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Bound To Fall

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Drew and Amelia are two people cut from the same cloth. What happens when Amelia changes, and draws in Drew. The last person she ever expected to come to speaking terms with.

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It Has Changed

“I just miss your accent and your friends...do you know I still talk to them...” I quietly sing to Harry Styles as I look at my outfit that I’ve picked out for the day.

The simple plain white t-shirt brings out the faint blue in my eyes, and I match it with a short round black skirt, together with black sneakers.

My strawberry blonde hair is tied up in a messy bun and I think am good to go.

And with that I peel one side of my ear phones out, so that I don’t have to be told by mother dearest to do so (which she does everyday).

Well she mostly puts it this way.
“You know kids these days like escaping the realities of the world by tucking away with ear phones playing music at fullest volume.”

I don’t think she’s wrong.

And I always thought that maybe I wouldn’t be that kind of teenager.

The one that’s fully engrossed in things that entirely concern me and backs away from everything that doesn’t.

Guess what, am not your typical average high school nerd. Not the kind that’s bullied and made fun of. Simply the known and now ignored kind.

Don’t think I’ve always been like this, coz I haven’t.
But some circumstances can make you back away from a life that you’d like to have. Especially during high school.

So rewind.
Let me tell you about my story.

The story of Amelia Parker. The most popular girl at Eastwood High. Yeah, scratch that...I was the most popular girl, but not anymore. Not since I fell from grace.

I was the typical mean girl. Popular, bitchy, top cheerleader, bossy to my minions, arrogant, wealthy-that’s mostly my parents but still- ,chased after by most boys and all that.

But the one thing I don’t remember myself doing, is clinging to the “bad boys” of the school. I always found that too tiring, hence going for the average boys.

My minions: Cherry and Luce never left my side. I call them that because they were never my friends.

It’s a truth I know because if they were, then they would still hang out with me. Which they don’t.

I’ve always had an easy life, thanks to the wealth my parents have: designer bags, expensive cars, trendy clothes.

The dream life. But-

All that has changed. And no, don’t think for a second that the money was lost. Ha-ha.

Not at all.

Something far worse happened. Something that was capable of shattering our oh-so perfect life, or so we thought it was.

A/N: First chapter. Short I know. It gets better I promise.

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