My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 6

Lenora's POV

A moan of pain, had me getting off the hard surface called my table. A splitting headache had me closing my eyes and placing my hands on my forehead.

I grabbed my phone and forced my eyes open open to check the time. 04:14, I could work with that. A nap wouldn't hurt, right? Then I'll be right back, I'm almost done either way, yeah. With that thought in mind, I pushed my chair back, making a quiet sound echo in the silent room as the chair brushed the carpet floors.

I got up and stretched my sore muscles even as my eyes threatened to close on me. My headache feeling like a hammer was being bashed against my head.

I walked to the closed doors and pulled them open into the dark hallway. My bedroom was too far from here and I need to lay down stat. I placed my one hand on the wall, using it to guide me down the hall and to the living room. Luckily for me, none of Emma's toys were laying around so I got there with no problem.

I instantly made my way to the couch. I pulled off my shoes and dragged my tired body onto the soft, comfy couch. At immediate contact, my body relaxed in relief. I layed my head on the nearest cushion and before I knew it, I was out like a candle light.


Quiet murmuring had me opening my tired eyes, just to close them at the bright light again. I forcefully pried them open to Sophia's concerned features.

"Miss Williams. What happened? Why did you sleep here?" She asked, making a splitting headache hit. A cringe of pain left my mouth as my eyes closed once again.

A cool hand suddenly caressed my forehead before it moved away.

"She's burning hot. She's got a fever." Came Blake's worried voice.

"No no," I said in my hoarse, morning, tired voice," Don't worry about me." I assured," Actually, what's the time?" I asked.

All four of them looked at each other before Blake said," 6:30."

My heart nearly stopped as I jumped up, making the headache strike even harder, making me moan again at the pain. I immediately layed back down as I tried to clear the uncomfortable, scratchy feeling in my throat." I have work I need to take care of." I tiredly said, even as my eyes threatened to close once more and lock me in sleep.

"Oh no you don't, Missy. Miss Williams, you have a fever. The last thing you should be worried about is work. You need to rest. How will Emma feel at seeing her mother so sick and weak, hmm?" Sophia chastised in a stern tone.

"Go-" A male's voice began from the doorway, before pausing and asking instead," What's wrong?"

"Miss Williams is unwell. We believe she might have a cold." Answered Cleo.

The next thing I know is, London's concerned face joins the other three.

"She needs to rest. She's stressing and working too hard." Said London, his emerald green orbs looking directly into my tired honey coloured ones.

I let them all talk over me, already aware that they wouldn't listen to a thing I'd say. These woman are headstrong and I hate to admit it, but they are right about everything. I've been so busy and stressed at work that I have barely slept properly over the past couple of months.

My eyes immediately snapped open as I felt myself being lifted up by a pair of arms. Looking up, I was met with London's soft features.

"Don't worry, Miss Williams. I'm just taking you to bed." He reassured with a small smile.

I weakly smiled at him with a nod, before laying my head onto his chest. His strong heartbeat beating strong like a drum. It acted as a lovely lullaby to me, taking me back to sleep in seconds.

My body being placed on a bouncy but stern like surface had be weakly asking," Where are you going?"

"To the kitchen, Lenora." Came London's soft, calming voice.

"Oh, O....kay." I weakly pushed out, as I was pulled back into the dark abyss called sleep.


London's POV

Watching her so frail and weak had my heart shattering into a thousand pieces. It filled me with worry and sadness and I just wished I could take it all away.


Sophia's POV

Anyone can see how much that young man cares for Miss Williams. The look he gave her said it all, I just hope that they can give each other a shot. I can almost guarantee that they won't regret it. They would be so good to each other and not to forget Emma.


Lenora's POV

Someone lightly shaking me, had me tiredly opening my eyes with a groan.

"I'm sorry to bother you, Miss Williams, but you have to have breakfast. " Coaxed Sophia with that motherly voice that just made you say yes to whatever she asks you.

"Alright, but can I please go freshen up and put on a change of clothes first?" I hoarsely asked.

"Yeah, sure. Do you need any help?" She offered.

I lightly shook my head, fearing that too much movement would turn the little ache of a headache to a full blown migraine.

"No, I'll be alright." I reassured with a weak smile," Where's Emma?"

"Oh Little Miss Emma has been with Mr Carson since this morning. Those two seem to be getting along quite nicely, plus we don't want her getting too close to you and contracting the fever. But she's in good hands, don't worry Miss Williams. If you wish, I can bring her over later. She has been asking about you alot." She cheerfully chirped.

