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meliora = the pursuit of something better. Evaline woke up in the Underworld with no recollection of her life. The gods can't figure out what to do with her, so they send her to stay with Ares, the god of war until they can find out why people are making sacrifices to the gods - a dark practice that hasn't been done over hundreds of years.

Romance / Fantasy
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the pursuit for something better

When you die, you’re not supposed to wake up.

Sure, you can open your eyes and depending on whatever you believe, you can be in a heaven or a hell.

But you’re not supposed to just…wake up.

You’re not supposed to feel the weapon your murderer used, slipping between your ribcage, up into you and slowly mutilating you every night.

You’re not supposed to look into the eyes of the transporter of souls as he tries to figure out what the hell to do with your soul – the very same soul that is still attached to your body and won’t let go.

You’re supposed to see a white light. You’re supposed to feel a cool embrace of darkness consuming you to take you to your earned destination. You’re supposed to feel at peace.

So, what the hell had Evaline done to earn this punishment?

Did she pour her milk before the cereal?

Did she bend her paperback books?

Did she kill someone?

Could she earn forgiveness?

Could her sins be forgotten?

Could she beg for anyone to help?

Would she ever remember?!

Because – not only was she punished for something, she also couldn’t remember anything except her name.

The very same name that was nowhere to be found.

There was no proof of her existence, no proof that she had been alive once – not even the Olympians could find proof that Evaline whatever-was-her-last-name had been alive once.

How were they to judge her, punish her for sins that she couldn’t remember, sins that could not be proven were committed by her?

They couldn’t.

The only clue left behind was an ancient blade engraved with Ares’ name.

The blade had been lost for centuries, before the fall of the ancient empires and had it not once been Ares’ most prized possession, Hades would have probably persuaded Minos to send Evaline to the Mourning Fields to await her judgement.

So, not only was Evaline murdered, had her existence completely erased, but the way she had been killed had been an ancient sacrificial rite.

Who were they trying to sacrifice her to?


The sacrifice would have probably been ignored had he not been so surprised at seeing the blade Helena had commissioned for him.

It had been her wedding gift to him, a token of her appreciation and devotion to the god of war.

Ares had fallen in love with it just as he had loved her. Too bad the last time he saw Helena, he waged a war so bloody the other Olympians had to intervene.

What was meant to be his sacrifice, soon became his meliora.

This story is meant to be a romance between Ares and Evaline. If you read my story Untouched, you know some of his story (as I will keep that background of him.)

I'm also posting this as a way to determine whether we'll come to Inkitt or find another website. I will post an excerpt + chapter sometime this week! :D

Let me know how you guys like the app and stuff xx

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