My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 14

Lenora's POV

His rhythmically beating heart sounded like a perfectly calm beating drum. It filled my being with a sense of serenity and calmness, making me sleepy considering how early I woke up. My fingers lazily knotted with his in a game as I relaxed into his comfortable, safe hold. The silence around us anything but uncomfortable.

I was about to close my eyes and succumb to sleep when a thought came to my mind," How crazy is it that we're already so cozy just after a couple of hours of opening up to each other." I giggled.

"Very. You're not uncomfortable are you?" He nervously asked.

"Quite the opposite actually." I smiled up at him.

"Good," He agreed, before lightly brushing my forehead with a featherlight kiss." So, tell me about Kylie and you. You two seem pretty close?"

"Yes we are." I sleepily replied as I tried to stiffle a very stubborn yawn.

He lightly chucked before saying," Sleep Darling. You've been trying to fight it for so long but you've already lost the battle."

"Yeah yeah," I dismissively smiled," But I don't want to leave you awake on your own. Who would keep you company?" I yawned before looking up at him with sleep clouded eyes.

He chuckled before he started humming a calm hymn. My sleepy eyes got even sleepier. I cuddled more into his warm body if possible, before completely succumbing to my best friend called sleep.


London's POV

She looked so gorgeous asleep as she does awake, but sleep triples her angelic, innocent look.

Someone barging in through the door had my adrenaline pumping through my veins as I jumped up from the bed. A small figure suddenly appeared from my side with a toothy grin of excitement marring it's cute face.

"London! Are you alright? Grandma says you and Mommy are not feeling well." She asked.

Oh, no wonder we had peace for so long, now I wonder how she knew we were both in my room. I would expect everyone to automatically think that Lenora is in her office working but the mere fact that both of us didn't go down for breakfast was a dead giveaway, I guess.

"Hey Baby Girl. Let me get out of bed then we can go outside, alright? We wouldn't want to wake Mommy." I softly said as I gently moved Lenora off my chest, each movement making me want to cry at the loss of our contact.

"Okay." She whispered.

I quickly slipped on my Nike sneakers which were placed next to Lenora's Nike ones. A smile made its way onto my lips at this recognition before I picked Emma up into my arms and quietly left the bedroom. After slowly closing the door, I turned to Emma," Emma, what do I always say?" I asked.

"Not to run into the room without knocking and getting your permission first," She guiltily answered, her head facing down onto the white tiled floors," I'm sorry. I was just worried about you because Nana told me you were sick. I just wanted to check up on you."

I couldn't stay angry at her even if I wanted to, so I let out a sigh before saying," Okay, but this is the first and last time." I firmly stated.

"Alright. But can I ask you something?" She softly asked, looking up at me.

I sighed but smiled," Sure."

"Are you and Mommy getting married? Are you going to be my daddy?" She excitedly asked, her words melting my Ameer melted heart.

As much as I wanted to answer her, I couldn't. My answer has no finality and I'm not sure when it will have finality. I don't know if Lenora will ever let Emma consider me her father in the future or not. I guess it's all up to her at the end of the day.

"Emma Hon!" Came Michelle's soft voice from behind us.

I immediately turned around in surprise to face her. She had that soft smile I had grown so used to knowing.

"Nana!" Emma excitedly called before asking me to go down and running to her Nana.

"Hey, Grandpa is waiting for you downstairs. He wants to play snakes and ladders!" Michelle enthusiastically said.

"Whoo, I wanna play!" Emma enthusiastically replied before running to me and asking me to come down to her height. I obeyed and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek." Bye! " She smiled," See you later, London!" She called behind her as she rushed to get downstairs.

"Be careful Emma!" I warned as she ran down the stairs. At my voice, she slowed down to a steady and safe pace.

"Hmm, if only you could see yourselves. You look like father and daughter." She adoringly smiled at me.

I smiled back but that statement carried a heavy weight on my shoulders because I know that as much as I love Emma, she's not my blood and so, people will always see me as her stepfather and her my stepdaughter rather than just my daughter and vice versa. I myself also have a hard time accepting that fact because I already love her so much even though her mother and I only just together recently. I loved Emma before us and I'll still love her if Lenora and I were to split, which I really hope we don't.

"Thanks." I sadly smiled.

"You know, a father is not made by blood but rather by his actions, just as a mother. You can be a father but be absent and basically just be the sperm donor but you can be a father with no blood relation toward the child whatsover yet your actions say otherwise. Actions speak louder than words just as they speak louder than blood. This is why water is thicker than blood sometimes." She softly smiled, a reassuring smile lacing her lips and words.

A smile took over my lips before I said," Thank you Michelle. For everything." I added.

"Anytime," She winked before heading downstairs," Please do come eat. Both of you." She added with a smirk.

I had no doubt my cheeks had turned a tomato red at that moment as I walked back into my bedroom.

There lay Lenora, still fast asleep as when I had left her. I found myself moving towards her and climbing onto the bed next to her. I layed my arm around her waist before letting sleep sweep me away, next to the woman that had managed to sweep me off my feet.


Lenora's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling a weight resting on my waist from behind. My legs felt tangled around someone else's as a warmth radiated from a warm surface behind my back.

Panic filled my being as I slowly turned around to see who it was that held me captive. A smile instantly laced my lips at the familiar, peaceful face behind me. I found myself slowly turning around to face the handsome being, just for the arm to tighten around me afterwards as a sigh left London's slightly parted lips. He looked so handsome it was breathtaking. Whether asleep or awake, he was the most handsome man I have ever met. His black hair swept over his face and over his eyes, causing an itch in my hand to push the strands back and running my hand through his hair.

