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Taehyung was a kind and sweet boy who wore lose clothes as he didn't like showcasing his body like his best friends Park Jimin and Kim Jennie, the hottest boy and hottest girl in their school did. Both of them had a very prominent crush on Jeon Jungkook the handsome captain of the basketball team and the school fuck boy. However no matter how much they both tried, Jungkook never considered them as something more than a potential hook up. Watch how the world of a innocent boy's world changes when he finds out the ones who he called best friend's were actually stabbing him in the back and using him? Everything Taehyung thought changes and he understands that people are not as they look like and maybe there is more into the story of the school's fuckboy he once hated.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Third Person’s Pov // Author’s POV

“So what do you mean by business management?” The teacher Mr. Chang asked looking around the class searching for someone who looked interested.

However sadly he was met with the sight of dozing off students like usual.

He sighed and again repeated the question with a slight addition to it.

“What do you mean by business management Jackson?” Mr. Chang asked loudly immediately waking the snoring boy up

“Uh professor, um Business management?”

“Yes Jackson, Tell me what is you think business management is about?”

“Uhm Management of business is business management right?” Jackson asked casually

“Is that so?”

Jackson nodded and sat down looking like he had just found the cure for a huge disease or something.

“Mr. Jeon would you please enlighten us on what The Ethical Code of conduct is?” Mr. Chang asked as he walked towards the said boy who was busy flirting with one of the sluts.

“The Ethical what?” Jungkook asked carelessly while standing up

“The Ethical Code of conduct.” Mr. Chang said sharply.

“Its a code used for business sir?” Jungkook said smirking

“Ahh what a great answer Mr. Jeon. I can assure you Jungkook, that your the first person in my past thirty years of experience who don’t even know the simple basics of business studies.” The professor said mockingly “Should I remind you that your finals are coming up in a month Mr. Jeon?”

“No sir I apparently haven’t hit my head somewhere or lost my memory either so your sweet little reminder is not needed” Jungkook replied sardonically back.

The class immediately erupted into laughter and whistling, making the teacher even more embarrassed.

“SILENCE!” Mr. Chang growled and immediately the class quietened down.

“Well Mr. Jeon I have a more happier joke which is gonna make you laugh even more, Wanna know what it is?” The professor mocked

“Enlighten me sir.” Jungkook said cooly.

“Well due to your constant F’s in all your examinations, the principal and I talked about this issue. And we have decided that you are going to be suspended from the team until you get better grades for the next examination. Now please laugh” Professor said smirking as he watched Jungkook’s eyes widen in shock

An uncomfortable silence spread through the classroom leaving everyone speechless. Suspending Jeon Jungkook out of the basket ball team was like taking a fish out of water.

It wouldn’t survive.

“Please come out Mr. Jeon Let me talk privately to you” Mr. Chang said and they both got out of the class.

“T-This can’t be right. I am the captain, you can’t suspend me when the interschool competition is nearing.” Jungkook said furiously balling his fists tightly.

“Oh dear, I know this must be a shocker but its true Jungkook. And if you need to pass then I suggest that you must take help from someone else.”

“You mean hire a Tutor?”

“Or I could attend one of my best students as your tutor because I am not that cruel to stop your dreams from coming true, Jungkook and I know making it into the national team is everything for you”

“W-Who?” Jungkook whispered as he felt his heart breaking

“Well if you want to cover the entire portion in a month with high grades then you know who I’d suggest.” Mr. Chang said with a kind smile

Jungkook gulped and whispered “Its Kim Taehyung isn’t it?”

“Yes Jungkook, So should I ask him to tutor you?”

Jungkook sighed and he knew there was no way out of this. If he needed to pass then he had to take up this offer even if he has to take help from Taehyung.

“Yes please, I will do anything to get back on the team”

“good, I hope you become successful Jungkook.” Mr. Chang said and walked inside into the class leaving Jungkook in a puddle of jumbled up thoughts.

Soon the bell rang and the hallways were immediately covered with the buzzing noise of students talking and laughing. Jungkook sighed and walked aimlessly, lost in his thoughts only to crash into the last person he wanted to see at the moment.

It was none other Park Jimin who was soon followed by Kim Jennie, the two Angels of Bangtan High and Jungkook clearly didn’t agree to their titles as Angels.

“Oh what a surprise, Jungkook? What are you doing here?” Jimin asked smiling widely

“Yeah Kook, why are you here?” Jennie chimed in, her hands immediately folding around his biceps squeezing them subtly.

Jungkook smiled politely before shrugging Jennie’s hands far from his body.

“I actually study here in this section, thought you guys already knew that.” He said casually “And if you don’t mind I think I should go”

“What is the rush Jungkookie?” Jennie said sweetly while clinging on to his body, suffocating Jungkook.

Jimin smiled shyly and said “Yeah Jungkook, its looks like your trying to walk away from us. I am sure that’s not the case right?”

Hell yeah, Glad you got it inside your thick head. Jungkook wanted to scream but instead he just fake smiled and lied “No never, Why would a handsome man like me walk away from the two most beautiful persons I’ve ever seen”

Both Jimin and Jennie blushed brightly but Jungkook just scoffed lightly and looked around searching for an escape route.

“Well Jungkook I hope you know that my door is always open for you” Jennie said seductively as her fingers travelled all over his torso, trying to feel his abs

Jungkook fake smiled and winked “I will surely remember that”

“And mine too” Jimin said flirtingly and Jungkook nodded, then subtly pushed Jennie’s hands away from his body suddenly a feeling of nausea taking over.

“Oh that’s great but can you tell where to find Ta-” Before he could complete a loud call interrupted him


The three of them turned to see none other than Kim Taehyung, the college ugly nerd ,making his way towards them with a bright smile on his face.

As usual students around them threw Kim Taehyung dirty looks as if he was a piece of garbage and not a human being. They rolled their eyes and scoffed seeing the boy’s so called hideous face had ruined their day.

And for the first time Jungkook smiled in real at the adorable sight of the tall boy running over, his long hair all stranded because of a bad hair cut.

Even when the whole college called him ugly, Jungkook never even for once thought that he was unattractive because his eyes always found Taehyung irresistible from their childhood.

From the time they were kids, Jungkook had always found Taehyung to be most beautiful person alive and this time it was not a lie. For him the only Angel that existed was Taehyung but sadly he was too caught up with his feelings to understand that this potential attraction he felt towards Taehyung was not just because he was his friend.

There was also another reason why Jungkook’s heart would immediately race on seeing the older but he still didn’t know why.

However people grow up and they did too now both Taehyung and Jungkook were strangers/classmates who stayed away from each other’s entirely different worlds not knowing that all the boundaries they created was going to clash together and break down, leaving them both utterly vulnerable and defenceless.

Will they survive when that happens?

Only time will tell...

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