Should’ve Stayed Longer

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Imagine having only couple months or even years left to live and then eventually, you only got those times left with a love one till you be gone.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

A/N before the story starts:
I haven’t wrote in like 3-4 years so I apologize if it’s really not the best as I’m trying my best here. I hope you all enjoy <33. I love you guys.

Imagine the cold winter night of bleak December of white powder snow on the ground and you’re sitting on your long couch with an hot cup of beverage and warm cozy blanket against the body of yours. The Television where you could just stare at while holding your cup but no, you’ve chose instead to sit in silence with cracking of fire flames burning in the fire pit that’s three acres away from you. You’ve felt so cozy and warm with a smile on your face knowing that you’re in a confront safe place finally at last from long time not feeling in good place.

Suddenly, a creak from the front door was swung open in a loud noise. You’ve rolled your eyes till you noticed who it was. There was a man with three bags of groceries in his hands as he had slit black wavy curly hair and tan brown skin and eyes.

As he walked over to the island counter, he took a glance at you and smiled with his bright shining glare, he gives out towards you. “I didn’t get everything from the list, apparently a lot of things you requested was sold out due to the snow storm we’re going to have.” The man spoke.

You laid there silently for a little bit till you put the coffee cup down and got up as you walked over to where the man and the bags are. “That’s fine, as long you are safe and get yourself warm then that’s really okay with me.” You looked at the man then the bags.

“I tried to get everything you wanted like Graham cookies which is your all time favorite but they didn’t have any. But! I did get cookies mix that you can make your own homemade graham crackers then the store bought.” The man leaned close to you with a glare and wrapped his arms around you as you felt the freezing hands hit against your waist.

“It’s that cold out there?” You crack into a joke which made the both of you chuckle while he nodded his head into agreement. “Next time, I’ll go shopping and you stay home drinking hot chocolate or coffee”

“I rather have you, my dear stay home and warm then doing the man job in the relationship. After all, what type of husband I would be if I made my wife do the job?” He spoke while you sighed softly, you both been married for five years but yet everything felt really wrong to you but you couldn’t put the tongue into the answer. “I hope you know that was Rhetorical and I don’t actually mean you answer that.”

You laughed a bit and then kissed your husband on the cheek. “Go take a shower so you can get warm, silly goose as I’ll start up your hot chocolate and get dinner in the making.” He nodded into listening as he closed the front door and start heading into the bedroom.

You stared at your husband one last time till you went back to the bags and start putting everything away. You guys meant back in elementary school when you were the new student as you guys started out together as an the “High School Sweethearts” as you guys got together in Junior year, one year before graduation and Senior Year.

The jobs of the both of you were complex but you guys always made it work with each other which no one could ever in the picture of your family. You always grew up different in your family, you had the dreams to be an astronaut or work at the space program called NASA as your parents and older siblings always had the dream to be a Lawyer or Doctor but you wanted a different path as that’s when you got your Doctor degree and became apart of NASA. As for your husband, his family pressed him to follow their footsteps.

As for him, his family always worked at the farm and every young child or only son in the family has to work on the farm and then when the son has a boy, they pass on the job. It wasn’t a hard complex job like other people would say but it would be tiring after while. You worked from nine to five and your husband from three to nine but you both pulled through it together and honestly that is what made you both strong and capable to keep the relationship going. How cute and amazing.

To be updated,
A/N: I hope you all enjoy chapter one,
very sorry it’s short as like I have said already I haven’t wrote in a long time in a book and it was because writers block exist and it’s so hard to get out of. But, I hope you enjoy chapter 1! I will see you all later, bye for now :)). Take care and be safe!
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