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A pick-up artist or ulterior motive? Can you trust when someone introduces themselves? Revenge never tasted so sweet and felt so good. Adam is on a personal mission to right a wrong that happened years ago. He faces demons in the flesh and one's that haunt his dreams. Can he stick to his mission or will he be blindsided by someone he never imagined? *This story contains mature themes, heavy sexual content, and violence*

Romance / Action
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I sit by the window and for the fourth time this week, I see her walk in to get her cup of coffee.

Chocolate brown hair falls to the side while her green eyes and freckles add to the beauty that comes so natural to her. She has seen me and I know I'm reeling her in. Her smile and blush every time she looks at me gives her away. Today she looks over a few times as she gets ready to order. Espresso, light cream. She pays and waits for her order. Her back to me and I take the opportunity to appreciate her curves. She takes a quick look over her shoulder at me and I give my signature smirk. She quickly turns back and I know I have hooked her. They call her name. "Reese". How appropriate with her chocolate brown hair. She stutters her step and finally gives in waking to me.

Get it together Adam, you've got this.

"Hey, so I've seen you here before. I don't do this, like ever, but wanted to say hi," Reese blushes.

I show my pearly whites and respond, "It's nice to finally meet you. I'm John," she blushes harder and I motion for the chair in front of me, "Join me?"She looks around and then looks at her watch. "You'll break my heart if you don't,"

She bites that sweet pink lip and sits down. You got her Adam.

"I haven't seen you around here before," she states.

"I'm in town for a short time, business," I wink at her. "So... Reese...?"

"Grafton, I'm Reese Grafton," she takes a light sip of her hot drink.

"Reese Grafton, what brings you around this neighborhood?" I say and look out the window. Taking a quick glance at the bus stop across the street. 0935hrs, bus is late.

"I am the lead architect on the new building down the street,"

That brings my attention back to her. "The York Building?"

She giggles, "Yeah, surprises a lot of people. Being a woman and all"

"It's the beautiful woman that surprises people,"

"Why is that john? Cause I should be a super model?" She throws the air quotes in annoyance.

Yeah, that was my first thought but clearly won't land the deal of a date. Change of pace Adam. "Well you are beautiful to look at, but now I'm thinking of lawyer or judge,"

She laughs and I'm still in the game. "Good save,"

"Want me to say garbage woman?"

Her eyes about bug out of her head and she throws her head back and lets out a hearty laugh. "Well played, John,"

Give yourself a pat on the back Adam. "So Reese, tell me more," I ask as I run the tips of my fingers over her hand. Her eyes focus on my hand and I watch how her green eyes move back and forth studying every vein.

"Not much to tell," she bashfully admits.

"Now that can't be true," I poke her hand with my ring finger. "I'll go, I'm John Peterson, I work as a general contractor. Fixing things here and there," her eyes light up. "I love football, not the American crap, the true European football," she laughs.

"I don't know anything about sports," she admits.

"Maybe I can teach you?"

"I don't work out, I'm a coffee fanatic,"

"I'll pretend to be really bad,"

She giggles and nods her head, "I'd really like that John,"

"I have one sister, she works as an ER doctor in Texas," I continue on. "Sometimes goes to Mexico for doctors with out borders."

"That's really interesting!" She leans in completely invested in me. Hook, line, and sinker!

"She is my inspiration," I say proudly. "You?"

"Brother, he works with military people on their financial stuff. He doesn't talk about it, just that he looks out for their stuff when they deploy. He served and was deployed himself,"

I lean in to her, "Now that is more interesting," I tuck a thick strand of hair behind her ear. "Both of us have siblings that out do us on the humanitarian scale," well she may, I however don't.

"Yeah, I'm embarrassed how much he gives to our country," she leans closer to me. Adam, you are nailing this target.

"Same, I just like to tinker, and my sister literally saved lives," I take her hand in mine and feel the gentle tingles of excitement. How I wish I could really Pursue things with her. She has a captivating smile.

"I like to build things. The math and numbers to accommodate the needs of our clients. Taking something on paper and creating something from that, is exhilarating," she tucks her head. "Is that bad that volunteering freaks me out? It's too much attention,"

"No, I agree. Can I be as bold as to say it's selfish!" I joke. She laughs hard and gives me a lustful eye.

