My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 12

London's POV

It's been a week since Lenora's sister has perched herself to my hip. The woman never gives me a break. She is always trying to flirt with me then I have to hold myself from cringing at her unsettling look.

Most men would most likely jump at her silent offer and advances but I'm certainly not one of them. Besides, I only have one woman on my mind and she doesn't want anything to do with me. Until I manage to move on from her, I'm okay as I am.

I groaned at the thought of waking up because I know I'll have to face that woman. She is really getting on my nerves, I find asking myself more times than none when her visit is due for its end, even though I'll be driven to insanity by then. All I know is, I need her gone not even want her gone, but need her gone. She is so self-centred, she's basically a narcissist. She never gives me a chance to say anything as she pours out stories of her travels to me and not to forget all the, expensive merchandise she owns at her condo. I hate to admit it but she's an irritation. I've never met someone who makes my heart fill with irritation just at her mere presence. I swear she's driving me crazy.

I dragged my body to the bathroom and took a long, well deserved shower. Anything to procrastinate me being near that woman again. I begrudgingly left the shower as my skin started turning into prunes. I used my bathing cloth to wipe myself dry before applying lotion onto my damp, hot skin. I then pulled on some khaki shorts, a black sleeveless hoodie shirt and some black Nike sneakers. I decided to ruffle my hair up with my hands to complete my look.

Pleased with my look, I grabbed my phone and jogged downstairs for breakfast.

"London!" Called a high pitch familiar voice, making my heart instantly drop to my stomach even as I feigned a smile.

"Good morning, Kylie." I politely greeted her as she reached me.

"No hug?" She pouted, nearly making me groan in annoyance, but me being me, I didn't have the courage.

Knock knock

Last week a knock from the door brought in Kylie, I hope we're not getting another one of her kind.

Cleo walked to the door, sending me a raised eyebrow before opening the door.


Michelle's POV

"Hello Cleo." I softly smiled.

"Mr and Mrs Williams, it's so good to see you again. Please come in." She welcomed with a polite smile as she moved away from the door.

"Thank you, Dear." I smiled, before walking into the house with Leo, my husband. My eyes nearly dropped at the sight of my daughter," Kylie!"

Kylie moved away from the man whom I assume is her latest conquest by her actions. "Mother! Father! What are you doing here?" She asked.

I scoffed at her words before replying," Visiting one of our daughters, what else?"

I spotted Lenora walking up to us, just to pause a couple of feet away from us. Her eyes however were not on her father and I but rather on the poor young man, my daughter has been courting. She moved her gaze from them as if they were fire that was burning her, but her look turned more solemn and somber before she turned to me and smiled warmly at us. She can fool anyone else, but not me.

Leo on the other hand seemed to be masking the irrigation he had for his youngest. You see, Kylie has a tendency to disappear off the radar. She never tells us when she leaves or when she comes back and as a parent, all you want for your child is happiness and safety. You just want her to call once in a while atleast and tell you that their safe, but Kylie tends to fail to do so. My husband absolutely adores his daughter, just as much as he's worried for her. It's not a great sight to see her jumping from man to man, one day she might jump onto a wrong man. A man who might end up hurting her, but she merely brushes him off.

From the corner of my eye, I spotted Lenora walking in our direction, making me turn to face her with a soft smile. This one has the softest heart but the strongest wall, I just hope she can let it down some. She's too young to dwell on the past and not open up her heart to someone else.

"Hey Mom, how was your trip?" She asked, pulling me into an embrace before letting me go with her all time, soft smile. She takes after me in that compartment.

"It was amazing, Sweetheart but tiring. It was about time we came back home." I brushed her off with my motherly smile that I had adapted thanks to her. A smile that I believe all motbers have.

She lightly giggled before walking to her Dad next to me and doing the same thing, but unlike with me, they instantly flowed into conversation.

I turned to Kylie who seemed to be attempting to kiss the poor man's cheek.

Putting on my motherly panties, I made my way to her.

