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Chapter Seven: A Moment


I swear this man has a knack for showing up out of thin air. Guy should seriously think about becoming a magician if his day job doesn't work out.

"Why are you here—"


"Ahh right, Daniel...?"

"Right...I'm here because you left this in my car, I would have given it to you last I saw you, but I didn't know it was in my car so...."

He says as he hands me my panties.

"Hey Kat, who's at the—"

Saying as she comes toward me to see who it was, immediately stopping what she was getting ready to ask.

"Door — ahhhh I don't think we ordered a male stripper for girls night, but since I'm in a receiving mood, I'll definitely take you."

She says, eyeing Daniel up and down.

I whisper —
"Ang, pick up your jaw from the floor."

"Rightttt, would you like to come in—"


"Oh I'm sorry Kat, but evidently he knows you, he's showing up at your doorstep, let the guy in before he catches a cold...."

I mumble under my breath, "Come in, why don't you."

"I don't want to intrude on a girls night, I really just wanted to talk to Kat, for a moment if the you don't mind." He says looking to Ang for permission.

"Oh silly me, of course! Yes, please do steal her away, I was getting bored of her anyway." She says looking at me as she winks. "You guys don't have too much fun now."

"Okay Ang, thanks...." I say ushering her to leave...I was afraid if she stood there for a moment longer she would grow roots.

As she left, I turned back to Daniel. "You need to go. Like now, before she thinks this is something more than it is, she has already been trying to set me up, and honestly I'm not for it...."

I have to say, the guy was absolutely positively sexy as all out doors, he just had this edge to him, but also kindness. He could be a sexual deviant, but could adjust it to fit the moment.

I don't think that I've ever met anyone like him. The guy turns me on in every way. And I had to make him leave before I became overwhelmed with a feeling more than I already am in my lady bits.

"I just wanted to bring these to you, and...I wanted to do what we did last time. Seeing as your friend is trying to set you up, like you said, I figure that you are single and can afford to have another encounter like the last." He said as he handed me my panties.

"Really I can't, I'm not interested, nor am I wanting to 'do what we did last time' — thanks for the...offer, though.

"Come on. I wasn't that bad now was I?"

"Ya know, I don't remember."

God knows I did...I remembered everything about it. How I took control, how I'd become a sexual deviant in the matter of minutes. Hearing his groans and moans. And reaching my peak with him inside me.

Just the thought of these things was getting me hot. Really hot. He needed to go now — because I honestly don't know how much self-control I can have for much longer.

This man did all kinds of things to not only my body, but my mind too. And it would be so easy to lose control again like I did in the club and in the car.

Considering that I haven't had sex in a while. That night with him in the car, was the first night in a long time that I'd had sex. It felt like I was a teenager again.

I need to control myself — otherwise I'm going to give in, and I can't give in. I can't let him win.

Note to self: Don't listen to Ang or take her advice anymore.

"Yes you do, I can see that you do. It's okay you'll change your mind. I can tell the way that you're looking at me, and when you do I'm nothing but a phone call away."

"I've left my number on the front desk at the shop. I'll be waiting for your call."

"Whatever, goodnight Daniel."

I say not waiting for his response, as I slam the door in his face.

"So...what happened? What'd I miss?"

Ang said as she walked up to me.

"Nothing. Just wanted to return something."

Good thing that I had hid my underwear in my pocket, once he gave them to me. Otherwise, she'd scold me and interrogate me again. And to be frank, that was the last thing that I needed.

I needed to not think about him, his looks, or his figure. Because then I would really call him. And I need to focus on Georgia and the shop. I did not have time to have anymore fun, if I wanted to keep the shop open.

We were barely making enough as it is to keep the shop afloat, I need to think about the future, for me and Georgia. Not the present and my sex life. Hard enough as it is trying to save up for Georgia to be able to go to college in the near approaching future. But, then to have to supply for the house, keep revenue coming in, pay the bills, and try to pay back the loans from the bank.

My head is barely above water here. Taking on a sexual relationship would be drowning myself. Yes, of course I'd leave satisfied, that was soooo obvious. But, I'd also be distracted, once again with my duties — not needed.

"Oh yeah, sure I believe you. A hot ass guy shows up to your door, and he wants to 'only return something'. You're a sea-bottom ass liar —." She said snatching me from my thoughts.

"It's movie night, let's focus on that." Trying to quit the conversation before it went any further.

"For now. But I'm hounding you later about what you and the Hunk named Daniel talked about."

Ughh, I just wish he hadn't shown up. And if she only knew about when he came to shop — she'd have a field day.

All I know is, I'm not calling him. Mr 'the Hunk' will be waiting for a long time. I've got too much to do. And too much to take care of. So Daniel, take your best shot, you're not as irresistible as you think.

If you think that you are, then you have never met me. I'm going to show you how resistible you are.
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