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My Cadillac Billionaire (Excerpt)

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When 25 year old Billionaire, Lenora Williams finds a broken man, deep in despair at the park, the sight pulls at her heart strings. Young Lenora takes a heroic, but risky decision to take him under her wing. 28 year old, London Carson is devastated when he loses everything after his wife is caught in fraudulent affairs. Left with a broken heart and an empty pocket, he is left to fend for himself, that is until he meets a kind and dashing young woman, who not only helps him redeem himself, but also manages to unknowingly swoop him off his feet.

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Chapter 1

Lenora's POV

"Emma!" I called as I opened the caramel, wooden door. The room brought so many sweet memories of my Baby and I, but of course there were a few sour ones as well. But anyway, enough of that because there sat my Love, drawing as always."Baby, I'm back." I excitedly chirped at the preoccupied child who turned around at lightning speed as she recognised my voice, almost causing me to worry for her neck for a second.

"Mommy!" She excitedly called, jumping off the cream carpeted floor and running into my awaiting arms.

"Oh, I've missed you so much." I cooed, tightening my hold around her small figure, but not enough to hurt her, but enough for it to be a bear hug as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I missed you more, Mommy." She giggled as she pulled away from me so she could shoot me a cute but beaming smile full of happiness and excitement.

I chuckled at her cute behaviour as I lifted her up in my arms and stood up with her legs wrapped around my hips and her hands around my neck while I balanced her with my arms.

"How was your stay with Grandma and Grandpa?" I enthusiastically asked as I made my way out of the beige coloured room and into the sunlit, bright hallway.

"It was nice. Grandma took me out for some ice-cream on Monday." She excitedly chirped, her excitement making me smile as warmth filled my chest from the feeling of contentment that settled into my core.

"Really?" I excitedly asked," Maybe you and I can go out for some ice-cream later too. What do you think?" I offered.

"Can we Mommy?" She excitedly chirped, hope shimmering in her honey glazed orbs.

"Definitely." I reassured, gently squeezing her to my side.

"Mommy!" She giggled, squirming in my arms.

"What?" I feigned innocence.

"You're naughty, Mommy. Your hug almost killed me" She chastised, folding her arms to her chest in an attempt to look stern.

"I'm sorry, my Love. Maybe I should stop hugging you then." I sadly sighed.

"What!" She dramatically exclaimed in bewilderment,"Never." She shook her head, wrapping her little arms around my neck, pulling me into what I assume is her way of comforting me.

"You're right. I would never." I smiled, affectionately kissing her chubby cheek.

Her mood suddenly dampened as the sparks in her hazel orbs lost a bit of its bright light. Her now sad eyes connecting my concerned and confused pair.

"Mommy, will you be leaving again?" She softly asked while looking up at me from her eyelashes. All the enthusiasm gone from her eyes replaced with shyness and caution that made me feel guilty even though it couldn't be helped. I had to go so she can have a good future and can live a happy life where she'll have everything she needs and more.

"Nope, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." I promised with a reassuring smile.

"Promise?" She softly asked, looking up at me from her long eyelashes, but she couldn't hide the hope in her eyes.

"I promise." I smiled, raising my pinkie finger which she intertwined with her much smaller one with a toothy grin that reached her once again glowing eyes.

"Let's go say bye to Grandma and Grandpa before they leave." I cooed, tickling her sides that rewarded me with high pitched, loud giggles that ricocheted across the empty hallway.

"Mommy, stop!" She forced out, clearly out of breath, making me chuckle at her cuteness.

I removed my fingers allowing her to bury her face in between my neck as I made my way to the staircase and descended each stair with absolute care. I definitely didn't want to drop my daughter.

My foot touched the last stair before I headed in the direction of the living room where I heard the TV quietly playing.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad." I greeted as I entered the living room," Are you guys ready to go?"