I bit my bottom lip as I moved my hand to his hair that called to me as if it were a siren. I just want to feel the texture then I'll remove my hand.

The tips of my fingers brushed his hair before my hand was swallowed by his sea of hair. His hair was full, yet incredibly soft as I had thought. You could get addicted to playing with it in all honesty, speaking from personal experience.

A moan sounded into the room, making me yelp and jump back in shock as my heart beat perked up and raced from the adrenaline.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, Babes, but please do continue. One of the things you should know about me is that I enjoy having my hair played with." He lazily said without even opening his eyes.

A muscular hand wrapped around my wrist before directing it back into the bushy, soft curls.

A smile marred my lips as I continued running my hand through his hair, as peace flood the atmosphere. The silence was anything but deafening. It was peaceful and filled with calmness, it was comfortable. I wonder why I took so long because I could get used to this. I really have to thank my mom for the push because if she hadn't given it to me, I would have stayed comfortably in my fear and lost an amazing person.

"Penny for you thoughts, Darling?" London's soft voice, had me looking up at his eyes which were now opened

"Well, I'm just thinking about my mom and how grateful I am to her. If she hadn't not even pushed but shoved me to grab you before it was too late, I wouldn't have found out how much more of a good person you really are. If it weren't for her, I have no doubt I would still be wallowing in my fear and I would have lost the chance to be with you." I explained with gratitude and emotion in every single breath and every single word.

"Oh grab, hmm?" He teased, smiling at me with amused eyes. I whined before hiding my face in his chest, drowning myself in his addictive scent. He chuckled at my behaviour before I felt a pair of lips on my hairline," Don't worry, Babes. You've already grabbed me and I'm not going anywhere unless you really make me, which I promise you won't be easy. You already have my heart, I'm already yours and I hope that one day I can have yours."

My heart fluttered at his declaration as tears threatened to leak from my eyes in happiness. He has no idea how he already has my heart too.

"You already have mine too." I softly whispered, a genuine smile genuine happiness lacing my lips as I pressed a kiss onto his covered chest.

"Lenora Williams, I don't know what your response will be but I'm willing to take a chance to ask...will you be my girlfriend? I never thought that I would once again hand my heart over to someone but you made me realise that I could. You didn't even allow me to give it to you because you took it and won it over with just your beautiful smile. So would you please give me the honour of being able to call you my girlfriend? Please make me the happiest man in the world?" He asked, making the tears drop one by one until a river started flowing. A river of pure happiness and bliss.

I pulled away from his chest and looked up at him with a teary smile before pushing myself up and gently planting my lips onto his. He gently pushed his lips more firmly onto mine before moving them in the most sensual way I never knew was possible. Our kiss a bliss that took my breath away and had me wishing to never remove our lips from each other ever again, but we needed the oxygen so we slowly moved away and broke our kiss.

"Yes." I whispered with a permanent smile taking over my lips as I looked him from my eyelashes.

His jet black bangs stubbornly lay on his eyes as a similar euphoric smile lined his lips. A spark that I never knew was possible shone brightly in his eyes, making a sense of achievement and pride swell in my heart, making me purely and utterly joyful.

Knock knock!

"Time to wake up you two, time for lunch!" Called Sophia from outside the door, but you could hear the smile on her lips from in hear.

"Coming!" Yelled London with a smile of amusement.

"You better or I'll drag you both out, dressed or not." She threatened before her footsteps sounded as they made their way down the hallway.

London let out a chuckle of amusement before looking down at me and asking," You ready to go?"

"Aha." I smiled.

"Come to think of it, you haven't accepted my proposal yet." He pouted making me giggle at his cute antics.

I leaned over and pecked his lips before knotting my hands in his crown of hair and replying," Yes." I replied against his lips before sealing our lips for another quick peck. He smiled against my lips before breaking the kiss. Man he was an awesome kisser but sadly he learned to be because of his ex. Just that thought sent a sour taste in my mouth even though I also have an ex an ex who stole more than just my first kiss but something more important to me, so I'm equally just as guilty in the aspect. Okay, gone with bad thoughts in with good ones.

We got off the bed before he gently clasped my hand into his larger one and guided me out of his bedroom.

"Babes, when do you propose we tell Emma? Even though I think she's already onto us." He asked as we slowly descended the stairs.

"She's onto us?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, she barged into the room earlier on while you were asleep. The little angel asked if we were going to get married and if..." He paused, stopping walking altogether as he seemed to get lost in thought.

"Asked what?" I softly prodded, hooking my arm around his one in an encouraging manner.

"She asked if I was going to be her dad." He whispered, nervously looking down at the tiled stairs.

"You know, you're the closest person Emma has to a father figure. In all honesty you are her father figure and I would be honoured to have you as Emma's father. I just don't want to put the weight of being a father on your shoulders, I don't want to burden you with it. I also fear you slipping away if you and I don't work out. I know for a fact that you're already her father in her eyes and I don't want her to ever lose you. I want her to have you as her father permanently and I'm not sure you want that or are re-" I stopped as soft lips cut off my words.

He pulled away before looking at me with serious, stern eyes," I plan to remain in Emma's life forever and hopefully yours too. Being considered Emma's father would be a dream come true to me and I wouldn't have it any other way."

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist before laying my head on his chest. His strong beating heart reassuring me of his words just as his soft, honest eyes. All those features of his not only making trust his words but him as a person too, and dare I say, making me fall for him even more. I just hope that he's ready to catch me at the end instead of letting me splatter onto the floor.
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