My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 11

Lenora's POV

I let out a yawn as I made my way to my bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth before stripping out off my short pajama shorts and their matching pajama shirt. I turned off the shower with a yawn before jumping in and taking a verry long shower to try and wake myself up.

A yawn still escaped my lips as I walked out of the shower and used one of my towels to towel dry myself. I quickly applied some lotion onto my body before wrapping a towel around myself and making my way to my walk in closet to pick out an outfit for today. Seeing as today's Saturday and I will not be going to work, I pulled out a pair of black leggings, my black Adidas sneakers, my white one sided off the shoulder top and some black underwear to go with it. I pulled everything on before running a comb through my hair and using a clip to keep it up.

Its been a week since I got London gifts. He's been ignoring me like the plague since then and as hurtful as it is, it was to be expected. I bluntly dismissed his feeling for me like a heartless person. Yes he still acts civil with me because of Emma but it's not the same. The atmosphere around us is always tense and difficult to be around. I regret everything I said to him that day even though I didn't mean anything. I like him and I think he's the most perfect guy in the world for me. I don't care about his wealth, I only care about his personality, his heart. His looks are just a bonus, but I've messed up so bad that I know he'll never forgive me. But what can I say, I'm just scared. My mind just keeps on saying that he'll hurt me at the end and that he will never genuinely care for me. The only thing he cares about is the money that I have...but I know that's not true. London is the sweetest man I've ever met. His heart is of gold and he unknowingly always wears it as his sleeves, but all that doesn't matter because I've lost him forever. My words inflicted a great deal of damage in him and I don't think he will ever heal from it.

With a sigh, I grabbed my laptop from it's bag and my phone before heading downstairs. It's only 06:45 but I want to get as much work done as possible before Emma wakes up.

"Good morning." I tiredly greeted as I took a seat on one of the barstools.

"Oh Dear, you look exhausted." Sympathised Sophia with a disapproving look," You should be resting. I know you worked until 3am this morning, you know."

I ran my hand over my eyes, trying to somewhat ease the stinging sensation in them.

"Yes, I had so much work to do plus I left the office early yesterday." I tiredly explained.

She let out a soft sigh before saying," I know, Honey. It's just that I worry about you, you know. I care about you so much, you're like a daughter to me and seeing you like this worries me, Lenora."

Her referring to me by my name told me how grave her concern was and that filled me with guilt.

"I know, Sophia and I'm sorry for worrying you so much. It's just that, work is unavoidable sometimes and even then, it piles up everyday and if I want to be able to spend time with Emma, I need to finish as much as I can." I softly said, looking up at three worried pairs of eyes." I'll be alright, ladies."

Blake let out deep sigh before offering," Should I make you some coffee?"

The thought of the bitter beverage, had a weak smile on my lips as I gave a nod. Caffeinated beverages have no certain purpose for me, they are just delicious for my taste buds including coffee. I simply enjoy the beverage but otherwise it has no effect on me.

I opened the screen and put in the pin before typing away on the keypads. With every letter, you could hear a clicking sound in the silent kitchen as the sound hit the walls.

I discreetly watched as Blake prepared my coffee even as I ferociously typed on the keypads of my white laptop. After a couple of minutes, a steaming cup of coffee topped with milk was placed next to my laptop, making me smile at Blake with gratitude before focusing completely on my work. I took a sip of coffee as I read over the document in front of me, nearly letting out a moan of delight at the always tasty beverage, but I managed to swallow it down, even as the ladies watched me intently with care.

"Good morning." Came a musculine, familiar voice from the kitchen entrance. A voice that never failed to make my heart race and my palms sweat.

"Good morning." I politely returned, sending him a soft smile before turning back to the work at hand.

Ding dong.

I looked up at Blake, Sophia and Penny questioningly, to which all three simultaneously shrugged in confusion.

"I'll go get it." Announced Blake before disappearing out of the kitchen.

The door opened a second later to a very familiar voice, a voice I had not heard in months.

"Blake! Hey there, I didn't think you'd still be working for my sister, but here you are." She giggled," Now, would you please be a Dear and put those in a guestroom for me."

"Of course, Miss Williams." Blake begrudgingly but politely said. If you didn't know Blake well, you'd think she was being normal, but we all know how much she dislikes my sister.

The sound of clicking heels made its way towards the kitchen making us wait for my dearest sister to appear.

"Nora!" She enthusiastically called as she spotted me upon entering the kitchen. She hugged me to her perfume clad chest, nearly making me cough at the sweet smell. It definitely was not cheap perfume, but that didn't make it less strenuous to my senses." I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." I managed to say before she let me go.

She opened her mouth to say something but instead lightly smirked at London who had just turned around from the fridge with a bottle of water.

"Hello there," She partially flirted, already making her way to London. An unwanted emotion pushed to rear it's head at the sight, but I ignored it and faced my laptop again before typing onto the keypads again." I'm Kylie Williams, Nora's younger sister."

"I'm London, nice to meet you." London answered.