"Hey Sweetheart. Yeah we are, we were just waiting on you two so we could say goodbye." Mom softly sighed with a faint pout tracing her lips even as she gave us her all-time soft smile that never failed to make me feel at home.

"Oh, sorry for keep you guys waiting, and thanks for looking after Emma on such short notice. I know that you were supposed to be going on vacation." I apologetically smiled at them even though I knew that they would have loved nothing more than to be with Emma anyway.

My mom brushed me off with a wave of her hand before smiling," Oh hush, it was no problem at all. We really don't mind, she is our only grandbaby after all." She cooed," Goodbye Emma Darling. I'll miss you so much." She cooed.

The soft sound of sniffles alerted me of my daughter's silent cries instinctively making me start running my hand down her back comfortingly. My sweet love really hates goodbyes, but I don't blame her because I don't like them either. She definitely took after me in that compartment.

"Oh Emma." Softly cooed my dad from the couch as he stood up and walked over towards me. He gently took Emma from my arms and into his before walking away with her, leaving Mom and I alone in the living room.

"Let's go outside, I have no doubt he's taking her there for a private talk." Chuckled my mom as she looped her arm in mine, guiding me out of the living room and towards the already opened main door.

Who knows what my dad said to Emma because she ran in my direction with a smile now beaming from her once sad face. I looked up at him expectantly, just for him to brush me off with a shrug.

"What did he say to her?" I asked my mom, hoping that she somehow knew my father well enough.

"Honey, I'm not psychic." She said, tapping my back with her hand before making her way to her husband." Won't you give us a hug before we leave, Sweetheart?" She threw behind her.

I gaped at her incredulously but walked over to them nonetheless.

"You two are a strange couple, you know that?" I asked.

"Oh Sweetie, one day we'll be saying that about you too." Smirked my mom knowingly.

"You two will always take the cup." I cockily smirked back.

My dad chuckled, before pulling me into a bear hug like he always does.

"Take care, Pumpkin." He said, placing a kiss on the crown of my hair.

I couldn't help but to nuzzle into my dad's chest even more. He always filled me with a sense of safety when he did this and I guess he still does.

"Thanks Daddy, I will. You and Mom should take care too." I said, wrapping my arms around his waist in a hug.

"You've always been a Daddy's girl, but atleast you still stayed a loyal Mama's girl too." Chuckled my mom from beside us.

I pulled away from my dad to smile at my mom before pulling her in for a group hug.

"I'll miss you guys." I softly whispered as tears burned my eyes and threatened to cloud my vision.

"This is where Emma gets her emotional trait from." Teased my mom, making me tearfully giggle.

"It can't be helped, Mom, besides I also got it from you." I teased.

"But when was the last time you saw me cry?" She dramatically gasped. We broke apart the group hug, just for her to kiss my cheek adoringly." We love you, Honey. Both of you." She added, wiping away a stray tear from her glossy, chocolate brown, warm eyes that I know mirrored my own.

"We love you too, Mom." I replied, pulling her into one last hug before letting her go.

Dad helped Mom into the car before following after her, just as Emma ran back to my side.

"Bye Grandpa! Bye Grandma!" She happily waved at them even though we couldn't clearly see them due to the tinted windows.

The car horn sounded, probably my mom's doing, just before the car made its way to the open gates and passed through them, turning left, just as the gates closed behind it.

I looked down at my little angel and asked,"How about we go watch a movie with some popcorn and slushy?" I offered.

"Whoo. Yes!" She eagerly agreed.

I offered her my hand and she almost immediately placed her much smaller one into it.

I guided her back to the house and closed the doors behind us, the deafening silence making me frown as I quietly sighed. I wanted to cry and I already missed my parents as petty as that might sound.

I made my way into the kitchen, to find my chef, Penny and my housekeeper, Blake chatting away, but they immediately cut their conversation at my entry as they simultaneously turned to me and greeted Emma and I with warm and kind smiles that matched their already kind eyes.

