My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 15

Lenora's POV

I mindlessly ran my fingers through London's full curls as we watched The Princess and the Frog on the big, cinema screen. I had London's head on my lap while he had a drowsing Emma on his chest.

"You know, I think I should be the one on your lap, actually not the other way around." I giggled in amusement.

"Yes, but isn't it better this way, Babes?" He asked, blowing his curls from his eyes.

"I suppose," I shrugged," And I'm finding myself liking my pet name." I informed.

"Now I wish I had my own." He pouted up at me.

I chuckled at his antics before leaning down and pecking his lips, instantly making the pout disappear and a smile to replace it.

"You know, last I recall you saying that you didn't like people touching your hair aside Emma. I wonder what changed your mind." I teased.

"Baby, you have always been included in my exceptions." He chuckled," I thought you already knew that."

"I didn't." I further teased.

"Well now you do," He softly said, taking the hand I had on his shoulder and planting a barely noticeable kiss onto it.

"I do," I agreed before my eyes wondered to my sleeping daughter," I think it's bedtime for Emma and I." I stated.

"Will you be joining me?" He asked with joking but genuine eyes.

"No, I will not." I giggled.

"Awe, and I was looking forward to having a cuddle mate." He pouted, jutting his lip out and managing to achieve one of the most innocent looking puppy dog eyes.

"London, I have a four year old who's made that look a norm to me." I smiled in amusement with a raised eyebrow.

"Right." He sighed with a look of defeat," I guess I'll be sleeping on a cold and lonely bed tonight. My lovely girlfriend will not be joining me again."

"I'm sorry, my Beau." I giggled.

"Your Beau? I like it." He winked up at me, making me look at the credits that had begun to roll down on the screen.

"I'm glad." I shyly answered.

"Now how about we put our little girl to bed?" He asked, looking down at Emma with love and protectiveness.

The way he looks at Emma always makes my heart melt in joy and peace. His gazes towards Emma always show how much he cares for her and that fills me with joy and dare I say increases my respect for him. The way he said 'our' little girl shows his clear acceptance of Emma and that's the only thing I'd ever wish for as a mother.

"Yes, we should. Do you need my help with getting up?" I asked.

He effortlessly sat up before turning to me with a smile before stealing a quick peck from my lips," Nope, I got it all under control, Baby." He whispered against my lips before giving my lips one more peck and getting up.

I followed suit before following after him until we left the room. He hooked his arm around my waist before gently nudging me to his side. I laid my head lazily against his arm until we got to Emma's room.

I quickly helped Emma brush her teeth before changing her into a nightdress. London put her to bed before we stood next to each other and pressed kisses on her forehead.

"Goodnight, my Heart." I softly cooed.

"Goodnight Baby Girl." London smiled down at her before we laced our fingers together with my head laid on his arm.

"Goodnight Mommy...Daddy." Her sleepy voice droned, instantly stopping London and I's walking.

"Did she just?" Asked London in disbelief and happiness," Did she just call me, Daddy?" He tearfully asked, a tearful smile of genuine happiness lacing his every word, sparkling in his eyes and marring his face.

"Yes she did." I smiled, feeling elated and just ecstatic for London.

She might not remember saying it in the morning, but sleep talks the truth so her calling him Daddy shows how much she already considers him her dad. I can't be happier.

I placed my unoccupied hand on his chest, feeling his strong heart beat in my palm as it raced in surprise and uncontrollable emotion.

I pushed myself up onto my top toes before taking his face into my palms and grazing my lips over his in a gentle kiss. His strong, muscular arms wrapped themselves around my waist, holding me in place and helping me take my weight off my toes.

I broke our kiss and used my thumb pads to wipe away some of the stray tears that had left his eyes with a soft smile on my face.

He burried his face in my neck, making me raise my hands and wrap them around his neck before I dug my hand into his hair and softly twirled his curls between my fingers before raking my hand gently through his curls.

Wetness suddenly soaked into on my neck as his tears left his eyes. I didn't mutter a word, just letting him live in the moment.

