My Cadillac Billionaire

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Chapter 9

Lenora's POV

I've been stuck on these words for the past hour as my mind kept on running me back to London's words from earlier. They really shocked me to be honest. My logic told me that he was lying and that it was impossible for him to have grown attached to Emma as yet. Yes, I understood that Emma has grown attached to him already, but she's just a child so it was to be expected.

However, my emotional side told me otherwise. It kept on repeating to me that it was possible. If Emma could have grown attached so soon, then London could also easily have done so. That part of me also grew to foolishly like him more. My little crush growing into more of a flame than the fire it was.

With a sigh, I closed the black screen and pushed my chair back. I might as well take a nap.

I got out of the office and headed upstairs. The sound of giggles entered my ears as I neared Emma's bedroom.

"No, princesses don't drink their tea like that. Pinky up." Her smile voice directed, making me smile.

I walked to the open door and knocked at the door as I leaned on it and watched London play what I think is tea party with London.

"Mommy!" Emma excitedly called, standing up and running to me." Are you here to play with us?" She asked.

"Yeah, if you two don't mind?" I asked.

"We don't, right London?" She enthusiastically asked.

"Not at all." He winked at me, making an uncontrollable smile lace itself onto my lips as my heart happily skipped a beat. Something I've gotten used to in the past couple of days.

Emma smiled up at me before pulling me further into her room and to her small, tea cup set.

London sent me a smile, which I freely and genuinely returned. How could I not for such a kind man who treats my daughter like a princess. He spoils her with his attention which counts more and goes deeper than materialistic things.

We played tea party for nearly an hour before we played 'Emma's Salon' where she did our hair. We then played a game of twenty questions before where London admitted to actually not liking people to play with his hair. Emma obviously felt a bit hurt by that but London reassured him about not minding her playing with it.

Eventually Emma got tired, so I urged her to take a nap which with great difficulty she did.

I moved from the side of her bed and stretched my arms to get rid of the knots I had collected while playing with Emma. A yawn accompanying the movements slipped past my lips as my eyes burned and asked to close for atleast about an hour.

"Tired?" Came London's soft, but unmistakably masculine voice from the other side of the bed as he intently looked at me with soft, green eyes.

"Yes, but only just a bit." I admitted with a tired smile.

"Would you like assistance to get to your room?" He asked imitating a butler's accent, making me giggle in amusement.

"You have the most adorable giggle, well aside Emma's of course." He said with a small, lazy smile.

I returned it with my own soft one, before saying," Well, I better go steal a quick nap before we leave." I softly said, already heading towards the door," Oh and London. Starting from next week, you'll be accompanying Emma to kindergarten as you wished. You will however, have a driver who will drive you both to and from. He or she will be your personal driver for wherever you wish to go, but she will also alert me of your whereabouts. I am putting my trust in you, London. I am trusting you with the most dearest person to me and I hope to not regret it because I barely put my trust in people so please don't take it lightly." I finished before walking out of the open door and standing of the room when I didn't hear footsteps following behind me," You coming?"

A clearing of a throat sounded from the room before he hastily stuttered," Y-yeah. Thank you, Miss Williams. I won't let you down thank you for even considering." His footsteps rushed to my side

I lightly chuckled before saying," Thank you for convincing me." I said, reaching for Emma's door and closing it, leaving it only open ajar." I'll see you later, then." I smiled before walking to my bedroom just across Emma's and slipping inside, closing it behind me. I sighed as I kicked off my shoes near the bed and climbed on top of the duvet, pulling my small blanket from the end of the bed and throwing it over me. Closing my eyes, I was out like a light.


"Miss Williams." Softly called a hazy voice, taking me out of my lovely sleep." Miss Williams." The person shook me.

"Go away." I sleepily whined, pulling my blanket over my head and trying to catch more snooze.

"Unfortunately I cannot, if I do so, you will not be able to go to the cinema with Mr Carson and Emma." Blake's overly cheerful voice said, making me scrunch my eyebrows in suspicion.

Opening a single eye, I moved my blanket down and looked up at Blake with a frown and raised eyebrow of accusation," Why are you so happy?" I asked.

"Oh come on, Miss Williams. Is it that rare for me to be this elated. One does not always need to have a reason to be overly elated." She innocently smiled, increasing my suspicions more and getting rid of more of the sleep, giving me the strength to sit up on the bed and fold my arms to my chest.

"Blake." I calmly said with a tinge of warning in my words.

"Miss Williams." She said in the exact same tone but with a smirk and raised eyebrow of amusement.

"Blake, you better tell me what you've done." I said, already knowing that she had done something.

"Well, I've done your laundry, cleaned th-" I cut her off with a silent glare. "Alright alright, jeez Woman, calm your sails. Either way, todaySophiaandIcaughtyouandMrCarsonplayinginEmma'sroomwithEmmaanditwasjustsocute!" She excitedly squealed.

I looked at her, batting my eyelashes in confusion of not catching much of what she said.

"Thank you, Blake, but if you could say that more at a humanly, normal speed, I assure you it would be much appreciated." I feigned an overly happy grin.

