My Cadillac Billionaire

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~Two Years Later~

Lenora's POV

My eyes slowly fluttered open to be greeted by the brightly lit, familiar, warm room.

"Good morning, Mrs Carson." London's hoarse voice sounded, making me look up at him. He wore a permanent smile of contentment as every other day.

"Good morning, Mr Carson." I smiled, closing my eyes with a sigh.

It's been two years since our little incident at the charity gala. We've had no interactions with London's ex since, but rumour has it that she and Richard divorced.

Our lives have been serene since. We got married six months after and I have not regretted saying yes at the alter even once. London treats me like a queen every single day, from dusk untill dawn and never fails to treat Emma like his little princess from morning until night. He basically spoils the girl against my better judgement.

"And good morning there, my little prince." He cooed, his hand resting on my huge, bulging stomach. You got it folks, I'm pregnant with our first boy and I'm due in three weeks.

A slight kick in response hit my stomach as our son responded to his daddy's voice. He always seems to do this when London talks to him.

"London, why does it seem like both kids will be Daddy's little girl and boy." I smiled in amusement.

"Well, I don't blame them." He shrugged with a lazy smile," Daddy is more fun." He cooed at our unborn son.

For some unknown reason, sadness filled me at his words and I found myself sniffling as tears freely slid down my cheeks.

"Baby, Awe my Love. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." He guiltily apologised," How about I go make us some breakfast and I'll even melt some chocolate for strawberries for you."

I sniffled with a smile, and tearfully giggled," Okay. I'm sorry I'm so emotional. I'm an emotional rollercoaster, aren't I?"

"No Baby, besides, I don't mind waiting you head and foot. You are the love of my life and my beautiful wife after all." He reassured, planting a kiss on my forehead." Let me go."

He threw his legs over the edge and pushed himself up from the bed. He immediately stretched his arms, giving me the view of his flexible back muscles. My Love was still as toned and muscular as he was two years ago, his personality still as sweet as sugar.

"A kiss, please?" I asked, surprising him and making him pause amidst his stretching to turn to me.

"Are you sure? You have never been a fan of morning breath, especially now. It's always a wonder how you can stand it." He said, making me pout at him.

"Are you going to kiss your pregnant wife or not?" I cheekily asked, puffing my cheeks I'm frustration.

"Of course Babe." He lightly chuckled before leaning in and caressing his lips against mine. Feeling impatient, I leaned in for an actual kiss and connected our lips together. My hand automatically went to his hair, something of his that I'm still absorbed by. My other hand lazily laid on his naked chest, against his calmly beating heart.

We slowly pulled apart with goofy smiles on our faces.

"I love you." He softly said, planting a kiss on my temple.

"And I love you." I returned the devotion without a hint of hesitation but a whole lot of love dripping from my words.

He pulled away, making my hands slide off as he towered over me. He took a quick trip to our closet where he pulled out a pair of jeans shorts and a white, muscle tee. He winked at me before his underwear clad body disappeared into the bathroom.

I sighed, before nestling comfortably in my pillows and somehow managing to fall asleep to the sound of the running water from the bathroom.


I walked into the kitchen with a quiet yawn, just to have small hands envelope my stomach.

"Mommy!" Emma excitedly chirped," Is my brother okay?"

I lightly chucked before running my hand down her long locks and nodding," Yes he's okay, Baby, but you have to be careful around Mommy now. We wouldn't want me to fall, my Love."

"Okay. I will." She enthusiastically smiled up at me before slipping back to her chair.

"I'm sorry I woke you up, Baby." My husband instantly apologized once he he gained my attention from where he stood behind the counter. I sent him a slight glare before smiling up at him with a shrug.

"It's okay. As long as I get an apology breakfast." I smirked with an evil glint in my eye, making him visibly gulp before vigorously nodded.

"Mommy, why are you scaring Daddy?" Emma asked in confusion.

"I'm not, am I my Beau?" I asked, daring him to answer otherwise.

"Right. Daddy's just nervous for the barbecue is all." He covered up with a smile.

"Whoo, Nana and Auntie Rain are coming too, right Daddy?" She asked with hope shining like a star in her hazel orbs.

"Well, we're already here, Honey." Came Helena's sweet, motherly voice.

"Nana!" Emma cheerfully called, before getting off her chair and running to London's mother's awaiting arms.

"I've missed you my little, Buttercup." Helena cooed.

"What about me? Won't I be getting a hug too?" Rain pouted.

Emma giggled, definitely enjoying the attention before going into her aunt's awaiting arms.

London and I let them in last night after they arrived, so I've already got my shares of hugs from the two, however my little princess was fast asleep by then.

"Lenora, Honey how's the baby treating you? I hope he's not like he's father who always managed to keep me awake at night." She chuckled at the memory, before turning to London.

"Mom." London whined.

"Oh hush London. It's not like you were even there to remember anything I'm saying, besides you weren't the one being sleep deprived." She scoffed before turning to me and telling me all about her pregnancy with London.

London finished making breakfast a couple of minutes later as Rain and Emma chatted nonstop about who knows what. It always amazes me how they have such long conversations yet the age gap between them is very noticeable. I guess it's the Aunt and Niece relationship maybe.

We all dished up before enjoying our breakfast in happy chatter.

Knock knock

Penny moved from where she sat and left the room to open the door. The doorway was instantly filled with cheerful chatter before my parents, Kylie and her boyfriend of almost two years now, Patrick entered the kitchen.

Yeah, my darling sister finally met her match. She met Patrick, a former model and now photographer at a photoshoot. According to her, she was only meant to be her boyfriend for a week but after seeing how much they connected, how much of a chemistry they shared, she decided to go on a date with him after he vigorously bugged her for one.

She found out that they were so similar in many ways and since then, she's been living a content life with him. We meet him a year ago at one of our yearly barbecues and seeing as he was such a nice guy, the family welcomed him with open arms and he's been attending since.

"Sissy!" Kylie excited called before running to me and pulling me into a hug." I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." I chuckled returning her bear hug.

"Hi Lenora." Greeted Patrick from behind Kylie before his eyes turned to my sister and a smile of admiration and complete adoration brightened his face.

"My little Angel!" My mom's excited voice called from somewhere before Emma's giggles filled the kitchen.

I was engulfed into many hugs before London, my dad and Patrick went outside to set the grill. Seeing as Penny, London and I had marinated the meat last night, the rest of us just relaxed in the kitchen for a while and just caught up. The ladies gushed about my stomach and my attire before curiously placing their palms on my stomach to feel their soon to be newest family arrival's movements.

After about an hour, we all moved outside to the already set gazebo.

I listened tentatively to the conversations and chipped in where I could without the smile slipping from my face. My family's presence filling me with unconditional happiness.

A presence appeared behind me before a kiss was placed on my neck with an emotion filled," I love you." London's familar scent engulfed me, filling me with a sense of contentment and peace.

"I love you too." I returned, with just the same amount of emotion as my hand instinctively went to my stomach before a smaller one was placed on my stomach next to my one.

I looked down at my beautiful daughter as she giggled and cooed at her unborn brother in my stomach.

I would never change my family for anything, even though the start of it was not sweet but bumpy roads lead to beautiful destinations.

And thanks to my treasure of a husband whom I found where X marked the spot on a certain bench at a park, I conquered my fear and now have an amazing family that is growing with the years.
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