My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 16

Lenora's POV

It's been a week since I had that nightmare about my ex, but I've been living at peace since.

The next morning when I woke up, I was so embarrassed but London being the sweet man he is kept on reassuring me that it was okay. I however, haven't slept in his room since.

Today is the day that my parents leave. Of course me being the daughter I am I'm a bit sad but oh well. Kylie left yesterday morning saying something about a photoshoot somewhere later on. She didn't even bother flirting with London during the past couple of weeks including yesterday, she just threw him a wink before leaving. Poor London seemed to shudder at the small action but him being the kind gentleman that he is, gave her a hug goodbye before basically hiding behind me.


London's POV

I walked into the kitchen to Michelle who had a cup of tea in his hand.

"Oh hello there, Darling. Do you need anything before I leave?" She smiled with that familiar motherly smile that all mothers had.

"Actually, I kinda do." I admitted.

"Is it my daughter again?" She asked with concern.

"No no, Lenora and I are fine. Better than fine actually. It's about my mother." I sighed, taking a seat next to him.

"Your mother? I'm sorry, Darling, but I don't see how I can help you in that aspect." She curiously admitted before taking a sip of her tea.

"The thing is, I want to go visit her but I'm not sure on how she'll act. It's been five years since she last saw me and even then, I had not left on the best of notes." I guiltily explained.

"Oh Dear, us mothers are strange beings. We forgive our kids so easily and I have no doubt she already has forgiven you for whatever you did." She smiled.

"Are you sure? Because I don't think she could have easily forgiven me for this one." I shyly admitted.

"London, Darling, may I ask what exactly you've done?" She asked the dreaded question that I hoped she wouldn't ask.

"I got married to a woman my mother didn't approve of and man was she right about her. We got a divorce a couple of months back but she had taken everything away from me by then." I said.

"Oh London," Michelle said with sad eyes, eyes that held close to no pity but a lot of sadness," I'm sorry Darling. But still, even for that. I have no doubt she has already forgiven you. No mother wants to lose their child especially over something that can easily be solved through forgiveness." She softly spoke, taking my hand into hers." Go visit her London. I have no doubt she'll be happy to see you, Sweetheart." She encouraged.

For some reason, I completely trusted Michelle's advise and just her as a person. She had that motherly aura that encourages you to spill your heart out and trust that she'll catch you. She's a true motherly figure.

"Thanks, Michelle." I smiled with complete gratitude.

"Anytime, Sweetheart. I hope it all goes well with your mother and if you need to talk, I'm here. I am your future mother in law after all. Start calling me mother, young man!" She teased, making a smile take over my features." Well, I better go."

"Have a safe trip and thanks for all the advise you've given me." I smiled.

"Oh, hush Sweetie. It's a pleasure." She said, pulling me into a hug." Take care of yourself, young man then my granddaughter and daughter."

"I will." I assured, pulling away from her hold.

She patted my shoulder before washing her cup and leaving it to drip dry.

Feminine arms suddenly wrapped themselves around my waist as a head laid on my back. A smile immediately lit up my face as I already knew who it was.

"Hey, my Beau." She whispered, placing a kiss on my back, making shivers run down my spine.

"Hey Baby." I greeted back, placing my hands on her smaller ones." You know, I'm thinking of going to visit my mother as soon as the schools close for Emma."

"Oh, that's nice. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you." She smiled against my back.

I smiled and turned around, making her hold on me loosen before she let her arms fall to her side.

"I would like you and Emma to come with me." I admitted, wrapping my arms around her waist.

She looked taken aback as her eyes turned into round marbles or surprise.

"Are you sure?" She asked, gently grabbing my arms with her smaller hands. They didn't every wrap around my biceps because of how small they are and how big my biceps had grown from exercising.

"Positive. I want her to meet the woman I would like to marry one day. The woman who saved me when I had nothing and gave me all I could ever ask for." I softly whispered.

"London," She tearfully smile," You gave me and are still giving me everything I'd ever ask for."

"And I will continue to do so, Baby." I assured, leaning down to press a kiss onto her addictive pair of lips.

She leaned over to meet me half way, until we were only a breath away. I leaned over to close the remaining space, just to be met with mid air.

My eyes instantly opened in curiousity just to find her standing straight up, completely on her feet. She had a look of mischief and innocence marrying her face along with a smirk.

"What were you trying to do, my Beau?" She innocently asked with curiousity.

"Just trying to give my GIRLFRIEND some love, unfortunately for me, she rejected it." I sighed, picking her up making her giggle." Unfortunately for her, I don't give up that easily." I smirked, quickly ceasing the moment and planting my lips onto her luscious pair. She smiled against my lips with a giggle before laying her hands on my neck and cupping my face with her thumbs.

"And that's what she likes." She whispered against my lips, before pressing her lips back onto mine in a passionate, yet sensual kiss. A kiss that represented our feelings yet was so calm.