"Likewise." Kylie said in that familiar tone of hers that I never liked, especially now.

Never have I felt insecure around Kylie until now. You see, my sister, Kylie is a model and so she has one of the most killer bodies. Not only is her skin more flawless than mine, but her hair is even longer. She got our parent's flowy hair and with great care and expensive treatments, she got it to be as rich as hair can be. Her clothes are always custom made and expensive, my sister really doesn't mind flaunting her wealth unlike me. She's taller than me as well, giving her those legs that men always seem to fall for. She's the perfect men magnet. Her tan skin is normally just like mine but it seems she recently got a deeper tan, because it now shone gold. My sister was the epitome of beauty and she was aware of that.

My sister has always liked entertaining men. She dates them for a couple of weeks, the most being a month before throwing them away like trash. She is merciless in the dating field because of her first crush/boyfriend who did the same thing to her. He acted like her loved her, even went as far as to tell her that he loved her but after a couple of weeks, he dumped her like trash. She has been inflicting the same amount of pain she felt from then to men since. I really feel for my sister, her and I have never been lucky in the dating compartment but I hope that she finds someone who'll love her wholly and will never leave her and vice versa.

"Hello, Earth to Lenora. You in there?" A perfectly manicured hand continuosly passed my eyes.

"Yeah, sorry I zoned out. What were you saying?" I asked still in a daze.

"Well, I was asking if you'd go to the salon and spa with me. These nails need to be redone. They are too old now, don't you think?" She asked, showing me a pair of perfectly manicured, new blood red nails.

"They look new to me." I honestly replied.

She snorted, before looking at her nails in disgust," it's been a week, they are long overdue." She said looking at me with disapproval, a frown etched onto her blood red lips, bringing out the colour of her tanned, porcelain skin." Come on, Sis. I just want us to spend time together." She whined.

My sister can get on my nerves but what can I do? She's my little sister and I love her to death.

I lightly sighed before saying," Fine. But, don't boss around my maids next time."

"You got it." She grinned.


"Ahhh, this is definitely what I needed." Kylie moaned from the pleasure of getting her feet massaged while her hands were being manicured.

"Yes, you're right." I agreed with a lazy smile.

"So, tell me about that gorgeous man you live with. Where'd you get him?" She smirked as someone brought her drink towards her lips so she could take a sip from the straw. I didn't know how to answer that question so I opted for silence instead." Okay, forget that question. Just know that if you don't take him, I will." She mischievously smirked at me.

Jealousy reared its ugly head again, but this time followed by irritation. I brushed the two feelings that I knew I didn't deserve to feel aside. I even pushed down the anger that threatened to build in me at the way she spoke about him as if he were an object instead of a person. For goodness sake, she even forgot his name already.

Regardless of all that, I nonchalantly answered with my smile still intact," Feel free to take him, him and I have no relationship whatsoever."

"Oh so you say, Sister." She knowingly smirked.

I snorted and kept quiet, deciding to enjoy the nice sensation on my feet rather than to entertain my sister.

A chuckle left her lips before she also kept quiet and enjoyed the massage instead.


"Whoo, I'm famished. When's dinner going to be ready?" Asked Kylie even though we just ate less than an hour ago.

"In 10 minutes." I replied with a raised eyebrow her way.

"What?" She asked.

"We just ate a couple of minutes ago." I stated.

"So what? I'm a growing girl, Sis." She shrugged," Now where are your maids, I need one of them to take my stuff up to my room." I gave her a disapproving look making her innocently smile before saying," On second thought, I'll handle it. See you at dinner." She rushed out before making her way up the stairs.

I made my way to the dining room where the food was already placed neatly on the table. The smell calling out to me like a siren.

"Mommy!" Called Emma excitedly from the table, before running up to me with a cheerful grin." Wow, Mommy, your hair looks so pretty." She said in awe of my new hairstyle.

"Thanks Baby." I cooed before guiding her back to the table where London sat, watching Emma and I with a small smile.

Seeing as there were only eight of us dining tonight, a chair didn't need to be fetched for Emma.

I never liked sitting at the head of the table, so I let Emma sit there instead because of how eager she was to sit there. Everyone situated themselves on the table before we all dished up except for my dear sister who asked Blake to help her instead. She knew how much Blake hated her snobby and high maintenance like behaviour which is why she always enjoyed bothering Blake rather than the others.

London sat on the opposite of me, with Kylie perched stubbornly onto his hip. All throughout dinner, I had to force myself to ignore their conversation as Kylie kept on flirting with London who seemed beyond uncomfortable. He actually looked like he would jump out of his seat and run for the hills if he were given the chance. Aside from that, dinner went as normal.

I now lay comfortably on my bed, not a bit of sleep coating my eyes. I was wide awake as my mind rampaged. As much as London felt awkward with Kylie now, he will soon succumb to her charms, I hope Kylie doesn't break him like I have already. With that last thought, I turned on my side, closed my eyes and dell into a restless sleep.

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