My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 7

The next couple of days passed in a blur. Everyone took great, not even good, care of me. I had a few visits from Emma who had London at her tail. Sophia was right, those two are like two peas in a pot. They get along so well that it kinda makes me sad, but of course not in a negative way. The thing is, the only male figure in Emma's life is my father.

Emma has only ever interacted with my Father and a couple of times, with Carlos, Penny's husband. As much as she doesn't quite show it, but I can see that my daughter yearns for a father figure and a huge part of me tells me that it's my fault, but that's not the worse thing. The worse thing is that Emma is getting too attached to London and to be honest, I don't want to stop their growing bond, but I fear the possible consequences. No one knows when London will pick up and leave and I know for a fact, that that day will break Emma. It will completely shatter her little heart and in turn shatter mine.

"Miss Will- Miss Williams." Came Sophia's disapproving tone from the door.

"What?" I innocently smiled as I shut my laptop," Oh fine, I'm done. I just wanted to review a few documents is all, nothing truly strenuous."

"Miss Williams, you're still healing, you shouldn't even be saying your company's name during this time. Let alone, breath it out." She chastised, putting her hands on her hips to exaggerate the importance of her words with an unwavering glare.

I sighed and leaned back into the headboard," I know. I'm just tired of sitting in bed and doing nothing. I mean, I feel better than I have in two months." I exaggerated on the two months, before folding my arms against my chest with a pout.

Sophia opened her mouth to answer when Emma bolted into the room, giggling like crazy.

"Mommy, help me! Protect me!" She yelled, jumping onto the bed and behind me, somehow managing to fit in the little space I had made when I she ran into the room.

"Emma!" Called London's panicked voice, before he abruptly haulted outside the room," I'm so sorry for bothering you, Miss Williams. I was just playing with Emma when she ran into my room, I promise I tried to stop her."

I softly smiled at him and waved him off with a brush of my hand," It's alright. Actually, thank you for playing with her and taking care of her for the past couple of days. I really appreciate it and I promise to repay you for your kind gestures." I assured.

"No no, please don't. I really don't mind, I actually enjoyed spending time with Emma. We have great fun together, right Em?" He asked, making Emma jump off from behind me and run towards him.

"Aha." She enthusiastically agreed, standing next to him with a toothy grin.

"I'm glad to hear that." I genuinely smiled, appreciation showing on my features." Thank you, Mr Carson."

"Please, just London. And its my pleasure." He added with a smile, showing all his straight, white set of teeth." Wanna go play with your Barbies, Princess?" He asked.

She vigorously nodded," Yes!" She excited yelled," Bye Mommy. See you later!" She called before taking London's much bigger hand and pulling him down the hall.

"Don't they just get along great?" Asked Sophia with a dreamy expression, making me raise my eyebrow with a smile of amusement.

"They really do." I agreed.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you, Missy." She remained with a glare, making an innocent smile take over my features as I gently placed my laptop on my bedside table.


The next couple of days passed smoothly, with Sophia allowing me to do bits of work everyday.

Today, I get to go back to the office. My fever is finally gone, bringing me back to normal. I'm lying, I actually feel better than I have in months. I feel more energetic and well-rested. Something I haven't felt in months.

I walked back into my bedroom with my fluffy, baby blue towel wrapped securely around my body.

I made my way to my closet and to my formal wear part of the closet. I scanned all the outfits until my eyes landed on one of my all time favourites, my royal blue set. It consisted of royal blue coloured dress pants and a matching royal blue blazer with a silver, with tiny diamonds small, mocking bird shaped broach.

I took one of my black blouses and pulled it on underneath, with a matching, black underwear set. I completed the look by adding a pair of black 6 inch stilettos. Seeing as I had unplatted my braids, I pulled my shoulder length, black hair up and kept it in place with a black pin. I pulled my transparent lipgloss out of my bag and applied it with some eyeliner and mascara, things I didn't normally like applying.

I took a once off of my appearance and couldn't help but to smile at myself in satisfaction. My confidence raised a notch thanks to my outfit.

I took my black bag from my closet and made my way downstairs for breakfast. I wonder if London's downstairs. I wonder what he'd feel at my outfit? Would he think I looked good? Wait, why do I want to please him?

I lightly shook my head as I entered the kitchen.


London's POV

I stepped out of the shower and made my way to my closet. I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a black muscle tee to go with it. Using my hands, I ruffled my damp curls, letting them spiral out everywhere.

Knock knock knock

I chuckled already knowing who was at the other side of the bed.

