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Chapter Six: Movie Night


"Alright guys what movie are we watching??" I say to my little sister and Ang.

"Ooo how about twilight!?!" Georgie says ecstatically.

"Girl's got taste, what do you say? Do you think we should keep her?" Ang says as she's laughing.

"Yeah, I think we can keep her Ang." I say laughing in conjunction with Ang as I login to STARZ and put on the movie.

"Now let's get this movie night on the road, we got popcorn, candy, and icecream...with Twilight, what could be better!" Ang says smiling while clapping.

"Oh yeah, hit play Kat!"

"You got it!"


"Best movie night ever, I will forever and always be team Jacob." Georgie says smiling triumphantly.

"Pffft yeah right, I'm team Edward all the way baby, he's super fast, super strong, shines like diamonds, doesn't need oxygen to live, and to top it all off he super sexy." Ang says crossing her arms, while smiling like she's won.

"I believe a six pack trumps all of that, plus I prefer being warm rather than cold, Who's going to keep me warm if I'm stuck in a blizzard — she isn't Edward. C'mon sis take my side here."

"Nope I'm Switzerland, I like them both, they're both my favorites." I say putting my hands in the air.

"Noooo, nuh uh....saying you're team Edward and team Jacob. You have to choose you can't be on both sides! Haven't I taught you anything?!" Georgie says hysterically.

"She has a point Kat, you have to pick a team, if you don't you're not a true fan with us grandiose Twilight lovers. Ya can't have em both, abs and warmth, or speed and strength."

Just as I prepare to answer the doorbell rings. Saved by the bell — literally.

"I'll get it — I'll be right back." I say walking towards the door.

I open door and can't believe who it is.

Well so much for movie night...
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