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yellow and green

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What happens when a shy boy meets an out going girl. BUT she leaves but comes backs....but...just read to find out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1




I walk through the halls with a smile on my face my head held high amd shoulders back, everyone knows me or atlast the perfect image of me i make.

I have on a over size light blue dress shirt tucked into , my shorts and white air force nobody better step on them else i’m loseing it.

I walk to student council room, i need to get everything ready for our meet, if you didnt guess by now i am the student president.

I’m proud of what i built, good grades perfect attendance and student council president.

I’m finished right in time to see eveyone walk in, i take my seat at the head of the table.

After an 1 hour long meeting we finally are done, i pack up everything an head to my frist class of the day.

English B i like it alot its mostly book reading, as i get in i see a boy with his yellow hoodie over his head in my seat.

Look i’m not gonna freak out over a chair so i take the seat right next to him.

His head is buried so deep in the book that we were suppose to read last week....look who didnt do there reading...i couldnt help but laugh to myself.

After another boring classes it time for lunch, while i’m making my way to the cafeteria someone dumps into me and spills there water on me.

Let me remind you i’m a black woman i have a deep shade of brown nipples, and to make it worst i dont have on a bra.

I could see my nipples start to show, i left up my head to say something when i look infornt of me i find a white boy starting directly at my nipples.

His face is turning red...very red.

" yo give me your hoodie” i said covering my nipples.

He looks up at me with a shy expression.

" but...i dont have anything on under it”

“Look i dont have time for this, just give me the damn hoodie” i said getting annoyed.

" i..i...cant” he said looking at the ground shyly.

" look white boy, give me your hoodie else i’m gonna give you a black eye you choose.” I said harshly.

“I..umm...i..*sight* ok” he slowly takes of his hoodie and hands it to me.

I grab it and put it on quickly feeling better that the hold school wont see my nipples.

" you need to watch where your going because if i was someone else they probably would have punched you ” i said looking at him.

But he’s eyes are just plastered to the ground.

" you ok?” I said a little worried.

He looks like he’s about to vomit so i step back

His hand flys to his mouth to cover it, and then he takes off running to the boys bathroom, leaving me stunned.

Do i smell...i dont think so, i take one step into the direction where i was heading but my mind wasnt allowing me to leave him and not check on him.

I sigh then head to the boys bathroom, i close the door behind me then reach above it and lock it with the keys.

Only a few people know about the keys hiding spot. I walk over to the Stoll i know he’s in.

He’s hugging the towel bowl while vomiting, aww....i feel bad for him now.

I walk over to him and stoop down next to him rubbing his back.

" I’m sorry i was so harsh on you ” i said in a quiet tone really feeling sorry.

I could tell he’s finished so i get up and grab some tissues and grab the key to the cupboard from under the sink and open it grabbing a cup of mouth wash then go back over next to him.

He pulls down the cover then flushes the toliet, then gets up and sits on the toliet cover. His hands covering his face, i kneel down infornt of his.

I place my hand under his chin raising his head, wow i didnt realise how handsome he is. I gently wipe his pink lips, and then bring the cup of mouth was to his lips, he slowly parts his mouth allowing the liquid to enter.

He gets up and walks over to the sink while he was over to the sink and spits out the mouth wash.

" you good” i ask softy.

His eyes went back to the floor but he nods his head.

“Hey look at me ”

He slowly lifts his head and his cheeks are tainted pink....so cute.

I put back the key to its hides place, and signal him to follow in.

He walks behind me quietly i reach my locker and pull out a green hoodie.

“Here sorry for taking for hoodie.....just just my nipples were going to show” i said while moving my hair off of my shoulders.

“....um..its..kl ” he says nervously.

His so cute, i couldnt help but smile and bit my lip, i look at my watch and realise class has already started and i didnt get anything to eat. But good thing i always keep snacks in my locker.

I hand him a zip lock bag full of fruits while i take the chocolate covered pretzel and close my locked.

" you should always eat health” and with that i took off running to class.

my next class good thing its art the teacher doesn't care what we do as long as we get a painting or drawing done by the end of class.

I got in class and take my seat next to my sketch book i open it but my mind didn't really have a drawing in mind.

I look up to see the boy i ran into walk into the class and take a seat right opposite me....no way he’s in this class i would have noticed. ..right.

He then pulls the hood of the hoddie over his head, he’s beautiful so with him right in the perfect view....i kinda drawed him in abstract.......look in my defense. ...i dont have an excuse but how could i not.

" alright class since you we are half way through class, i would like to try something new switch with the person facing you.”

He didnt not just say that... so he choices today when i’m drawing the boy opposite me to switch person opposite you....nahh thats bull.

Everyone starts switching i look and to see, the white boy right infornt of me .

“Um..i..i think ..were suppose to switch” he says softly.

*sigh* ” ok look just dont say anything when you see my work okay?” And with that he quickly nods his head.

I walk over to his spot and take a seat.

I look at the sketch to see its the moon as a woman so i deside to draw the sun as a man.

I couldnt help to look up and see him already looking at me, face brightt red i could help but laugh.

Class is almost over and the teacher is looking at everyones work to see with one is going up on the wall today.

The teacher picks and he sends everyone out side so its a surprise when he puts them up.

He told us its fine to come in and i see my painting and the white boy own....i’m in aww.

Was it just me or was these piece of art works shows something to me...

Heyy thank you for reading my new book
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