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Vato loco .. payasos story

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Gotta learn the hard way

She shrugged her shoulders

Payaso: mmm pues haha

He put his arm around her he could feel her heart go crazy

They got to the spot

Loco: girls stay in here the cars on if anything take off payaso go in and give them this there gonna pass you a duffle bag don't say a word just do what I say

Payaso: I got you

Payaso got out of the car and walked to the door before he could knock they opened the door and let him in

With loco

Loco:so you like payaso shorty?

Shorty: well kinda but he doesn't notice me

Lil one: let me dress you up for the kick back later get you all dolled up and shit he'll notice you then watch

Shorty laughed

Loco: dam you gonna get dolled up for me or what?

Lil one: I'm 15 loco can't be rocking the cradle tu sabes

Loco: ay age is just a number but I bet that pussy tight though

Shorty spit her water out laughing

Shorty: dammmm

Lil one : hahaha maybe why?

Loco put his hand on her thigh payaso got back in the car

Payaso: stop being a perv and lets go I got the money

Loco: how much?

Payaso: haha enough trust me

They drove back

Loco: where you guys gonna hang out?

Payaso: probably at chinos his moms gone

Loco: that's cool but becareful with those neighbors why don't you guys come smoke at her house moms gone kick it in the backyard

Payaso: I'll hit up chino see what he says

Payaso called him

Chino- sup

Payaso: come to my place less drama

Chino- alright we'll meet you there

Payaso hung up

Payaso: that easy shit haha

They parked infront of the house

Lil one: me and shorty are gonna go to my house real quick and change we'll be back

Payaso hugged shorty

Payaso: don't take long come smoke it with me

Shorty: I won't be

They watched them walk away

Payaso: I'm gonna tell Richard your trying to smash a 15 year old

Loco: haha fuck you she's Fine as fuck go for it but that ass is mine and what about you and shorty?you know she likes you?

Payaso: I don't know I'm into getting head and pussy not getting into relationships

Loco: and I'm bad haha get to know her she's a nice girl mom would like her more than dimplez

Payaso and dimplez had a history together a freaky one

Payaso: speaking of the devil here they come

Chino drove up with the homies and the homegirls

Loco: haha I'm gonna go set up

Loco walked inside while everybody walked in

Dimplez: show me your room mijo?

Payaso: haha you've seen it before or wait we where to busy haw?

Dimplez laughed and grabbed his hand and put it down her shirt

Payaso: umm yea it's that way?

They walked into his room payaso locked it

Loco saw as they walked into his room

Loco: somebody gotta get that hoe in control

Chino: dimplez gets the dick she wants trust me haha

Loco: dam haha

Payaso sat down on his bed and she sat on his lap and took of her shirt

Dimplez: you like what you see daddy?

Payaso sucked on her nipples he was getting hard she could feel it she got up and unzipped his pants

Dimplez: mmm just like I want it

He pushed her head down

Payaso: in your mouth fuckkk

She sucked him good and deep making him moan

With shorty and lil one

Shorty: I don't wanna look like a slut Vanessa

Lil one: ay you got the ass and tits show them off trust me you got more then that hoe

Shorty: she's a homegirl though

Lil one: come on before she climbs on his dick you know how she is

Shorty: she's probably already on it

Lil one: stop being shy! Talk be yourself be confident you'll have him wrapped around your finger don't even trip!

They walked over to payasos loco was outside talking to an OG

Loco: well well

Lil one: I work magic mijo

Loco: haha good luck dimplez has him

Shorty: I told you

Lil one: come on let's go smoke a bit loosen up

They walked in loco was checking out lil one

With payaso

Dimplez had finished him off

Dimplez: wanna fuck me daddy?

Payaso got up and zipped his pants up

Payaso: naw maybe later clean yourself haha

He walked out and right into shorty

Payaso : shit my bad wait shorty?

Shorty: hey

They saw dimplez walk out of his room she shook her head and walked away with chino

Lil one: your stupid I swear

Payaso: what did I do!?

Lil one: we left like 20 mins ago and you already got some head? I got her all dressed up to come see you cuz she likes you but you do this instead?

Payaso: don't get mad at me I didn't know she liked me fuck haha come on don't get mad lil one

He said as she walked away

Lil one: your an idiot I swear!!

They walked outside shorty was smoking a blunt with chino laughing he had his arm around her

Payaso: shorty come here lets talk

She ignored him

Payaso: jesi come on don't be mad at me

Shorty gave him a look

Shorty: what dimplez didn't do a good enough job?

Payaso grabbed her and pulled her to the side

Chino: chill homie

Payaso: don't trip chino

They walked to the side

Payaso wanted to say something but he kept checking her out

Shorty: my eyes are up here! Fucking Payaso

She shook her head

Payaso: haha my bad you look beautiful ok but still I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings ok

Shorty: your gonna have to work harder you always do this you always chose her ...now you lost that girl that actually cared for you and not your dick.. menso

Shorty walked away it made payaso mad.... but it made him want her a feeling he's never had for a girl

Payaso: shorty come on please!

She flipped him off and sat with chino smoking

Chino: haha time to kick back baby girl

She smiled and gave payaso a look as he walked inside

Lil one was flirting with loco

Payaso: wrap your dick stupid before you get a young girl pregnant

Loco: dam what's wrong with you?haha

Lil one: let me guess haha

Loco passed him a beer

Payaso: she's mad at me fuck why didn't you tell me she liked me though?

lil one: you seriously didn't notice? The way she looked at you every time you came bye? Did you see the hurt look she had on her face when dimplez hoe ass walked out of the room with you?

Payaso: fuck!

Loco: haha drink the beer kick back a lil

Loco grabbed lil ones hand and they walked to his room while payaso sat with chino smoking

Payaso: where she go?

Chino: I guess had to make a call here take a hit

Payaso started to smoke he couldn't stop

Chino: chill haha your gonna get all fucked up

Payaso smiled at him

Payaso: haha to late I'm faded as fuck

Shorty walked by payaso looked at her

Payaso: where did you go?

Shorty: don't trip homie!

Payaso nodded his head and yelled out for dimplez

Dimplez: yea?

He grabbed her by her hand and sat her on his lap he took a hit from the blunt and shot gunned it to dimplez

Chino: haha she likes it in the mouth haha

Shorty shook her head got up and left looking for lil one but she was to busy

Shorty: chino tell Vanessa I left thanks for the smoke by Jesus

Chino: Simon don't trip baby girl

Payaso got up making dimplez fall

Dimplez: the fuck?!

Payaso: jesi wait fuck

He followed to the front yard trying to stop her

Shorty: leave me alone stupid go with dimplez

Payaso: come on shorty just give me a chance I'm new at this shit mami

Shorty turned around and looked at him

Shorty: don't call me that ok

She walked off

Payaso: come on!! Jesi!

She walked down the block it was already getting dark he ran after her

Shorty: you don't give up do you

Payaso: look I didn't know you felt like that ok I'm sorry I feel bad I didn't mean to hurt your feelings like that I just

Shorty: stop repeating yourself

Payaso: then what do want you want from me????
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