"Kylie Williams! Move away from the poor man. Can't you see that you're making him uncomfortable? Leave him be, are you blinded by your desires enough to not see that your advances are useless, he's clearly not interested in you, Darling." I sternly stated, overly tired off her behaviour.

"Mother!" She called in anger and embarrassment.

"Hush, I don't want to hear it." I calmly but firmly stated, making her stomp her foot in anger before storming off.

I rolled my eyes at her antics before apologetically smiling at the poor boy my daughter had been harrassing," I'm sorry for my daughter's behaviour. I myself don't know what's gotten into her." I sighed in defeat.

"It's alright Ma'am, thank you for helping me." He softly smiled at me.

A smile laced my lips. Now I understand why both my daughters are interested in him. He's quite a handsome young man. Lenora, however I'm not sure about because looks come second to her when it comes to people, personality comes first. Kylie on the other hand has always been more about physical appearances. A man's physical appearance means everything to her rather than his personality.

"What's your name, Honey?" I curiously asked," I don't believe I've ever met you before."

"London, Mrs Williams and I only met Miss Lenora a couple of months ago." He softly said.

Lenora has to grab this man by both hands, I fear there are few others like him. He's a treasure, a very rare kind. I fear that if Lenora is too late, he'll be hurt by another because from what I can tell, the poor boy has already been hurt before. And hurts leave marks, marks that sometimes take a while to heal. I just hope that his injuries are not too deep to have broken him.

"Please, just Michelle will do, Dear. And that's my husband, Leonard." I pointed to my husband who was talking to Lenora in a flaming hot conversation. " So, how about you tell me about yourself over breakfast? I assume you haven't had breakfast yet?"

"Not yet Ma'am." He politely answered.

"Great. Come along young man." I called, heading towards the kitchen with him following behind me.


London's POV

I had breakfast in the kitchen with Michelle and I won't lie she was just as kind as Lenora. We spoke about Lenora and Kylie's youth and how she and her husband, Leo came to be.

In return, I told her about my upbringing as well. She reminded of my mother because of how easily conversation flowed between us. Her motherly smile reminding me of my mother's own soft one. I realised then how much I missed my own mother and she noticed, but I can't visit her after what I did.

Now, we were all sat down in the living room for lunch. Mrs Williams is all about family bonding. Everyone was in deep conversations with someone except Kylie who was angrily sat next to her father with her arms crossed to her chest, a frown marring her face.

Lenora sat next to her father, looking as beautiful as always in her simple outfit which consisted of a plain white sundress with spaghetti straps and her brown leather sandals. Her face without a trace of make up, just the way I prefer and like it. She had no earrings on as well, but her beauty still as breathtaking as ever.

The sound of a throat clearing from next to me, had me turning to Michelle who softly smiled at me with a knowing glint in her eyes.

"You alright, Dear? You seem to have been out of it." She said, her words ones of a mother who already knew something that you have yet to admit to.

"Yes, I was just caught in thought is all." I dismissively reassured with a reassuring smile," How are you enjoying lunch?"

She lightly giggled but answered nonetheless," Its delicious as always. Penelope never disappoints."

I nodded in agreement before turning back to my food and slowly nibbling at it. I could feel Michelle's watchful, curious eyes on me a couple of times throughout lunch but otherwise we all ate in silence.

I spent the rest of the day with Emma as usual until after dinner, when she went to bed. As usual, I kissed her forehead before telling her a story. Lenora always puts her to bed but she doesn't sleep until after I've wished her goodnight as well.

I made my way down to the kitchen to make myself some coffee, seeing as I was craving the beverage. My breath got caught in my throat at the sight I was greeted by. Lenora faced me with a surprised expression and a cup in her hand. She had on a mid thigh length, silky, purple, elbow length night gown. It had white lace at the seam at the arms.

"Hi." She softly smiled with that soft, angelic voice of hers.

I cleared my throat, moving my eyes to the cannisters on the granite countertops before saying," Hi."

