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Vato loco .. payasos story

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Sometimes life doesn’t go how you want it to go but you gotta take it how it is ya know?- payaso

Romance / Drama
Brown eyez_909
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The beginning


Payaso aka Jesus

Moises (best friend)

Criminal aka Richard (oldest brother)

Loco aka Isaiah (middle brother


Payaso was only 9 years old when his street life started his brothers tried there best to keep him out of it but he knew there was no other way... he was the son of of young strong Chicana his father was in and out of the picture it didn't matter to him because he had his brothers and his mother he felt complete.. it was Saturday afternoon the neighborhood kids where outside playing it was summer time music was playing everything seemed perfect his brothers where having a carne asada in the front yard with the homies while payaso and Moises played on the street

Payaso: wanna go down to the liqour store and get some soda?

Moises: sure let me go get some money I'll meet you out front

Payaso: ok!

They went there ways payaso ran into his house and got some change he had hiding as he ran out to wait for Moises he heard a lot of noise his brother criminal started to yell

Criminal: drive by!!!

Payaso stood frozen he didn't know what do he saw moises running down the street from his house when the car rolled down there windows and started shooting criminal pulled Jesus to the ground the bullets barely missing him .. but as he got up he looked around and he couldn't find Moises

Payaso: mo!!

Payaso ran to the sidewalk where he had last saw him Moises was facing face down in a puddle of his own blood everything was slow motion criminal and loco pulled payaso back

Criminal: somebody call the ambulance!

Moises mom came out running with a baby in her arms she fell to the floor as she saw her sons body life less

Payaso- mo please don't go please don't leave me!

Flash back over...present day he's 16 years old a young lil hoodlum

He sat up fast it was all a dream

Payaso: Fuck I hate that dream

He got up and put on some clothes he could smell his moms cooking he walked into the kitchen

Payaso: mourning

Victoria: mourning mi vida how did you sleep?

Payaso: so so I guess

Loco: same dream?

Payaso: yea it's just weird I been having it over and over again I wake up once criminal has me in his arms though

Loco: it's probably cuz you miss him carnal don't trip he's coming home soon with the prop 57 shit he should be home anytime soon

Criminal had gotten sentenced to 5 years for being caught with 3 bricks of cocaine the prop 57 was voted in not long ago giving the hoodlums with drug charges a chance to come home

Victoria: and plus mijo we can always go visit him

Payaso: yea I know I just hope He doesn't hate me for ending up the way I did

He shook his head

After Moises death the young child soul payaso had in him disappeared he started hanging out with the older kids slanging and smoking criminal hated it and always got to him about it

Criminal: you can't be hanging out with those idiots Jesus you need to watch your shit

Payaso: who cares! There my friends !

Criminal shook his head

Criminal: you really wanna join this life you really wanna live the way we do?

Payaso nodded

Payaso: I've always wanted to be like you carnal tall and strong

Criminal: look mijo your young you don't understand this life please be good and stay outta trouble

Payaso: ok

But payaso didn't that same time the cops caught him up after curfew and brought him back to the house

Criminal answered the door

Criminal: what he do?

Cop: out after curfew and had a pipe with him I don't think it's his though

Payaso looked down

Criminal: well thanks for bringing him home officer

Loco: what happened?

Criminal pushed payaso inside sitting him down

Criminal: now
Fucking explain to me why you have pipe?

Loco: no

Payaso: it's not mine! I was holding it for somebody!

Criminal: and who's is it!

Loco: you can't force him to tell he ain't no snitch Richard you have to see he ain't turning back and yelling at him is only gonna push him more into
It moms at work so this stays between us .. I don't care who you hangout with but those guys ain't your homies if there making you carry there dirty shit tomorrow I'll take you to the OG he'll show you what a real G is

Criminal shook his head

Criminal: you gotta learn some how...

Present time

Loco: you gotta stop with this shit stop isolating yourself you are who you are and it's ok now go get your shit get ready and let's bounce we got money to make homie

Payaso: haha ok

Payaso got up and showered he shaved his head and put on his dickies and a black shirt with some chucks on

Loco did the same

Victoria: please be safe my god bless you

She gave them both there blessings and they walked out and jumped in locos car

Payaso: ay so when I turn 17 do I get your car?

Loco: haha nope make some money save it and get one not that hard homie tu sabes haha

Payaso shook his head

Payaso: so where we going?

Loco: the jefe has a mission we need to do time to get paid homie

Payaso nodded

They drove up to the big homies house the homies where already there with the homegirls hanging out

Lil one aka Vanessa 15

Shorty aka Jesi 15

Joker aka Marcos 19

Downer aka mado

Looney aka everado

Smiley boy aka Jose

Chino aka Ruben

Brown eyes aka Nancy

Dimplez aka Martha

Saint aka lupe

Loco: stay your ass out here I gotta talk to him

Payaso: alright sure

Payaso wasn't into talking to females he never really had a girlfriend he was more into getting the hoes and sleeping around but it didn't stop the homegirls from trying to get at him

Dimplez: hey cutie!

Payaso: what's up?

Dimplez was the hoe of the group but she was still a homegirl

Dimplez hugged him

Dimplez: nothing much so you coming to that kick back tomorrow?

She gave him a cute smile

Payaso: maybe I don't haha are you?

Dimplez: yea wanna kick it?

Chino: dam dimplez shit calm down haha

Payaso: ay leave her alone haha what's up homie?

Chino: nothin much what you guys up to?

Loco walked out and hugged the girls

Loco: payaso lets go we got a drop to do

Payaso: gotta go drop some shit you down to kick it later smoke it?

Chino: hell yea my pad?

Payaso: yea fo sho bring some girls over let's have some fun haha

Loco saw that him saying that hurt shorty.. jesi had always had a crush on payaso since they where young but she was so shy she wouldn't talk much to him payaso barely noticed she was there

Loco: ay shorty you down for the ride?

Shorty:uhhh sure

Lil one pushed her

Loco: lil one one you to come on

Loco had a crush on lil one but she was to young he was 19 and she 15 but he knew age is just a number

payaso:ay you sure it's safe taking them I don't wanna risk it?

Loco: it'll make it less suspicious shit you guys ride in the back Vanessa ride with me chula

She smiled

The ride was awkward at first but payaso talked

Payaso: so why you so quiet?

He got closer to her she got nervous

Shorty: haha I don't know

She blushed

Payaso: haha how you don't know?
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