A couple minutes later he looked me in the eye with teary, emerald green eyes and a smile that brightened the heavens and put the sun to shame. His happiness radiating in waves, spreading to my heart and filling me with peace and happiness.

This is one of the things I admire about London, he never fears showing emotion. Whether it's uncontrollable happiness, whether it's sadness, you'll see.

He placed me back down onto the floor before saying," Thanks Babes."

"What for?" I tilted my head in confusion.

"That doesn't matter." He smiled before sweeping in for a quick peck.

He turned around and went back to Emma's bed, bending down and kissing her cheek before whispering something in her ear, the smile never leaving her lips. A few seconds later, he was stood by my side, interlocking our fingers before lifting our intertwined hands up to his lips, planting a featherlight kiss onto my hand.

He quiet guided me out of the room before closing the door behind us. We turned and walked the few steps to my room across the hall before standing outside of my door.

"I guess this is where I leave you for tonight?" He asked.

"Yep, I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled, slowing removing my hand from his, until he tightened the hold on my fingertips.

"May I get a kiss atleast?" He shyly asked, making me giggle at his actions. He wants something yet he's shy when he asks for it, how ironic.

I smiled at him with a nod, before pushing myself up with my tiptoes, just to have him meet me halfway. Before I knew it, our warm breathes were mingling as our eyes locked. Our lips only a mere breath away. I lightly smiled, causing them to lightly brush against each other for a second. With a barely contained growl, he claimed by lips with his own. I couldn't help but to smile into the kiss as I wrapped my arms lazily around his neck, loosely hanging them there. Suddenly, he hoisted me up into him arms, making me instinctively wrap my legs around his hips as his one cradled my bum for support. His arm on my waist left my waist for a second so he could pull down my door handle to open my door. Our lips finally disconnected and I was looking right into emerald, shining, bright orbs that made me smile. He claimed my lips for a peck before I was laid down on a soft surface, as he hovered above me, his arms blocking my exit.

"Goodnight my Cadillac, gorgeous girlfriend." He whispered against my lips.

"Cadillac, are you comparing me to an automobile, my Beau?" I asked.

"Not at all, Baby. You know, cadillac has two meanings, right? The first being an automobile, the other being something that is of highest quality of its kind and you my Baby, are the best woman I've ever met, one of the best mothers I've met and in general one of the best woman I've met. Even though the second meaning is only informal, it's still counts." He lightly chuckled before stealing one more quick kiss from my lips before straightening up and turning to the door. He walked the couple of steps to the door and pulled the handle down before leaving the room, and closing the door so only ajar was open.

"Goodnight, Baby." He softly called before closing the door completely, leaving me with a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I slowly let it out before looking up at my light grey ceiling, trying to hold in a squeal of excitement. I jumped off the bed and basically bounced towards the bathroom in happiness. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth before walking back to the bathroom and putting on my silky, dusty pink, spaghetti strapped nightdress before jumping in under the covers.

Tonight my thoughts were filled with a certain man, lulling me to a peaceful, wonderful sleep.


London's POV

I looked up at the ceiling, my mind wondering with the events of today. A certain woman stubbornly kept plaguing my mind making me feel excitement just at her mere image in my mind. The mere thought of her filled me with so much joy that it freely flowed from my mind.

I knew for a fact that I was falling for her at a dangerously, rapid speed and I just hope I don't get hurt. I hope she is ready and is willing to catch me because at this rate, I have no doubt I need her to.

I closed my eyes and forced sleep to take over, just for it to be filled with dreams of a certain, cadillac woman. My cadillac billionaire. My one of a kind girlfriend.


Lenora's POV

I sat in a familiar room, a monopoly board placed on our small coffee table. Rachel sitting next to Samuel, whereas Zach was in the kitchen fetching our drinks.

Zach suddenly appeared from no where and had me pressed against the opposite wall.

"What's up, Love? Thought a measly restraining order would keep me away? Well guess who's back!" He smirked a dark and craze filled smile.

My heartbeat spiked as I tried to move back, memories of how he had raped me filling my head.

"No no no." I repeated, grabbing my head in my hands as the room begun to spin, his voice and evil, crazed smile filling my mind.