We broke apart for air before resting our foreheads against one another.

I put her down before placing a kiss on her forehead and huskily saying," I better go say goodbye to your father before he leaves."

"You better, but I promise you he's not at all like my sister." She winked with a chuckle before leaving the kitchen.

Just that thought of Kylie made me cringe and made my body shiver. Why did she have to remind me of her departure.


I opened my eyes and stared at my ceiling with an uncontrollable smile. It's been a month and a couple of days since Lenora's parents left and the schools closed last week for Emma, meaning that our trip to my hometown starts today. Lenora, Emma and I will be going to visit my mother today. I didn't alert her or my sister because I want our visit to be a surprise.

I'm just ecstatic because my mother will finally get to meet two people that matter the most to me.

Lenora and I's relationship has been growing and has just been a nice journey so far. I really hope it remains swift and calm excluding the small arguments all couples have.

I jumped out of my bed and quickly made it in a flash due to the excitement coursing through my veins. I headed to my bathroom and took a quick shower, not wanting to waste a single minute.

I pulled on my navy blue shorts and black V-neck T-shirt with my black Levis. I ran my hands through my jet black hair, deciding to leave it looking rugged to complete my look.

My luggage was prepared the night before, so that's one thing down. All I need to do now is to have breakfast with everyone before we leave. Lenora convinced me on using their Private Jet, claiming that they rarely used it and she would like to use it.

I jogged down the stairs and to the kitchen with a bounce in my step.

I was about to walk into the kitchen when I caught the snippet of Emma's words. I instantly stilled my movements and shamefully eavesdropped into the conversation.

"Mommy, I want a daddy. Everyone at school has one but me." She cried as Lenora softly cooed at her.

"I'm sorry Baby, I'm really sorry. If Mommy could get you a daddy, she would. She'd get you the best daddy." Lenora softly said, but you could hear that she herself was holding back tears.

"What about London, Mommy? Can't he be my daddy?" She asked, making my heart skip a beat at being mentioned. As much as it skipped a beat, it melted.

Emma has not called me Daddy since that day as she was falling asleep.

"Oh Baby, I wish but it's not my choice. It's London's." Lenora softly explained.

For some reason, I felt like that was my queue to enter even if it would show that I was listening in on their private conversation.

"I would be happy to be my Baby Girl's father." I softly said, letting my presence be known.

Both mother and daughter turned to with disbelief shining in their twin hazel orbs.

"Are you sure you're ready? Are you sure you want to take on the responsibilities that come with that title?" Asked Lenora with a teary smile.

I softly smiled at her, making my way to the duo.

I gently cupped Lenora's cheek before brushing my thumb against it and saying," I have been for a while, Baby." With that I bent down so I was at Emma's height so my eyes were in line with her honey glazed ones.

"Mommy, is London going to be my daddy?" Asked Emma with red eyes that made my heart shatter.

Lenora turned to me, urging me to be the one to confirm.

"Yes Baby Girl. I will." I confirmed, smiling at Emma.

Her lips started to tremble before she jumped into me from her mother's hold. Thanks to my quick reflexes, I managed to catch her with ease.

"I'm happy that you're my daddy, London." She quietly murmured from my shoulder as she tightened her hold around my neck as if she feared me disappearing.

"And I'm happy to have the sweetest little girl as my daughter." I softly coaxed, running my hand down her jet black hair that resembled my own.

I could see Lenora wipe away her tears with a soft smile as she looked at Emma and I.

I stretched my hand to Lenora in a silent invitation. She shook her head in refusal.

I stood up and stretched my hand out to her again, but this time she giggled but accepted my offer by taking my hand. I helped her up before wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her to my side. I placed a kiss on her temple in a silent form of affection as she laid her head on my chest, placing her hand next to her head. I've noticed how much she enjoys listening to my heart beat which filled me with happiness and strangely, with a sense of pride.

"Oh, what an adorable sight to behold at such an early time." Penny's swooned from behind us, making us turn to her with amusement.

"I have no doubt." Giggled Lenora in amusement before removing herself from chest.

"You have no idea, Miss." Penny further swooned.

"Let me go prepare my work things, then I'll be back for breakfast," She told me, looking up at me with her head tilted upwards thanks to my tall stature.

"Please make sure she doesn't overwork herself. We don't want a repeat of last time, now do we Miss Williams?" Penny asked with a raised eyebrow to further intimidate Lenora.

"I won't, Penny. I promise." She reassured, turning to Penny with a sincere smile." I promise." She turned to me.

"I trust you, Baby." I assured.


Lenora's POV

I walked to my bedroom and grabbed my laptop bag and carried it to the living room where Emma and I's luggage was packed.

I returned to the kitchen and enjoyed breakfast with everyone before we headed out to our awaiting car. The three of us jumped in and we were on our way to the airport where our jet waited for us.
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