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The Tides Destiny

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John was a normal young man, born into a lower class family. All he wanted in life was too find a nice woman and marry for love, and take over his fathers business. He didn’t know it yet but the ocean next to his house would change his life forever. Karina was a Mermaid princess,beloved by all. She didn’t see eye to eye with her mother but what young woman does. She always dreamed of finding her true love little did she know that the one she will want is a land dweller. Will Karina find the love she wants? Will Johns wishes come true?

Romance / Fantasy
Lisa Wenger
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Chapter 1

The year was 1558 in Skagen, Denmark, the day started out like any other day cloudy and grey. The Streets bustled with Merchants heading to their stalls to set up shop. A young boy stood at a stall with his mother looking around, taking in everything with bored eyes. As the early morning turned to noon the stalls started opening, their wares glittering in the lights from the street. Some stalls had fruits, poultry, and other meats, while others held delicate jewelry, carvings, and other material items. Some are excellent quality, others are poor.
A closer look at a fabric stall and we would see the young boy again, just sitting there. He looked unenthused about the excitement around him. It wasn’t until his mother told him to run along did he crack a smile. This boy looked about seven years of age, his hair a short rusty brown, deep hazel eyes, a pert nose, thin lips, and a tiny build. He looked around him before running off, disappearing in the crowd. His name is Jonathan Mueller, the son of Darcy and Edwin Mueller. He is a brother to three sisters, one elder and two younger.
As he Emerged from the crowd he headed towards the cove, one of his favorite areas right next to the coast line. The cove started with ankle deep water leading to a rock platform before delving into deep water and an opening on the other side big enough for a shark to get in. Sitting down he started to kick his feet in the water, forgetting about any kind of danger that could be there. Laying back he feels something sliding across his ankle, paying no mind to it he continues relaxing. Until something grabbed his leg, gasping in shock he sat up quickly attempting to get away but was pulled under. Opening his eyes underwater he saw a woman around his moms age. The woman had a blue tail black hair and had a purple ripped cloth covering her bosom.
The woman opened her arms taking him into a hug, slowly starting to lose consciousness he felt himself being thrown from the woman’s arms and being placed on the rock. One look up and he saw a beautiful young girl with hazel eyes covered by long dark lashes, long silvery-blue hair just past her shoulders, A piece of seaweed covering her chest and a sleek looking purple tail He heard her giggle once before a man appeared next to her that’s when he blacked out. When he woke he found himself on the beach with a shell next to him and a note written in the sand saying, “I’m sorry, be safe.”

