Prince Desmond

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After Prince Desmond of Winthrop receives a distress call, he arrives at a lost colony on the planet Gaia. When he lays his eyes on Princess Ayla of A'Kneera, he needed to make a decision that would change their lives completely. Two years later, as their wedding approaches, they're relationship is strained and their feelings for one another questioned. After an attack on A'Kneera, allies must be made and must prepare for war. Things become complicated with several obstacles thrown they're way, as hidden enemies lurk within their own kingdoms.

Romance / Scifi
Tex-Mex InkSlinger
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Kingdoms and Realms

Things To Know

Gaia’s Kingdoms





Madelon (former Jira)

Helios’ Realms









Gaia’s Religion

Treu: A Goddess of hunting, chaos, food, and nature

Dateio: God of wrongdoers

Uty: Goddess of good and health

Diony: God of beauty, happiness, and wine

Gira: Goddess of love, truth, and new beginnings

Jeeta: God of the sea, lakes, rivers and storms

Helios’ Religion

Data: Goddess of truth

Kaya: God of the Celestial heavens

Sidna: Goddess of health and love

Gael: God of Sustenance

Luva: God of Hell

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