"Come in, Baby Girl." I called out, making my way back to my room.

The door was only opened ajar as a tiny face was poked in.

"London!" Emma excitedly yelled at my sight, throwing the door open and running to me, seemingly still in her sleepwear which consisted of a matching set of SpongeBob pajamas.

I opened my arms with a smile, letting her jump into them and cuddle into me like she does every morning now.

"Hey Baby Girl, how did you sleep?" I enthusiastically asked, moving her to my hip.

"It was sooo good. I had the best dream ever!" She happily exclaimed," How did you sleep, London?"

I acted like I was thinking as I slowly moved my unoccupied hand's fingers to her small waist.

"Well, it was..." I paused to vigorously tickle her sides, making her squeal in surprise before laughs racked her small body," Nice." I finished, also lightly laughing.

I stopped after a few more seconds, not wanting to suffocate her with laughter.

"London, you're the best. I love you." She enthusiastically chirped, wrapping her arms around my neck in a hug, while I struggled to breath as the words she had just said registered in my brain. My heart feeling like it would melt, my legs feeling like they could no longer hold my weight and lastly, my dam threatening to break, but for once, not in sadness and sorrow, but in pure adoration, love and joy.

"I love you too, Baby Girl." I softly said, meaning every single word as it corresponded with my current feelings. I don't know how I would ever be able to live without this little girl in my life and for that, I know that I will try with all my might to not disappoint her and to never disappear in her life.

A rumbling sound filled the silent room as Emma's stomach rumbled in hunger.

"Oops, time for breakfast!" She innocently giggled, filling my heart and mind with contentment.

"Have you brushed your teeth yet?" I asked.

"Yep." She answered with pride, giving a nod to emphasize her statement.

"Good." I said, lightly pressing my finger on her nose.

With her still in my arms, chatting my ears off, I made my way downstairs. Her chattering more like music to my ears even though I wasn't completely focusing on her words. Just having her so happy made me happy.

"Good morning, you two." Greeted Blake with a friendly smile.

"Good morning." Emma and I simultaneously greeted.

"Where's Mommy?" Asked Emma.

"Oh, Mommy already left for work, Sweetie Pie. You actually just missed her." Answer Blake softly, sympathy clear on her face, especially at Emma's immediate sudden change of energy and emotion.

"Oh." She softly said with disappointment.

That's when a phone decided to ring, turning all our attention towards its direction. Sophia Penny pulled the ringing phone out of her apron, before apologetically smiling at us before answering it.

"Hello." She greeted, as she left the kitchen.

We all turned towards each other, just as another phone sounded, this time from Blake's jean's pocket.

"Sorry." She smiled, pulling it out of her pocket and answering it.

"Hello." She greeted, putting it against her ear," Miss Williams, how may I help you?" She asked, making me instantly perk up in worry. I hope nothing's wrong." Of course, she's right over here, Ma'am. Please just give me a second." She smiled before moving the phone from her ear and towards Emma." It's your Mommy, Sweetheart. She she'd like to talk to you."

At the mention of her mother, Emma immediately perked up and smiled before grabbing the phone and putting it against her ear.

"Mommy." She said, her voice changing into a more strained one as tears built up in her eyes.

"Hey Baby," I heard Lenora's voice say in the distance," I'm sorry I left before you woke up. Mommy just needed to get to work very soon so she could come back early so she can have more time to spend with you. I'm so sorry Baby." She apologized

"It's okay, Mommy." Emma sniffled," I just miss you."

Lenora softly sighed before saying," I miss you too, Baby."

You could see how much of a strain Lenora also faces from not being able to see her baby girl when she wants to. It's obvious that she also wants to spend time with her child, but her busy schedule is just not allowing me it.

"Mommy will be back very soon then we can do whatever you want, Okay my Angel?" She softly coaxed.

Emma nodded, before realising that her mother could not see her and settled for saying," Okay." instead.

"Mommy." She softly said.

"Yes my Love?" She just as softly or even more, answered.

"Can London join us later?" She asked, making my heart drop to my stomach and my eyes bulge like a cartoon's in surprise.

"Of course, Baby." Lenora answered without an ounce of hesitation in her voice. Her voice not breaking even once,"Baby, I'm sorry but Mommy has to go now. I'll see you later, okay? I love you." She cooed.

"I love you too." She tearfully giggled.

Lenora blew a kiss before cutting the line.

Emma handed the phone back to Blake who had a smile on her face.