"How's my mom? I hope she's not digging too deep into your life story. She's a very curious woman." She lightly chuckled, uncontrollably letting a small smile of admiration take over my features.

"No, she isn't. She's very nice and welcoming and actually reminds me of my mother." I softly admitted.

"Oh, why don't you go visit her?" She softly asked with a sympathetic smile." Well, I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight."

With that she left the kitchen, leaving me to my thoughts and confusion. Maybe she drank some wine, maybe that's why she was so nice to me? I mean, she's been civil and nice enough, but not enough to have a conversation with me, as short as it was.

She confuses me.

I ran my hand through my thick pitch black hair before doing what I came here to do. I took my cup and sat down on the chair, pulling my phone from my pocket and pressing onto one of the games I had downloaded for Emma.

I don't know how long I sat for because the next thing I knew, I'm feeling a light tap on my right shoulder blade.

My heart immediately jumped and raced in fear and surprise at the sudden touch before I whipped around to face the infiltrator. I immediately let out a sigh of relief at the sight of, Michelle's soft, motherly, face.

"Michelle? You scared me. I thought you'd gone to bed." I said.

"Well, I did. I just couldn't sleep so I decided to come downstairs and make myself some green tea. I hope Lenora still buys some." She said before making her way to the kettle and poured water into it," Tea? I would offer coffee but I doubt you'd enjoy a second cup of it."

"Tea would be fine thanks." I smiled in gratitude to which she returned with a soft smile.

She had on a similar gown to Lenora's from earlier, but hers reached her feet and was covered in beautiful flowers. It looked like a beautiful, rich meadow. She turned around and pulled out two cups, teaspoons and tea bags.

"What's got you so bothered that you aren't in bed?" She asked without turning around to face me.

"Nothing's bothering me, Michelle. I just couldn't sleep is all." I shrugged, the lie burning my throat like acid.

"Oh Darling, I'm a mother. I've heard that excuse so many times that I'm starting to regard it as a silent way of saying that something is actually wrong and unfortunately, the mother in me can't help but to worry, Dear." She softly said, turning around with the steaming hot cups of tea." Is it by any chance a woman?"

My heart immediately spiked up in anxiety and worry of the validity of that question.

"Yes." I found myself quietly admitting.

"May I know who this woman is? Or is it too private?" She asked, taking a sip of her tea as she sat next to me.

I contemplated on my next words for a couple of seconds but ended up deciding on telling the truth. I mean, what harm can it do?

"Lenora." I responded.

A look of surprise with a tinge of knowing took over her features before it turned into a neutral, controlled but soft one.

"Giving you a hard time, isn't she?" She asked.

"Yeah, but not exactly...I'm just not sure." I sighed in defeat.

A hand gently layed on my shoulder before she softly spoke," London Dear, Lenora went through something that lessened her trust toward people, precisely men. She is just scared and because of what had happened, she closed herself off and refuses to let anyone especially men in. London, she just needs someone who will be her shoulder to cry on, someone who will listen and be patient with her. London, I can see how you look at her and I won't say it's love, but it's something along that line. Sweetheart, she just needs someone who will let her pour out her heart to and I think that person is you. I really do, so if you really want her, go for it."

I felt bewildered beyond words at her words and I felt speechless. I didn't know what to say.

"I'll let you absorb everything I've said because I can see that your files are still sorting themselves out. If you need to talk about anything, my ears are always available." She chuckled, getting up withe her cup of tea in hand," Don't stay up too long. Goodnight Sweetheart."

With that, she left the room in the same manner Lenora had. I drowned my now cool cup of tea before standing up and washing it in the sink. I wiped it and put it back where it belonged before leaving the kitchen and heading up to my room. Tonight's conversations drained me and have left me with some questions and decisions. It left me with decisions I had to make.

I brushed my teeth and stripped off my clothes to my boxers. I threw them in the hamper before getting in under the covers and instantly drifted off into a restless but much needed sleep.
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