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My Beloved Billionaire

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22 year old, Skylin Larson moves to the big city in hopes of finding employment. She finally lands herself a job in a small restaurant as a waitress, but it is only short lived as her contract is terminated a year later. She is left bankrupt and homeless in a blink of an eye. 27 year old, Bachelor and Business Tycoon, Leyton Santiago encounters a homeless woman on his way back home on a cold, snowy winter's evening. The young billionaire without hesitation, takes the young woman in to protect her from the harsh, winter stormy night.

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Chapter 1

Skylin's POV

As I stood there in front of the building that was once my home, I felt tears well up in my eyes as my throat clogged with unshed tears. My entire heart seemed to fill up with sorrow as everything settled in, I was homeless, stranded and broke.

I felt the cold air as it nipped at my bare cheeks, but that was the least of my worries at the moment as I began walking down the street to an unknown destination. I only had 50 bucks on me and that wouldn't be enough to get me a decent motel around here.

Snow started pouring down in heavier loads as I continued to trudge down the path of nothingness, but I couldn't complain, my life has never been easy. I was raised by a single Mom because my father ran away when he found out that my mother was pregnant with me so she had no choice but to raise me alone because her whole family had abandoned her.

My Mom put me through primary and high school but she couldn't afford to pay for my college tuition and I didn't ask her to because I understood how difficult it was for her already and I knew that we couldn't afford it so instead of going to college, I got a job so that I could try to help around but it didn't pay much. My Mom fell ill about a year and a half ago and she could no longer work so the financial burden fell on me, I decided to move to the city in order to find a better paying job and I did, it wasn't that much but it helped out a lot because I could send money back home while I paid for my own rental but it was only short lived, the small restaurant that I was working at hasn't been doing well for the past 2 months and I was sadly the first that they got rid of. I had no money saved so I couldn't afford this month's rental payment so I was kicked out.

I had no where to go, I had no friend here and I barely knew this city. I've lived here for a year, but I only travelled to work so this city was still unknown to me.

As I continued to walk, the cold began getting to me, the was barely anyone on the streets due to the snow so it was a bit deserted which made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. This place was known for its crimes and most crimes accured at these times. I regretted wearing the leggings that I was wearing right now, as my legs began to freeze and my teeth began to chatter even the coat that I was wearing was no longer providing me with enough warmth. What a bad day to be kicked out.


Leyton's Pov

"How about we get some pizza for dinner tonight?" I suggested to my 4 year old daughter as the credits for Frozen 2 began rolling down.

"Yes, pizza sounds great Daddy." She responded basically hopping around in her seat obviously unable to contain her excitement. One thing that I knew about my little girl is that you could never go wrong with pizza when it comes to her.

"Alright, let me go and order some and then we'll go and pick it up together." I said getting off the sofa and grabbing my phone to make the call.

I quickly went to order the pizza and then went upstairs to dress Olivia up in warm clothes.

"What would you like to wear Livia?" I asked as she seemed to be deep in thought probably trying to decide on an outfit.

"How about that one?" She asked pointing to her pink sweatpants and it's matching sweater.

"Okay shoo shoo while I dress up, Miss June says that boys are not supposed to watch girls when they dress up." Livia said as she shooed me out of the room which only amused me, my baby girl was really growing up, but it was a little too fast for.

"I'll be waiting for you in the kitchen then Sweetheart." I said to Olivia as I made my way down the stairs.

"Okay." She said going back into her room and closing the door.

When Olivia came downstairs we made our way to my car as I drove us to the pizza place to collect our pizza. I sent my driver and chef home early today so that I could spend some quality time alone with Olivia today, I know that she sometimes feels neglected when I become very busy with running my complany so whenever I'm able to take a day off or something I make sure to spend all that time with my little girl, those days belong to just her and I and she knows it.

I buckled Olivia up into her carseat before I made my way to the driver's seat.

"You ready to go Princess?" I asked looking at Olivia through the rearview mirror.

"I'm ready, let's go get some pizza." She said just before her little tummy released a loud rumble.

Throughout the ride to the pizza place, Olivia and I sang songs that she sang at Kindergarten and I could see that she enjoyed teaching me these songs. She would laugh whenever I made a mistake on her songs and correct me and then we would sing it again until I got the song correctly.

"We're here, let's go and get our pizza." I said to Olivia.

"Yaaaay." She responded in excitement as I helped her out of her carseat.

We got out of the car and made our way into the Pizzeria, and were immediately met by warm air when we entered in through the doors and made our way to the counter.

