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" you know i hate you right?" I grinned at that " yeah yeah you kinda established that already." He told me this on a daily basis " just because i want to tell you doesn't change a thing." I

Romance / Mystery
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Meeting him

Today was the day i was going to start my junior year at Gracy High school.
I wasn't popular and i wasn't classified as a nerd either.
Just like every other high school we had popular kids and all that cliche thing about nerds and losers but no bullying not publicly or physically anyway.
This was my second year here and i learned to love my classmates with all their flows though they get on my nerves sometimes.
At Gracy High we were assigned classes based on our intelligence level so unless they were some changes i was stuck with the same people for the rest of my high school experience.
My dad drops me off in the parking lot and say a quick good bye as i get out and join my friends.

I spot Aubrey first , as always she was one of the early ones as she's part of the student body council.
" hey. Didn't talk much over the holiday." She says addressing me and i shippishly grin " i wanted you to miss me." She attempts to hit me playfullybut i dodged
" so where are the others by the way?"
" they are in class . It's like it would kill you to come early at school." I could hint a little bit of disappointment but i brushed it off " gotta be fashionably late yeah?" I smile and flip my hair and make my way to class.
I missed my bestie so much. She had moved so we didn't see each other so much anymore just long phone calls so i was really excited to see her.
I entered the class and greeted everyone and then my favourite person " hey girl." Let's just say lots of screaming and hugging she was by the way doing that while i stood there hugging her back " missed you too. No need for the drama. "
I rolled my eyes at her.
Laura and I became friends last year and we are like always together. We bonded so much it feels like she's my soulmate.
We are besties and all but we are different in so many ways. I guess opposite does attract.
If this was a movie she would be the pretty girl that every boy wants but she doesn't notice seems calm but she's a crazy when we are together.
Me well i don't know i can be anything you want me to be i adjust to the situation but mostly behave as a tomboy and i really don't care about lots of things.
" did you hear the news?" That gets my attention " what news?" I turn and face her and other girls from my class.
" what world have you been living in beth_ sighs _ we have new students joining our class this year. 2 boys and one girl. They used to study with us back in middle school and i can't wait to see them again." I wasn't really a gossiping kind of person but i liked to know what was going on around me so i brushed it off and the teacher entered and my attention shifted to learning.

I kept looking around in class and found two new students a boy and a girl and the girl i know from the summer camp yet i didn't see the third guy.
It was lunch time look i like food and all but the school cafeteria is shit and the food is horrible but you get used to it

" i can't believe I'm going to eat this food again. I miss mom's cooking." Laura sighs as we find a table to sit at.

More and more of our friends come and join us as we eat.
Jordan walked towards the table as usual but he had someone else with him.

" decided to join us and ditch your lunch date?" Ella said trying to annoy him as always that was how they interacted with each other and everybody knew it.
They sat down and the new guy joined our conversations easily like he knew everyone but i was quiet and lost really

" oh beth i forgot you two haven't met yet. This is Hunter the friend i told you about and Hunter this is Beth."
I look up at him and our eyes lock and he smiles at me " nice to finally meet you." Held out his hand to me
I take it " you too." I smile back and that's how i met him.
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