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Loving Death

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This is short story about a young woman who falls helplessly in love with a street fighter. Knowing they lived different lifestyles they try their best to resist each other wanting to give the other their best chance at life. But once they gave into their love things started to change very quickly. Hearts start to break, hard decisions were made, and secrets are kept hidden. Both had dreams, at least one’s dream came true thanks to the other’s sacrifice.

Romance / Drama
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Part one

"He is looking at you again." My best friend June says making me blush. There was this guy you see, with bright blue eyes, pink full lips, and black hair. He was the most mysterious and hotest man I've ever met. Well I haven't met him, just bumped into him a few times, literally.

"Stop it June!" I hissed slapping her arm.

"Kattlyn knight, you know you want that. I don't understand why though. Haven't you heard the stories about that guy? I know you find him attractive but I'm sorry, I don't approve. He could hurt you." June says.

"What do you mean? Sure he keeps to himself and is super mysterious, but that doesn't mean anything. Those stories were made up. " I say not even knowing what stories we're actually being told.

"Bish please, the stories are true. That dude comes in here with new injuries everyday. He is in a gang with enough hoes to go around. Oh and he killed people. He pratically lived in juvie when he was younger. He killed his mom because he was upset with her! And his father left him and his brother because he couldn't stand being near them. They say he knows how to easily get away with stuff with out being caught." June says and I couldn't help but look over at him. Then I realized he was gone. I looked around and saw him walking out of the lunch room. I grabbed my tray getting up from my seat.

"I'll see you later." I say then walked to the exit of the lunch room.

"I warn her to stay away and what she do? She runs to him!" June yells dramatically. June is known for how loud, dramatic, and out going she is. Me, I'm just the one who would be voted most successful when graduated. This is my twelth grade year so I'm super busy and stressed. Everything I do will effect my future. I threw my tray way then rushed into the hall. I walked down looking for him but the halls were empty. I turned the corner on my way to search near the gym and I bumped into something hard. I fell to my bottom and then I heard a chuckle.

"I'm starting to think you're bullying me. This is the twentieth time you did this, and it's only my third week at this school." he says and I looked up at him. He was smirking at me looking absolutely gorgeous.

"Actually twenty third. Help me up handsome." I say and he raised an eyebrow but held out his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up.

"Did you follow me out here?" He asked folding his arms looking amused.

"Nah, I just wanted to chat with a teacher but now I guess I'd like to talk to you instead. " I half lied.

"Is that right?" He asked chuckling. "What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Kathryn Knight but my friends call me Katt, when they not mad at me." I say brushing off my bottom. " Now what is your name?" I asked him and then the bell rung. I noticed how his expression changed, less relaxed and more guarded. He looked at me one last time then leaned close.

"Name's Connor Lane." He says then he's gone. I stood there dumbfounded then turned and watched him walk out of the school.

"Connor Lane l, huh?" I say smiling like an idiot.
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