Five: The Run In


What was it with this guy; Ego a little off the charts (okay, all the way off the charts), Smug attitude definitely, and yeah he's hotter than the sun (metaphorically speaking) but the dude just won't give that aspect a rest.

He knows he's hot and so he uses it to pull us sex deprived, hard-working, "I can do it all on my own" attitude, and he just turns us around in the other direction.

Like getting you to open up to him was his daytime job, and screwing you was his nighttime pleasure.

Ugh - I need to think about work, Georgia, and my business, not him. He's already taken up enough of my time, brain, and body. He filled every spot. EVERY SPOT.

Back to work. Focus Kat.

"Hey do I put these out in the front on display or do I put these in the back with the rest?"

…"Um hello. Earth to Kat. Kat?"

"Yeah sorry Ben, place them on display for me. I'm going to go to the back to organize the flowers by arrangement and orders placed."

"Hey, I never asked you, did you enjoy your birthday, I heard from Ang that it got wild, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, I had lots of fun...it was great, we went dancing, had drinks, did some girly self-care....it was great."

"You said great already, I can see that you look great —I — I mean not that you don't always look great, because you always look great." He says as he stammers, and holds his head down.

"Well thank you Ben, you're so sweet. Hey, can you man the register while I go to the back and organize?"

"Yea, absolutely. No problem." He says smiling.

"Okay. Well you know where I am if you need me."


"Okay." I say and turn around to head to the back.

I organize all the orders placed by last name in Alphabetical order that way it's easier to find, and organized the arrangements by grouping of color and the color wheel.

Now all I need to do was sweep the back make a few more arrangements to be placed on display, then create a game plan for the shop's future so I don't have to sell it.

Five hours later almost time for closing and I've finished everything else I just have to come up with a game plan — which is completely frying my brain.

"Do you need help? I've got loads of time. I got nothing to do." Ben says standing in the front of me with a concerned look on his face.

"No, I'm fine I got it. Thanks though Ben."

"You sure? I can stay and help, you look really annoyed and stressed."

"Yeah, tell me about it. Just trying to come up with a game plan or 'business plan' for the shop. It is very exhausting mentally. Thanks for offering, but I got. If you can be a hero though and lock up the register that would help me out loads."

"Yeah, no problem Kat, if you need me for anything just call. Like I said I'm not busy."

"Thanks! Well goodnight Ben."

"Goodnight Kat."

He's always been this nice, sweet, and helpful since the day I hired him. He's always working, I don't think I've ever seen him with a girlfriend, and he's not the partying type.

He's a real looker though, I mean although that's not why I hired him it was definitely a bonus. I could use a little distraction every now and then at work.

He took off his shirt once, when he spilled water for it to dry, and I nearly spilled hot coffee all over the computer. Which would have costed me a pretty penny.

Let's just say since that day it's hard for me not to see his chiseled abs when I look at him. And it's even harder when consider his kindness and connectivity towards people, then place his perfect jawline, and sea baby blues on top of that.

Congrats, you got a whole sex with a minor misdemeanor and some jail time. I refuse, I was 2 years away from being thirty, and he looked like he was two years away from being 20. That's almost a ten year difference.

No thank you.

Ripping me from my thoughts wasn't phone ringing — Ang.

"If you forgot about movie night, I'm going to kill you." She say huffingly. "I'm getting ready to pull in your driveway now, I don't see your car."

"I'm on my way now." I say as I turn of the lights. Head to the door, and lock it on my way out. "Hey can you tell the babysitter she can leave and that I'm on my way."

"Yea. I'll talk to you when you get here, and next time be on time Kat, or I'll kill ya." She says as she laughs.

"Got it, no more tardiness." I say giggling.

"Ok, bye tots."

"Bye, tots."
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