"Okay, please thank him for me, Sophia. And thank you to you too." I smiled a weak smile of gratitude. My scratchy throat filling me with irritation.

"Of course, Miss Williams. You're like a daughter to me and you know that. Everyone in this house cares for you Miss Williams and so we only want the best for you." She comfortingly said.

"Thank you." I said again, a silent hot tear running down my cheek. I must really have a fever. Tears can't be hot, it's my body temperature. It must be high.

"It's my pleasure, Honey. Now, let me go get Penny to prepare you some chicken soup then I'll bring you some medication and water." She replied, already making her way over to the door," I'll be back soon." She threw over her shoulder before leaving the room and slightly leaving it open ajar.

With a hoarse sigh, I slowly got off my bed. Every move tugging painfully on my muscles, making me just want to go back to bed and sleep. Every step I took feeling more like a mission, it pained me. My chest feeling like I had run a marathon. I finally made it to the bathroom and supported myself with that basin, as I took my toothbrush and applied some toothpaste on it. Every breath that left my nose and mouth felt so warm, and abnormal.

With great efforts, I finally finished brushing my teeth, now to face the shower.

I stripped out of my clothes from yesterday and threw them in the laundry basket that I kept in the bathroom.

I turned on the shower before grabbing my bathing cloths and jumping in. It took me a whole twenty minutes to shower because of how tired I felt. Every breath was a force and in the steamy shower, it made me even more tired.

My breaths were ragged by the time I opened the door and let the steam out of the small space. The bathroom itself was covered in steam, I pulled a towel from my basket of towels and carelessly wrapped it around my body before exiting the hot and steamy bathroom. I couldn't stay there any longer. Every step to my bed felt more like a mission and I just couldn't wait to sit down.

The door opened, making me turn to it to see who it was.

"Miss Williams!" Called Sophia in a panic as she rushed to me with a tray carrying a bowl in it and a glass full of water.

I plopped down onto my bed and immediately let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm alright, Sophia." I weakly assured." Can you please pull out a nightdress from the closet for me? I feel like I've lost more strength from the shower than when I was still filthy with sweat." I joked, wanting to ease her worries a bit.

"Oh Miss Williams." She softly smiled," You're just too kind for your own good, you know?" She lightly chuckled.

"Or so you tell me." I said with a ragged breath. I felt a bit short breathed. I can only say a couple of words before I run out of air." Sophia, can you please tell Grace that I won't be working for the next couple of days?"

"Already did Ma'am. I'm sorry for doing so without your permission." She apologized, but you could see that it was partly sincere and partly not.

"It's alright, Sophia," I stopped to gather some oxygen." I know you were," I paused to take another breath," Only doing what's best for me." I finished, suddenly feeling out of breath.

"Oh, before I forget. Here's your chicken soup." She softly said," Will you need my help?"

I shook my head with a smile,"No, I think I'll be alright."

"Alright, please eat atleast four spoons. Just so that something's in your stomach before you take your pills." She asked.

"Okay. Don't worry, I have an appetite. It might not be big, but it's big enough." I assured.

She silently gave me a nod before placing the tray on my bedside table," Let me go get that nightdress for you, Sweetie." She said, before making her way to my closet and disappearing into it.

I scooter closer to the bowl of soup, before I slowly started eating it. One spoon at a time.

"Oh, Miss Williams. I'm glad you're eating." Came Sophia's relieved voice as she saw me eat the soup." Here is your nightdress. I'll be back to check on you in a bit." She added," And I have your underwear. I doubt you had the time to pick it out either." She teased, placing it onto the nightdress on the bed.

I couldn't help but to feel embarrassed about that, even as I took a forceful spoon of soup into my mouth. My tastebuds were not working with me today, so I didn't know how the soup actually tasted it.

"I'm full, Sophia. You can take the bowl with you." I softly said, taking the nightdress next to me and pulling it on over my towel. I then pulled my underwear on before letting the towel drop.

"Oh alright, it's better than nothing." She sighed, as she looked into the almost half empty bowl.

I took the four familiar pills and chewed them before drowning the down with water. The pills were vitamin Cs, two paracetamols and a cold and flu one.

"Thank you, Sophia." I thanked as I got under my covers again, the sleep coming back to me with revenge.

"Sleep tight, Miss Williams." She softly said, before I drifted off, back into a peaceful sleep.

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