"Oh, look at you you're glowing, Miss." She fired back with just an equally happy grin, but her's seemed a bit more genuine." Either way, Sophia and I caught you and Mr Carson playing with Emma in her room earlier on and man was it so adorble. You looked like one small happy, and have I mentioned adorble family." She swooned in delight, making me look at her with a look of bewilderment, my lips parted as words tried to slip through just to remain stuck on my tongue.

"You were spying on us!" I accused, with embarrassment than anything else.

"Oh Miss Williams, I doubt it's called spying if the door is opened for the world to freely see what's occuring inside. You are the one at fault here Miss not poor Sophia and I." She defended with a smile of amusement, her blue orbs oozing the emotion just as her words." Well, I'm happy to see that you're now wide awake. I advise you freshen up and get changed before you run late. Mr Carson and Emma are watching Paw Patrol downstairs. Have been for the past hour." She notified, moving away from my bed and to the door." See you downstairs." She cheerfully chirped, sending me a suggestive wink before leaving the doors, laughing like a hyena.

With a snot, I hid my uncontrollable smile that threatened to break free at the memories of earlier. With a sigh, I got off the bed and made my way to the bathroom. I took a quick 10 minutes long shower before jumping out and applying some lotion onto my still damp skin. I walked back into my bedroom with a white fluffy mid thigh long towel that had, beautiful gold embroidery at the seams.

I made my way to my walk in closet and pulled out a long midnight blue jumpsuit. It was off the shoulder with sleeves that reached my wrists. The sleeved had holes on each arm. It tightened around my upper body until my waist where a silver, embroidered belt with small diamond sequences lay as a decoration. The pants part started from there and flowed until it reached the floor. The whole pants part so flowy, making me feel free like a bird. I pulled on my diamond stud earrings and chose to leave out the matching necklace. I didn't want to stand out from the crowd, I honestly just like being seen as the girl from nextdoor when I'm not involved with business affairs. I decided on a pair of black, leather pumps to complete my look. I already know that I'll most likely stand out from the crowd, I think I'm already overdressed but there's most certainly no time left to spare. I pulled out my side bag and stuffed my packet of face tissues, wallet, keys, phone and lipgloss.

I decided on having a make-up free face, just as I like it except for a light layer of lipgloss. My hair seemed fine as it flowed down to my shoulders, so I left it free except for a small clipper to pull my front her up. Pleased with my appearance, I grabbed my bag and made my way downstairs where the others were hopefully waiting patiently for me.

"Sorry I'm late!" I apologized instantly upon entering the living room. Two pairs of eyes immediately turned in my direction.


London's POV

"Thanks for inviting me to come along tonight, and thanks for both the food and the movie, regardless of its genre." I teased with the most cheerful smile I've had in a long time, well excluding the ones I always have due to Emma.

"Sure. Thank you for coming along." She giggled with a toothy smile, showing her straight pearly whites.

"You know, I might have forgotten to say this but you looked gorgeous tonight. Everyone had their eyes on you." I smiled. Even those vultures called males, how repulsing.

"Oh, that really wasn't my intention, you know?" She softly smiled, her soft honey orbs shining with an emotion I couldn't read.

"I know, but you're always effortlessly beautiful. You're just a natural beauty, Miss Williams." I playfully winked.

"Just as how you're effortlessly handsome?" She asked, hiding her face in embarrassment at her words even as they warmed my heart.

"Thanks, I don't think I've ever heard someone say that to me." I admitted with a soft smile.

She quietly giggled before looking up at me with a smile. I don't know what willed my next move then, as my foot took a step closer to her, leaving only a mere foot between us. My towering height giving me more of an advantage of the situation.Silence filled our atmosphere, but nothing uncomfortable, just peaceful and that's when I noticed a couple of things.

Her short stature made her seem like the perfect match for my taller one as I towered over her. Her eyes gleamed with joy and an unrecognisable but familiar emotion as they entranced me into their gold pool. Her hazel orbs shone like a crown jewel, polished beyond possible. Her lips slowly parted as the atmosphere around us changed from its calm one. Before I could think about my next step, I was leaning down towards her shiny lips, all logic locked away into a dark cell in my brain as the desire for her controlled my actions. A huge part of me kept on repeating that she would turn away soon or say something, but not a single sound came from her lips. Instead, steady, calm breaths left her lips, drawing me into them even more. Before I knew it, her breaths were starting to mingle with mine. Hers the scent of strawberries whereas mine mint.

I stopped at that point for a couple of seconds, waiting for her to move away. I don't know where all the courage to do this came from, but I took a bold move that I knew I might regret before the sudden burst of courage left my veins.

My lips met hers in a brush of our lips. She returned my kiss with the same vigor, moving her lips as gentle as I'd expect her to, following my lead with every move. Relief flooded me at the confirmation of our mutual feelings, but it was only short lived.

She suddenly pulled away as if my lips were hot lava, making my heart race with panic as I opened my eyes which I had not noticed I'd closed until now. Her once glowing orbs filled with two dark emotions I wished I would never see from her, fear and insecurity. Before I could voice out my worries, she was running out of the kitchen, living me confused and frozen. Surprisingly, I was not filled with regret for what I had done, but fear of what my reckless actions could have caused.

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