His hands suddenly appeared out of the darkness to pull me back.

"Noooo!" I yelled, before shooting up in the dark room.

My heart beat thumped so hard, I thought it would jump out of my chest. Hot tears of fear running down my chest as the vividness of my dream scared me.

I looked around the dark room in panic as my eyes started adjusting to the darkness of the room, filling me with a bit of calm at the familiarity of the room.

I cradled my legs and laid my head onto my lap as I tried to calm my ragged breaths. It's been a years since I last had this dream but it had to be expected. I've been burying these memories since and now that I've let them come back to the surface. I started regaining my complete memories of that night gradually as the months went by but I've managed to keep all the memories of that night deep in my head. I just hope that I can manage to push them back again, no matter how easy its starting to be to face them. I despise those memories and I just want them gone.

Warm wetness started dampening my lap as I silently cried at the memories and the regret.

I just wanted to be in London's arms so he can hold me and comfort me. I want to feel that overwhelming sense of safety that I always feel when I'm in his arms. I don't care how childish I may sound.

I found the courage in me to get off the bed and stand on wobbly legs. There's not much to contemplate, I just need London right now.

I slowing made my way to my door with my arms in front of me. I slowly pulled the door handle down, making a barely audible click sound in the silent room. A quiet squeak sounded as opened the door.

Using my palm, I wiped away my tears before walking into the passage way and closed the door behind me. The eerie silence of the passage made shivers run down my spine as the feeling of being watched filled me as the after effects of the nightmare. I hurried down the passage to where I'd expect London's room to be. I opened the door and pushed myself in without warning before hastily closing the door behind me.

I hastily made my way to where I thought the bed would be and thanks to the little moonlight seeping into the room from the window, I made it to the bed with little hustle. I reached the bed just to nearly trip on something I assume to be shoes.

Quiet snoring sounded from the bed and signifying that I had reached the bed. I stretched my arms until my hands landed on a person's naked arm. I didn't even have the time to process that what I was touching was skin as I lightly shook the muscular arm that assured me that this indeed was a man, also known an London.

A whine left his mouth before he shot up from the bed in fear making me hastily remove my hand.

He turned to me before saying in a hoarse, sleepy voice," Lenora?"

"Yeah, it's me." I softly replied.

"What time is it? Shouldn't you be in bed? Don't tell me you've been overworking again?" He sternly, but sleepily asked.

"No no. I just had a nightmare and I thought..." I paused not knowing how to finish my sentence.

" You are always welcome here, Baby. Anytime you want". He coaxed, before arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me into a lap," Do you want to talk about it?"

I shook my head, hoping that he would see my small head action," Can we talk about it in the morning? And I'm sorry for waking you up."

"Baby, I'm here for you so please never hesitate to wake me up if you need me. In fact, I am happy that you came to me. It shows your growing trust in me." He softly assured.

A yawn sudden slipped past my lips.

"I'm sorry." I apologised, laying my head on his chest, just to be met with warm flesh. I immediately moved away in the embarrassment," You sleep naked chested?"

"Yeah, I can quickly pull on a shirt if you want?" He offered.

"No, it's okay. Besides, I'm enjoying your warmth. I better go get some pants, nightdresses have a tendency of rising up during the night." I embarrassingly admitted.

He lightly chuckled before I felt myself being placed on a cool surface." Don't worry your cute little self about that. Sleep Baby." He cooed.

"Not unless you cuddle with me." I softly said.

"Okay, Baby. Let's cuddle." He yawned, before crawling back down and wrapping his strong, naked arms around my waist.

I moved my head up so that it laid on his naked chest, so I could listen to his chest. His warmth seeped into me feeling me with sleepiness as I listened to his strong beating heart as it lulled me to sleep.

London started humming, making the sound vibrate through his chest. Alongside his heart, it sounded like the perfect lullaby to me.

"Goodnight London and thank you." I sleepily said.

"Anything for you Baby. Get some rest." He softly said.

A yawn escaped my lips as I put a hand next to my head on his chest.

I closed my eyes and listened to London's heartbeat and humming and before I knew it, I was out cold.

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