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Billionaire Baby Daddy

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I enter into my apartment and find a sleeping Ian on the couch. Looks like he was waiting for me. I roll my eyes and get into the bathroom after taking fresh clothes and strip off my dress.

"Bella? Baby, you in there?" I roll my eyes immediately getting irritated with Ian. Of course I am in here in the shower. I decide to assume him. I'm not ready to deal with his crap now. Twenty minutes later I am done and I go to the kitchen. I move straight to the fridge looking for something to eat when I only see a few eggs. 'Looks like I have to do some grocery shopping.' I sigh.

I feel Ian pressing his chest to my back and try to kiss me but I push him away. I loved when he did that but now I can't stomach it. I turn to him. "Thought you were supposed to be gone. I can't stand your sight now. Makes me sick." I sneer at him. I loved Ian and however much I tried I couldn't get the picture out of my head.

"I was worried about y-" I scoff. "Worried? You were worried about me? Joke of the year people." I knew I was being a bit of a drama queen but that was what he claims I am. And that was what I am going to show him. I raise my hands as if talking to a crowd as I rotate.

Ian lets out an annoyed sigh. "I'm being serious here Bella. Where were you?" He is getting annoyed? Good. He deserves it anyway. I move towards him slowly looking into his eyes and smirk. I move to his ears in a slow dramatic effect making his breath hitch, Ian knows I am shy about seduction and sex but I feel so courageous now. Could it be because I'm not a virgin anymore? Or maybe I'm just sick of his games.

"I went to the same club, got drunk and had myself fucked that I forgot about you. You know the best part?" I stop to raise his anxiety. When he doesn't move I lean further into him.

"I so fucking enjoyed it." I say almost in a whisper. I move away from him and turn without looking at him. Swaying my hips exaggeratedly not bothering about him. I am so done with him. I decide to move out instead but first I have to look for a new place and I have a job interview in a month. My stomach growls reminding me I have yet to feed it.

I go into the shared bedroom and take my purse but before I am done putting on my vans the bedroom door closes with a bang.

I roll my eyes at how Ian is being childish without looking back. I feel my body being yanked and thrown across the room like literally. My head hits the bed and I am so sure I could get a concussion. I blink back the tears that are threatening to come out out of instinct. The pain is unbearable.

Ian moves in front of me and crouches to my level. "Such a pretty face." He coos stroking the side of my face. I feel repelled against him. "Too bad no one's gonna see it again." Oh God! I always attract the psychos! First my dad, then this?

I remain still since I don't know what his next move is. My dad used to beat up my mom and I until my mother decided to give up and ran away leaving me alone to deal with her crazy husband. She died later on after she overdosed. I learnt some self-defenses when he was jailed and I had to go to foster care since I was still under age.

Ian has some muscles which I like but the man is a lazy toad. I even wondered how he got the muscles in the first place but I learnt it was in the genes since his dad to looked so muscled up. Only that he is hardworking.
He takes out a knife from his back pocket making my body still. He notices my reaction and his face lights up with a sardonic smile. He starts toying with the knife moving it from my face down to my throat and back.
"Ian? W-What are you doing baby?" He lets out a small laugh that has me chilled to the bones.

"You know what I liked about you Bella? You were this vixen with a sexy body and pretty face but so damn innocent. When I figured you were a virgin, I was a goner." His filthy hands start trailing down my body. "I knew I had to break you. I had to persevere your smart mouth and dramas each and every day. I tried having sex with you but each fucking time you refused. So I bid my time."

My heart is beating so fast that I am afraid it will come out. Easy there heart. I need you.

"Yesterday when I came back and found you with those two women, I was so hurt Ian. You cheated on me with two women at the same time Ian." I feel tears sting my eyes but I refuse to show him any weakness. "I was willing to give myself to you yesterday." My voice is so low that I almost think he didn't hear what I just said.

"But you went and fucked another man. I'll just make this quick." He takes the knife that is right beside my head so fast and starts tearing my skin with it. I push him with so much force that he moves and falls since it was unexpected. I get to my feet swiftly and kick his nose making him fall once again with a grunt.

I kneel before him and punch him in the face knocking him out. I take the knife and run to the cabinet that had some unused rope taking it out and running back to the room. I tie Ian up and place a wash cloth in his mouth. I search for my phone but I don't get it and so I run to Mr. Brown's house and knock so hard and desperately.

After forever, he comes out looking like he was just from sleeping and takes in my disheveled state. " Can I have your phone Mr. Brown. I lost mine. "He hesitates for a second before moving into the house quickly. I follow him in and grab it from his hand before calling the police.

"What did you say his name was again Miss?" I am getting impatient. Ian might wake up soon and untie the ropes. "Ian. Ian Harris."

"Ian Harris? We've been looking for him for two years now. Thank you Ms. Isabella. Some men are already sent your way and will be there in five minutes."

Ian? Ian is a criminal? Oh, My God! I place the phone on the counter muttering quick thanks and sprinting to my house then going straight to my room. Ian is just regaining his consciousness.

"The police are coming. What did you do to make them look for you?" His eyes are so wide that they would fall off any minute.

"YOU BITCH!" He shouts before I hear the sirens and thank the heavens.

As expected no answer comes from him and I sit there waiting. The bell rings two minutes later and I stand up and go get it. I lead the police men to him.

"You will regret this Bella." The exact sentence my father said to me. I roll my eyes and I wave at him goodbye.

I go back into my apartment after giving my statement and cry.
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