Ten years Later
“Mum I’m heading out now” I yelled from the doorway.
‘Be careful John and be home by dark” She yelledback.
“Will do mum” I said
As I headed out the door I started to wonder if this time I’ll find her. Walking through the marketplace I push past people trying to get to the dock. Appearing at the end of the cobblestone marketplace, I head towards the cove the place I visit every chance I get. I couldn’t help but think to that day, back when I was seven years of age. I know what I saw but I never told a soul of what happened. Heading in I sit down on the rock and wish for the silvery-blue haired girl to come back. That is the only wish I have for my birthday.
Looking into the deep water I try to see anything but don’t have any luck. Checking to make sure no one followed me I strip down to my undergarments and dive into the water. Surfacing I put some goggles on, so I can see better and take the flare gun with me. Diving back under I swim downwards shooting the flare and lighting the area around me,seeing all the beautiful colored flora I start to frown disappointed, but then I see her, gasping in surprise I swim a little closer. She had grown since I last saw her, her silvery-blue hair going to the top of her fin, her hazel eyes hidden by her long dark lashes, her lips a beautiful blood red, her top was two blue seashells, her tail that deep purple longer now proving she had grown.
I stopped short forgetting the need to breathe as she quickly looked over at me, before she panicked. Looking around her, her eyes widened as she darted for me and put her arms around me. Feeling myself being propelled upward I felt her jump and land with me on the rock. She landed on top of me, her face buried in my chest. The same man lurking a tiny distance away.
"Why did you come here? My mother could have gotten you again."Her eyes held worry.
Hearing her melodic voice I could do nothing but stare. My mouth agape as I take in how her tail shimmered as the light hit it. Her hair falling in waves framing her heart shaped face. Somehow her hair was already dry. Realizing she asked me a question I clear my throat and respond.
"I was actually coming in hopes of seeing you again. I didn't know if what i saw was a dream or not."
Before she could respond her head snapped up and she jumped into the water with one last warning."Don't come back" and just like that I'm alone. Moving to my knees I crawl over and look back into the water before sighing and standing up to leave.
Grabbing my linen sheet I start to dry of glancing at the water in longing. Knowing that it would be a while before I could slip away again. Quickly putting my slacks on I button my shirt and tuck it in just as I was taught. Putting my rich brown leather vest over it I step into my boots,attach the flare gun to my hip, and shove the goggles in my pocket making my way to the dock.
Walking along the shoreline I notice many children running around the beach. Spotting a familiar brown head that can be compared to caramel I walk towards it. Anja my older sister is standing there watching the children, having not noticed me yet. Running around her legs are the twins Elin and Freja, both little troublemakers,looking identical to one another. Many a times they are the reason for our neighbors' wrath. From throwing mud to running around the village naked,they are a troublesome duo.
"Anja why are you and the twins here?"I ask curiously. Right about this time they'd normally be helping mother.
"We are here looking for you father sent us. He says tis important. I fear for what it means brother." She says impatiently.
Turning around she walks back towards the brightly colored market. I follow behind her listening to the yells of "I want it" and "give it to me" coming from the twins holding her hands. Finally in front of our small home. I leave my daydreams of silvery-blue haired girls with sparkling tails as I enter through the door.
My mother sits at a table, her dark hair with strands of grey glinting in the sunlight. Her small dainty hand covering her mouth, the other sitting by a worn letter, my father's one arm around her. My father is a tall muscular man with a calloused hand. He worked hard to get where he is, he is the town's head fishermen. He is the captain and the owner of the Asta Dorte, when I was four he lost his arm to a shark it bit it clean off leaving only his shoulder. Seeing him here and not at work is truly troubling. He is only home when something major happens. He's been teaching me to become his first mate so I can someday take over for him.
"Mother I got him just as you said. Tis time for the twins' nap im going to go sing to them" Anja said while walking out of the room the twins in her arms.
"Mum,Father what tis wrong you seem troubled"I asked while trying to keep calm.
She sighs, choking on a sob before looking to my father with pleading eyes. "Please Edwin there has to be another way."
My father sighs pulling her close.``I'm sorry Darcy tis time he comes with me."he stops, turning to me he starts again.``Tis time for you to come on a trip with me. It will be dangerous but we need to catch more herring migration season is coming up. So my boy you will be coming with me, we will be away for a few months but tis time you become the man you are meant to be. Go pack your chest we leave at dawn."
Staring unabashedly I can't help but gape at him probably resembling the fish we are going to catch.Numbly walking to my room I sit on my bed and start to pack my slacks and fishing boots in a chest as well as a few vests, some shirts, and some night pants. Strippin my vest off I change into another shirt and throw that one on the wash pile as well as my slacks and shorts. Dressing in my night shirt I lay on my bed and stare at the wall. Fighting off the sleep that threatens to overtake me. Finally succumbing my eyes close and I dream of the beautiful girl but with legs as she walks beside me a baby boy in her arms.
As the morning light hits my face I blearily blink my eyes open. Running a hand down my face I tiredly get out of bed. My feet hitting the cold floor was enough to wake me up the rest of the way, sighing I grab some clothes from my wardrobe and start dressing. I start to think long and hard of the days that are to come as I dress. I’m going to be on a boat surrounded by other fishing men with only my father there as familial comfort. I may never see the silver haired beauty again, I know I shouldn’t let my mind be occupied with thoughts of her but I just can’t help it. She’s a mystery to me, one I want to solve. Who is she, where did she come from, and why the cove? I breathe out a sigh and head to the kitchen. Seeing Anja already making some coffee I sit down at the table and lean back closing my eyes.
“Marianne’s father came by today to talk to dad. They went outside to talk by mom's garden. Moms out there as well no doubt listening. It sounds like twas about you though little brother”Anja said as she turned around a cup of coffee in hand and sent an amused yet curious look my way.
Standing I grab the cup from her and sit back down while narrowing my eyes at her. “You know already what tis about Anja. Marianne has chosen three men in the village on who she wants as a suitor. Seeing as she is from one of the wealthier families so normally what she wants she gets.” I said.
“She may be wealthy but not once has she ever looked down on us little brother and neither has her family. They are decent to the lower class, she isn’t like the other snarky little princesses. Besides you should suspect that many other women will want you as their suitor John. You are the most eligible bachelor in the village and yesterday you hit the age to become a marriage candidate.” She said a little tersely as if scolding me for my comment.
Rolling my eyes I sip the bitter tasting liquid from my cup. “I wouldn’t say we are truly lower class Anja enough about her though.How is your husband sister? Wasn't he supposed to be home by now.” I ask as I watch her closely. Seeing her put a hand to her mouth and one to her stomach I raise a brow in suspicion.
Turning she tells me something that makes me sit up and put my cup down.”he was called in to battle two months ago as you know, yesterday morn I got a letter saying he has fell. Just last week I found out I’m with child. I’m a widow now John.what am I going to do.”

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