"Don't worry, Baby Girl. We'll have such a good day that you won't even notice the time until your Mama gets here." I smiled, lightly tickling her sides, making her squirm in my arms as she cheerfully giggled.

As soon as I removed my fingers, she grinned in my direction and gave me a nod in agreement.


Lenora's POV

I tiredly got inside the backseat of the car, all the work of today, weighing on my shoulders and draining me of every last bit of energy I thought I had in the morning.

My door softly closed as I closed my tired, sleepy eyes. The car joined the road and we were off and just like that, I gave in to my sleepy urges and closed my eyes for a nap. The ride to my house was always around 45 minutes, enough time to snag a nap.

With that last thought, I passed out.

"Miss Williams." A very familiar, gentle voice continuously called.

"Hmm?" I sleepily answered, hoping that the voice would let me be after this.

"My sincerest apologies for disturbing your nap, Ma'am, but we've made it back to your residence, Ma'am." He gently announced.

I tiredly opened my eyes and looked outside the window to find my home's door only mere feet away with four bodyguards standing on either side of the door on the patio.

"Oh, thank you Davis." I sleepily said, in my sleep laced voice.

"Of course, Miss. It's my job." He answered, a smile detectable from just his few words.

"I'm really sorry for keeping you so long, Mary must be worried." I guiltily apologised.

"I assure you there is absolutely no need to fret, Miss Williams. I am merely performing my duties as your driver, and Mary understands this. Besides, this is far from a normal occurrence, so Mary understands that something of utmost importance must have occurred today." He explained, giving me a bit of peace.

"Thank you for your services, Davis. I will see you in the morning." I said, opening my door for myself. As much as I do enjoy Davis opening my door for me, he knows that that normally only applies in the public's domain.

I gently closed the door behind me and sent Davis a quick wave before climbing up the stairs leading to my patio.

"Good evening, Ma'am." The guards simultaneously greeted.

"Good evening, Gentleman and Lady." I politely greeted back before opening my door and getting into my the house.I locked the door with my keys, before making my way to the kitchen, my heels making loud clicking sounds in the silent house. It's already 23:10, so I'm not surprised that everyone is already in bed.

Upon entry into the kitchen, I dropped my bag on my island before grabbing a cold bottle of water from the fridge. I pulled off the lid and drowned the water in seconds. I threw the now empty bottle into the the 'plastic' recycling bin before grabbing my bag and turning off the kitchen light that was probably left on for me. I pulled off my heels as to avoid the noise that they create. I tiptoed up the stairs and up to Emma's room. I really missed my baby, even I just need to give her a kiss.

I pushed open Emma's room door, just to be greeted by an empty room, dark room. The light from the hallway sipping into the room and offering me enough light to see into the otherwise dark room.

I closed the door and crossed to my room, hoping to find her nestled up under my covers.

I gently pushed my door open, just to be greeted by another dark and empty room. My heartbeat started escalating to concern and fear grew in my system. I walked further down the hall and was about to call out for Emma, hoping that she might somehow be up hear somehow and would answer. A sigh of relief nearly left my mouth as my heart and nerves calmed down. There in London's room on London's Queen sized bed lay two figures. A big one and a small one. I slowly walked into the room and got as close to the bed as I could.

They looked so cute cuddled into each other. One would think that they were father and daughter. They were both under the covers, wearing their pajamas. Emma had her head comfortably on London's shirt clad chest, while he had his arms wrapped protectively around her small back. His face was place on her head, making seem like he was her human shield, protecting her from danger.

I couldn't help myself as I pulled my phone out of my bag and snagged two photos.They were just too adorable to ignore.

London released a soft moan before opening his tired eyes and meeting mine.

He looked down at Emma before looking up at me with panic.

"I'm sorry. I promise-" I intervened.

"Shhh, it's alright. There's nothing to worry about, in fact, thank you for watching over her today. I thought I'd be home earlier but work..." I sighed," You can put her in her room if you want to. I'll leave her in your hands." I smiled at him, before leaning down and placing a kiss on my daughter's forehead.

I straightened up and smiled at him," Goodnight London."

"Goodnight." He smiled back.

With a nod, I walked to the door and left the open room. Closing the door behind me before making my way up the hall and to my room. Entering the room, I immediately pulled off all my clothes before dropping my bag in my closet and my clothes in the laundry basket in the bathroom. I put on my baggy long shirt that I had bought before jumping in under my covers. Within a blink of an eye, I was fast asleep. Exhaustion winning the battle.

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