We picked up our pizzas and then made our way back to the car. I quickly switched on the car heater to warm us up before I began driving off.

"Daddy, may I eat one slice of pizza?" Olivia asked looking at me with her cute, hazel, big, puppy dog eyes which she knew I couldn't resist.

"Sure thing, Sweetheart." I said looking at her through the rearview mirror. As I was driving by I realised that the streets were pretty deserted right now, people were probably trying to escape the upcoming storm tonight.

When I stopped at a red light I saw a young woman, who had a suitcase next her as she looked around. She looked so lost and she was shivering. Something I've never felt before occured at that moment as I looked at this woman. Something about her tugged at my heart strings in a way that was so foreign to me, a way I couldn't understand.

"Daddy, do you see the woman over there?" Oliva asked also referring to the woman.

"I do, what do you think we should do?" I asked my daughter confused about how I should go about this. I honestly couldn't just leave her here, with the upcoming storm she will freeze to death.

"Maybe we should offer to take her home or we could take her back home with us or else she will get sick." Olivia said looking at me with her innocent big adorable eyes.

"Okay, let's offer to take her home then." I said and packed my car aside.

"Excuse me miss, would you like a lift? It's pretty cold out here tonight." I said to the lady. I watched she bit her lower lip probably contemplating my offer. "I promise that I won't cause you any harm." I said trying to reassure her.

I watched as she hesitantly made her way towards the car.

"Thank you for the kind offer, but I'm alright." She weakly smiled, but I could read her lie just like a book.

"I insist Ma'am. I don't mind taking you to a motel or hotel or at home if you'd let me." I tried persuading her.

She bit her lip in thought, before sighing in defeat and murmuring in a barely audible voice," I don't have anywhere to go."

My heart skipped a beat for some reason at that, and I found myself opening the door, making her move back as fear filled her mocha coloured eyes. Her lips quivering in equal fear as her face lost all colour, probably her mind presuming the worst.

I raised my hands to show that I was of no harm before saying,"I promise I won't hurt you. Cross my heart." I softly assured as worry filled me as I looked at her abnormally pale lips.

"Even so, I have no where to go. I have no home, no money, no job, nothing." She shakily admitted as her mocha orbs filled with barely contained tears, she was breaking right in front of me and I didn't know how to help her.

"You can come and live with me for a bit, I promise that I won't hurt you." I offered and watched as she hesitantly and slowly nodded her head.

"Thank you." She said in genuine gratitude.

"You're welcome, get into the car, the heater will help to warm you up." I said as I took her suitcase and placed it in the trunk.

I also got into the car and drove away. 5 minutes into the trip back home I realised that she had fallen asleep. Probably due to the warmth that her body was feeling due to the heater, she must have been really cold.

"Is she okay Daddy?" Olivia suddenly spoke after about 10 minutes of silence.

"I'm not sure sweetheart, but I think that she'll be fine once she gets into some warm blankets and gets some sleep." I responded and watched from the rearview mirror as my daughter slowly nodded.

When we got back home I attempted to wake up the lady but she was out cold so I ended up carrying her upstairs and to the spare bedroom. I placed a bunch of blankets on top of her and then closed the door to let her rest.

"Alright sweetheart, let's go and eat some pizza and then it's bed time for you." I said as I dished up for Olivia and I.

"Okay." She responded just as she released a yawn, Olivia chowed down her pizza with no problem while I took small bites.

I quickly bathed Olivia who had already forgotten about the boys must not see girls naked thing, I then dressed her up in a warm and fuzzy Elsa onesie.

"Goodnight." She said as she kissed my cheek and got into her blankets.

"Goodnight Sweetheart." I responded, kissing her cheek goodnight and tucking her into her blanket.

"I love you." She said stiffling a yawn as her eyes began to droop shut.

"I love you even more sweetheart." I said before I switched off her bedroom light and closed the door.

I made my way to my bedroom changed into my PJs, climbed into bed and then let my mind run loose. I couldn't help but to worry about the lady as I lay in my bed. I really hope that she would be alright but I had a feeling that she might have a fever. I really couldn't help but to be concerned about not only her health but also about her life story, she seemed to be carrying a lot on her shoulders and for some reason I wanted to help her, but I didn't know how to.

My body suddenly felt drained, as drained as it would feel after a hectic day at work, exhaustion came over me in waves and before I knew it my eyes began drooping and soon after I was falling into a deep and dreamless sleep,. I guess that all these thoughts and worries would have to be dealt with on another day, but today was definitely not that day.

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