Twelve the maids present

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Maids present

The next morning Jane having breakfast with her dad .are u okay sweetie! Her dad said ..
yeah ! Why are u asking ? Jane said .
It’s just you are a little more quiet and brooding than usual said dad!..
I’m thinking about the contest jane said looking worried ?okay what about it ? Dad said .
for the next round each contestant will have to give corey family a present .
Of course it’ll have to be a special present.probably A very expensive one said Jane ..
special doesn’t necessarily mean expensive remember that ? Dad said
I know that but Kate told me yesterday I might need quite a lot of money said Jane!
I see dad said ! ..and what’s more I’ll have be presenting the gift in front of everyone else said Jane ! ..whoa ! Sounds a bit weird to me ! But what bothers you most ? If you tell me ,I could help you with that .dad said ..if I don’t manage to get the perfect present I’ll lose this round and I really wanna win !
Jane said ! ..Corey is a really nice guy and his parents seems to like you I’m sure you have all the chance to win . But I can help you with the present ,if you want dad said ... thanks dad you’re the best Jane said ! do we have any more information about the gift ? Dad said,..not really it says in the letter that it has to be sincere gift and it has to reflect my personality Jane said ? why too complex for me said dad ! I know what that mean jane said ? and if I may add it has to be a unique one morning ,everyone! Kate said
hi Kate ?Jane said .morning Kate said Kate uncle? Is this why you said it has to be expensive? Said Jane Kate freezes with a bottle of milk in her hand ,well yeah I mean there are exceptions of course ,but I wouldn’t want to risk it with this family said Kate ? I see. Your point good thing I have a day off today ,just enough time to figure it all out Jane said ?you can’t tell if Kates smile is genuine? hope it work out fine for you said Kate ! Thanks ! Good luck to you too .alright let’s get started I will certainly need some help with this if I want to get an expensive gift I could ask Amalia for help I guess .dad can’t give me the money but he could still help me with the present. I hope she’ll be able to help said Jane . you send Amalia a text and she replied quickly inviting you to come to her house . Dad calls you by your name .
when you are about to leave your aunts house ? are you leaving Jane , I thought I was gonna help you with the present said dad’ve already helped me dad! Your support was the most important thing now it just down to detail Jane said , Really I don’t think I said anything said ,come on Jane only making things worse sorry dad this is very important but I’ll let you know about the present when I’m back said Jane ..sure ! If you say so dad said .okay that was a huge fail Jane said . Amalia greets you with enthusiasm..I’m so glad you came over I’m sure together we will nail it down said Amalia. I hope so Said Jane. but first tell me how did you find Corey family ?said Amalia . Wow starting off with a bit of gossip then Said Jane? don’t worry I’m not telling them said Amalia! .okay so I like Celeste but I find it weird how she’s trying to control everything in the family jane said to Amalia? well that her way of being the leader of the family .you might think she’s a bit bossy..but she a good leader nevertheless.said Amalia ? Alright then .alright let’s us gradually move on to why you are here said Amalia? Amalia , I heard I might need quite a lot of money for that perfect gift so I ..... or you might need no money at all Amalia said ! what really Jane said .Let’s get down to the basic again , The present has to be unique and it has to reflect your personality...said Amalia! I also want Celeste and roger to like it if I may I’d add to that said Jane .now that’s even better !I’ll tell you. Little secret Celeste is a big fan of art .said Amalia.! Really ? I mean I saw some interesting pieces of art back at their house , but I didn’t know about her passion said Jane... oh she is a passionate about art she spends a lot of money on her collection of paintings said Amalia! Oh wow ! Said Jane . And I happen to have a painting she’d love to get ,no matter the cost hold on a second! Said Amalia.quickly , Amalia disappears behind the doorway curtain .! I wonder where that doorway leads to. Amalia is full of surprises! Said Jane ..Amalia appears in about five minutes holding a half finished landscape painting let’s the magic being! Said Amalia! Theses colours are outstanding ! But obviously it’s half finished and rather old probably European as well said Jane you life your gaze and look at Amalia!who is it said Jane ! Amalia smiles at you we don’t know for sure said Amalia! Where did you get it then ? Said Jane? Amalia give you another tantalising smile .why don’t you just enjoy the magic and stop asking your fairy godmother so many questions? It’s a present from an old friend! Said Amalia .that means you must value it a lot! Said Jane .I do but now you need it more than I do said Amalia.but..said Jane ? Objections not to be taken ! Now take it and make sure you think of away to present it properly! Said Amalia.oh nearly forgot about that ! Said still have time to get ready remember, Celeste will be watching you carefully!said Amalia.thank you so much ! Your help means a lot to me ! Said Jane.ah don’t mention it daring said hug Amalia and she walk you to the door .hey Jane ! Said Amalia .yes? Your going to be fine said Amalia ..I know ! Said Jane .good said Amalia.. the next evening you finish work early so you can get ready for the third round of the contest..right I need to make sure I look perfect tonight ! Said Jane and what about my hair ?you take a look at the painting for the last time and take a deep breath.okay let’s do that !said Jane .when you arrive at corey family mansion you see five girls dressed up holding or standing by the gifts.whoa! There are not so many lefts of us said Jane ! You spot Sasha who waves at you , Cassy who is standing by a middle age lady presumably her mom then there is Kate standing next to Cassy staring into space looking very nervous and few more familiar faces as for the gifts .. there is a pair of antique vases ,something that looks like a bottle of perfume...Sasha s holding a book what’s did she write it herself ? How come she never told me she was into writing... right , ladies! There are not. Many of us left which is a good sign soon it will be over! Said