Wolf & Hood

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"What big hands you have..." "All the better to please you with, my dear." By day, Ally-fondly known as Red-is CEO of one of the biggest sweet treat conglomerates in the country; rolling out baked goods from east to west. But her work doesn't stop there. By night, she's on the hunt for answers to a grisly murder, which may be the key to unravelling her past. A trail of crumbs leads her into the underbelly of the city, a world of deception bathed in blood-Vincent Wolf's territory. The kingpin of the underworld and the new face of Wall Street, Vincent is as handsome as he is deadly; a man who gets what he wants, and his sights are set on Ally's company. On a mission of his own to save his people, Vincent will stop at nothing to devour the corporation she worked so hard for-and her along with it. A modern twist on a classic tale that you can really sink your teeth into. Hold on tight, ladies and gents. It's a bloody ride filled with lust, deception, and wild-things. ◖ WARNING: Here be Werewolves & Witches ◗ ◖ Rated [M & Young Adult] for: Violence, Language and Nudity ◗ Copyright © 2020, K.M. Knightly, "All Rights Reserved"

Romance / Mystery
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Authors Note

Thank you dear reader for stopping by to view this twisted tale. This book is dedicated to and made possible by @Floratii.

I migrated here from Wattpad and will be slowly adding works to the platform. If you would like to check out my other works and for faster updates of Wolf & Hood head over to my wattpad page.


Hello, My Kings & Queens, 👑

Just a quick note:

I switch between two character points of view in this tale.

Hopefully, it is linear enough for you to follow along. :)

The story contains violence, language and sexual content that may

be unsuitable for younger viewers. You have been warned!

Likes and Comments are my creative fuel!

Reviews always appreciated 💗

Yours Faithfully


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