My Life In The University

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Hope Johnson, a young girl of 16 years, leaves home for the university. Coming from a very religious home and having a strict father, much is expected from her. But when she gets to the university, there are many temptations... Will she resist them and bring honor to her family or will she fall into them and bring disgrace? Besides, she loses the love of her life just when she is in a dilemma about life. How is she going to scale through? Find out in this lengthy and intriguing story.

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So this is my first book on Inkitt, and I am so excited.

Her last year in secondary school has ended. She was the best student in her set. It is not a surprise because she has won so many awards during both school and inter-school competition and debate.

She is not good in sports but she loves books, especially literature. She was the library prefect in my secondary school days.

You might be wondering who I am talking about.

Her name is Hope Johnson, a 16-year-old teen who loves food as well as reading novels. Her favorite novels are Sweet Bastard by Neilani Alejandrino and Black Diaries by Robert Thier. She has two brothers whom she loves dearly.

Presently, she is standing in front of her school hostel. She just got admission into one of the best Federal University and even though it was late admission, she was still excited.

So guys, this is just the introduction. I’m so sorry it’s short.

Stay tuned and follow me for more.

@thatstorylover loves you more than stories. Peace out.

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