"You are funny John Peterson,"

"You are too kind Reese Grafton," I narrow my eyes at her playfully. "Do you want a refill?"

"No, um, I'm good," she smiles

"Well I'm going to get my third cup refilled, I've been waiting this whole week for you to talk to me. Now that you are here I'm going to take full advantage,"

"You could have talked to me?!" She gasps.

"And get my hopes up you'd agree to a date! A woman like you?!" She blushes again and I adore how it falls along her neck. "I'd never think that you'd say yes. So this right here, I'm going to savor," I kiss her hand and walk up to the barista.

"Give me a decaf black coffee," I look to the food window, "and that!" I point to the chocolate chip croissant.

The barista hands over my things and I turn back to seeing her texting on her phone. As I approach I see her quickly hide it.

"I'm so sorry, do you have a boyfriend?" I shake my head. "I am crazy to think you might've been single, I'm so sorry..."

"No I am single, I am just, um..." she looks around. "I've been trying to get ahold of my brother. He's been ignoring me."


"Not sure, he said he had a business trip and I haven't heard from him in over a week, I worry,"

I nod my head, "well give it a few more days then call his work? Or maybe he will answer back?

"Kevin does these disappearing acts, but we kinda fought before this time," I give her a sorrow look, at least I hope I do. "We fought over me investing in his company. I did it with out telling him. He said they needed money and he was working on something and got mad when I made the deal"

Stop the fucking press.

"I can't undo it, I tried."

I nod my head. "How did that work?"

"I contacted his supervisor, Greg, and he said he'd help me do this gift. I didn't think about it," she shrugs her shoulders. "Kevin got pissed,"

"Well, give it some time, he will come around and be thankful."

"Maybe," she eyes the chocolate chip croissant.

"So please tell me you eat carbs. Cause that's a strike if you don't," She reaches over and takes a piece popping it in her mouth. "That's my girl,"

Red, her pink flushed face is now brimming like a red hot candy.

"Your girl?"

"Right now, yes in this moment, you are here with me," I lean closer to her as she takes another piece of bread. "So, what do you say to a second date? I'd really like to get to know you more."

"I'd like that John," she hands her phone to me.

"Put your number in and I'll call you,"

Cute. I lay my phone on the table and put hers on top. I click in the contacts and enter my number, with john the best Peterson as the name. When I had it back she laughs again and honestly I could listen to it all day.

I stand and smile down at her, "Well Reese Grafton, I have a meeting to get to. Thank you for our pre-date to our date I will call you about," I lean down and press my lips to her hand, "It was a pleasure to meet you,"

She stands up staying close to me and the strong coffee smell from her pink lips draws my attention, "Thank you John Peterson, I enjoyed being late to work this morning. Until next time when I can beat you in soccer,"

"Oh no, no, no, say it correctly!"

She giggles again and walks away speaking over her shoulder, "I'm sorry, water polo," she quickly dips out. I quickly follow behind but I'm too late. She's quick in those leather heels and is already across the street waiting for the bus.

She is smiling and holding up her phone. I suddenly feel my phone buzz and immediately pull it out.

"Soccer!" Is the text that fills the screen. Reese Grafton you don't know who you are dealing with.

She boards the bus and I watch it fade in the distance. Shaking my head I walk in the opposite direction. I send a quick text back. "Those lips are itching for a correction,"

I see she opened the text but doesn't respond. That'll do Adam, well done!

I continue to walk the streets back to my downtown apartment. Stop by the news stand and pick up a paper. Unfolding it is a picture of Reese in a hard hat in front of the York Building that the biggest financial tycoon is building. I smile at the picture. "I've got you now Grafton,"

I walk in to my apartment and toss my keys on the kitchen counter. I look over at the pictures that fill the wall. Reese at work, her at the park walking her dog, Max. Her at the coffee shop, same time every day. Her in her apartment in her skimpy pajamas. She secretly loves to watch the food network even though she's proven that she can't cook. There is a picture of her meeting with who I now know is Greg. Second lead that I need in my operation.

I look to the wall that is opposite of my photo timeline wall and see him bound and gagged staring at me. Sweat beads off his head and his shirt is ripped. Dried blood mixes with his sweat. That has to burn a bit. He should've told me what I needed to know.

"So, Agent Grafton, I met your sister today,"
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