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A orphan women falls pregnant by an abusive ex boyfriend and decides to take refuge with her best friend 10 hours away. As the baby grows so does her attraction to the ranch hand Dominic. She starts getting texted from a blocked number promising she wont have this baby and that she is "his". Will she tell her anyone about that terrifying texts? Will her and Dominics relationship bloom? Will this "him" from the texts do as he promises? Come along the journey of Ainsley Blaire as she finds love, mothership and freedom.

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Chapter 1

7 weeks ago…

Two solid lines stared back at me from the test laying on the bathroom counter. I can’t believe this test or the other five laying on the counter.

I’m pregnant...and it’s his.

What am I gonna do? Keep it, I know that for sure. I’ve known that since my scare in high school that any baby my body made I would bring into this world.

I sink down to the bathroom floor. I thought I had gotten the stomach bug 2 weeks ago but when this nausea and tiredness persisted and I noticed the date I knew.

Thinking back it was probably a little over 7 weeks ago that he found me at my local diner. I had a long day at work and was trying to grab something to eat. He walked in and started playing that I’m sorry card. The Ill never act that way again card. I didn’t believe him. I left without my food. I should have known not to go home but I did and he followed me. He shoved me into my apartment and he wasn’t so kind.

After the worst day of my life I took two days off from work to pull myself together and got rid of everything and anything he touched. Shoved those terrible days memories down and moved on with my life. Well I thought I could.

He had never wanted children. Always said that they ruined the women and put a financial burden on the family.

I will always remember that day and what he did but I did get a little miracle out of it whether I was ready or not for that miracle.

7 weeks after that day I’m here on the bathroom floor, figuring out what my next steps are.

Week 7

Over the course of the last 7 weeks I’ve told two people. My best friend Amelia who was shocked, then cried, and finally happy she was going to be an aunt. She didn’t ask how, or with whom it happened with nor did I tell her, she just supported me. The other my boss, who you could say was the least thrilled, it’s also the reason I’m currently packing my bags to go to Amelia’s.

I was fired. Not for being pregnant, of course not that would be illegal, but for failure to thrive in my duties at work.

So here I am packing my last few things to make the 10 hour drive to the small mountain town of Bear Creek in Washington.

Throwing my charger, lip balm, wallet, and keys in my purse. I take one last look at myself in the mirror. Staring back is the same person I’ve always seen. Small feet, long legs turn into thick thighs and curvy hips, a narrow waist up into an ample chest, long soft waves of deep auburn and amber eyes. Eyes that used to hold so much light and sparkle now just dull and void.

Sliding my hands over the small bump that was now my stomach, a soft smile gracing my full lips. At only 14 weeks I wouldn’t think I would be showing but according to the one doctor I saw my uterus sits very forward and the baby would show early and I would get quite big. Great.

Alright Ainsley Blaire McBain, grab your shit and let’s go. Got a 10 hour drive to get done.

Hour 1 of 10 hour drive

Now I’m sure everyone is wondering why I’m moving 10 hours away from the town I spent my whole life in. Simply, I have no one keeping me there. I grew up being moved from foster home to foster home. I didn’t have a job anymore, no friends and I was moving 10 hours away from him.

9 more hours to go and if i keep up at this rate of stopping to pee, 18 more pee breaks.

Hour 2 of 10 hour drive

This hour consisted of 3 more pee breaks and 30 minutes spent on the side of the road throwing up, so add 30 minutes to the 10 hour drive.

Hour 3 of 10.5 hour drive

*text* AMELIA: Hey girl! Have you made it to your state line yet?

AINSLEY: Yeah, I have. Though lil bean isn’t so happy about this drive.

AMELIA: Oh I’m sorry girl. :( Maybe you should just do half of it and get a hotel.

AINSLEY: No, I’m just going to power through. Rather sleep in a bed bug infested tonight.

AMELIA: Okay Ains, keep me updated!

Hour 4 of 10.5 hour drive

First stop for gas and to top up on my supply of water and snacks. 3 big bottles of cold water, 2 bags of twisted BBQ chips, 1 Reese’s cup bar.

The doctor said I need to keep up on my intake of water. Especially since I’m still dealing with morning sickness.

*text to Amelia*

AINSLEY: Hey girl, made it the gas station in Porter!

AMELIA: Yay! 4 hours down 6 to go!

AINSLEY: 7 more to go. Spent 30 minutes puking and pee breaks are taking up time.

AMELIA: Sorry girl :( But you’ll still get here in time to settle in before going to my parents.


Pulling away from the gas station I think of all the things I have to do when I get to Bennet. Settle into the tiny home Amelia’s parents are letting me rent for cheap on the back of their horse property. I’m pretty excited to wake up there every day. Need to find an OB. A job, though Amelie did say that her parents were looking for a barn manager in their old age.

Amelia’s parents didn’t have her until 35 now that Amelia is 24 there up there in age and ready to step back from the farm. I’d love working for them. We’ll see though.

Alright back to the road trip.

Hours 5 and 6 of 10.5 hour drive

These last two hours have consisted of screaming songs, pee breaks, and one flat tire, that yes I changed myself.

Hour 7 of 10.5 hour drive

This hour consisted mostly of watching this beautiful scenery having entered Oregon. A short 25 minutes drive through and one bridge crossing got me to Washington.

*text to Amelia*

AINSLEY: Made it to Oregon and over the bridge to Washington. Also managed to gain back that 30 minutes I lost.

AMELIA: Great! See you in a few hours.

Hour 8 of 10 hour drive

Two more hours! Yes! I’m almost to the mountains. I’m so excited. I always loved visiting her parents here.

I met Amelia in college and we quickly became best friends. We both were taking a 3 year program in 2 years time. Her for hotel management and hospitality and mine for business management and equine medicine on the side. She always wanted to take over her grandmother B&B and that she did two years ago. I wanted to be in equine medicine after spending a summer in middle school at a horse ranch working. My foster parents during high school made sure i knew to have a back up plan so therefore the business management.

Taking the turn off for the road that would lead me to my new home, I sent Amelia a quick text knowing I wont have service until about 15 miles from the town.

Hour 9 and 10 of 10 hour drive

The last 1.5 hours consisted of old country music, which was fine by me. 20 more minutes and I’d be at Amelia’s B&B.

10 minutes later I pull into the valley town of Bear Creek. Old farm homes come into view, soft shades of white, brown, and yellow. Mixed in where old log cabins all looked like they were hand built. Town came into view with small storefronts lining the main road, old but well kept looking.

I see Amelia’s B&B come into view, pulling up out front, I turn the car off. Here goes nothing.

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