"Good morning Miss and young Emma." Theys simultaneously greeted with small bows of their heads.

"Hello Miss Blake and hello Miss Penny." Emma excitedly chirped. That's my girl.

I taught Emma to respect all elders, including the house staff from a young age and she has never wavered nor disappointed me.

"Good morning to you too, Ladies." I smiled." Well, don't mind me, I'm just here to make Emma and I some popcorn."

Chef Penny's face instantly flushed until she looked more like paper. She profusely shook her head at me, making me pout even as I swallowed the laugh that threatened to break from my throat.

"Oh that won't be necessary Miss Williams. I'd gladly make them for you." She nervously smiled.

"Ohh, come on Penny. I won't burn anything, I promise." I innocently batted my eyelashes.

"Oh no, I insist." She tried to persuade me.

And that was all it took for the laugh I had been so desperately trying to hold to break free because I almost had no intention of making the popcorn. I already knew that Penny wouldn't allow me to because she's seen first hand just how talented I am in the arts of cooking, note the sarcasm.

"I'm just kidding, Penny. I knew that you wouldn't allow me." I admitted with a giggle.

"You were so right to assume that." She mumbled, the colour coming back to her face and cheeks as relief filled her warm eyes.

Penny is only ten years my senior, whereas Blake is only one year older than me, so we all get along quite well. We're all more like roomies to be honest or maybe that's just the loneliness talking.

"Well, Emma and I are gonna be in the movie room." I said, turning around with a chuckle." Wait, where is Emma?" I asked, noticing that the little munchkin had disappeared.

"She's probably in the movie room already." Shrugged Blake as she pulled out the packets of popcorn from the medium sized pantry.

"Well, I better go entertain her. Thanks you two." I waved, making my way out of the kitchen and down the hall. Upon entry into the movie room, I found my maid, Cleo helping Emma with the slushy machine.

"Hey Cleo." I greeted, making the girl jump in surprise with a squeak.

"Miss Williams," She shakily said with uneven breaths as her hand went to her chest," You scared me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." I apologetically smiled, just as Emma excitedly ran to me.

"Mommy, Miss Cleo helped me make a slushy. Do you want me to show you how?" She excitedly offered.

"Sure Honey." I smiled, before smiling at Cleo gratefully.

Cleo slightly bowed at me before leaving the room without a word.

"So what would you like to watch, my Angel?" I asked.

"Moana!" She excitedly chirped.

"As you wish my little princess." I smiled, tapping my finger onto her nose.

"Mommy!" She giggled, scrunching her nose.

"I have your popcorns, Miss Williams." Announced Blake as she walked into the room with three packets of popped popcorn.

"Yay!" Excitedly yelled Emma before she ran to Blake who handed her a packet.

"Thank you Miss Blake." She grinned before running to plop down on one of the couches in the small theatre, probably to munch on her popcorn," Mommy, can I open it?"

"Sure Sweetheart." I replied before turning to Blake and taking the other two packets off her hands," Blake, could you please prepare a picnic basket for Emma and I. I'll be taking her out after lunch."

"Of course, Miss." She smiled, before turning around and leaving the room.

"Okay, let's get the movie started, but first, let me prepare my slushy." I remembered.

I walked the couple of steps to the slushie machine and put the popcorn on the table beside it. I took the cups and made the slushies. I chose the Raspberry flavoured beverage and poured some into my plastic cup before putting it in a cupboard tray and tucking the popcorn packets in my arm so I could carry the slushies to the couch. I placed them in the chair cup holders before sitting down and opening the one packet, which was my favourite flavour, salt and vinegar. I popped one into my mouth, making a moan of delight escape my lips and only then did I turn to the movie that had already begun, Cleo must have put it on earlier.

We munched on our snacks and watched the entire movie, singing along to the appropriate scenes and in overall, having fun. Sometime during the movie, my Sweetheart plopped down onto my lap and we continued our bonding session over a few more Disney movies.

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