Celeste .a wave of elegant laughter fills the room .you watch two contestant present their gifts ..then Sasha ready a few extracts from what turned out to be her boom ,wow! So that really is her book !said Jane ..Sasha is followed by Kate , who is now standing in the middle of the room holding a microphone.I dedicated this song to Corey and he’s lovely family !she start singing and although she seems to enjoy her singing...some people around you cover their ears with their hands ,while others turn their heads away , as if ...trying to escape Kate and her performance., ouch! Poor Kate she’s not gonna do well tonight! Said Jane .thank you , I think we all agree here that this was indeed something!and now could Jane come here and tell us what she’s prepared for us tonight?celeste .a minute later you are standing in the middle of the spacious hall ,with your painting on its Easel.Celeste comes closer to study the painting.Celeste looks at the painting for a second and suddenly she freezes .oh my ..where did you get that child ?said Celeste.from A very good friend said Jane .you know this is an extremely rare piece said Celeste? Are you alright ?said Jane... yes yes just bit dizzy .your gift is truly outstanding ! But please feel free to start your speech.said Celeste..Celeste leaves to join your audience... ladies and gentlemen ...tonight I’m going to talk to you about a special gift ,...said Jane .you pause.this sound so fake ! What’s wrong with me ? Why am I so worried?said Jane .you look around the room you see Celeste patient waiting for you to continue your speech and roger..standing behind her checking his watch see Micheal smiling at you .and many others relatives of the family that you haven’t Met then you narrow your eyes and notice corey standing far behind his family .what is Corey doing there why is he not here among us?I though this contest was about him and his future ! Or at least partly so! So unfair and fake I’m not sure I want to play by their rules anymore said Jane ,,,is everything alright ,Jane ? We are waiting for you to start said Celeste,! I’m sorry I got a bit nervous, all I really wanted to say about this painting was the reason why I’m giving it as a gift to Celeste and roger ad you can see the painting depicts the seashore at dawn which ,I think is similar to you as a family .Celeste narrow her eyes at you .how so ? Said Celeste ? The sea is beautiful and complex ,yet its controversial calm in the morning ,Stormy by night said Jane ! I don’t quite get the metaphor I’m afraid said Celeste ! Michael chuckles I get it .I think it’s about us trying to combine modern lifestyle with our archaic traditions that’s genius said Michael. Celeste raises her eyebrow and you can’t tell if she is more surprised than angry. I see carry on please said Celeste! And what’s the dawn ? Says roger ,oh that’s. Time said Jane . As in time sorts things out ? Brilliant! Said Michael. More like answers will come .said Jane ! What answers? I no longer understand what you two are talking about the painting is lovely thank you very much for that but we surely don’t have time to discuss all the philosophy behind it! So let’s us move on said Celeste? You look at Celeste as she announced the last contestant .I wonder if she really didn’t get my metaphor or she just pretended ...said Jane ! Well that was brave ! And quite desperate at the same time ! You do realize that said Sasha .. I’m not afraid of the consequences,Sasha and thanks said Jane ! Ladies and gentlemen! I’m glad to announce the winners of the third round please give it up to Cassy and Sasha ! This also means that Kate Cassy Sasha and Jane have made it to fourth and final round of the contest! So. make sure you are well prepared girls as it will take place next weeks ! And of course we will be happy to see everybody at the ball after the contest is over ! Said Celeste! Jane said Kate you turn around and see Kate trying hard to hold back her tears and Sasha standing next to her .are you alright Kate ? Said Jane! Cassy s making fun of me ! She’s saying I should never sing again said Kate . Come on girl! You made it to the last round .this is all that matters said Sasha.was I bad Jane said Kate .you shrug cynically as you look at Kate .I’m afraid so .said Jane .oh my god ! I knew I shouldn’t have done it! Said Kate ..come on girls ,it’s all over now there’s no need to cry over spilled milk ! Said Sasha! Sasha right what’s done is done said Jane .wait I have an idea ! There’s a town fair tonight ! Do you wanna go check it out said Sasha! A town fair ? Sound amazing! Said Jane .this very moment you hear your phone ring .hold on second girls I’ve got a phone call .said Jane! Sure we wait here said Sasha! Jane step outside of the hall and pick up her phone .hey princess! I hope you haven’t left yet .said Corey ! Hey no I’m still here .why ? Said Jane. Great ! Cause I really want to take you to town fair if you wanna go of course said corey ! Going to the town fair with Corey sound exciting! Sure I d love to go !where should I meet you ?said Jane .you feel someone’s Hand touching your shoulder and you turn around quickly! Hi there ! Said corey .you scared me ! Said Jane .sorry ! That was meant to be a surprise! Said Corey are Corey? You know that I lost the third round, don’t you ?said Jane I do ,I was there actually even though you couldn’t see me properly.said Corey .I know I probably should have been a lot nicer but I just couldn’t help. It when I saw you being practically excluded from the contest...said Jane .Jane ? Said corey! Yes ?said jane .no one ever done this much to protect me said corey ! Oh wow I mean I did what I thought was necessary said Jane ! You are my personal hero ,Jane .beside you’ve passed to the final round anyway and I’m really happy about that ! Said corey ! Great I’m glad that you said that ! Said Jane .alright ,then ! Let’s go and make sure we have some fun tonight said corey ! You take him by his hand when a though strikes you .I completely forgot to ask you how are you feeling after what happened to you and Kevin? Said Jane .Corey wrinkles Up his Nose as If he remembered something unpleasant then looks at you .I’m fine .it’s could be worse I suppose.said corey .come on corey you can be honest with me said Jane ! I know that but ,okay my body still hurts a bit and mom is still angry with me for face just before the third round of the contest.but I regret nothing .said Corey !you give him a tender kiss on the poor corey !said Jane you’d be surprised but I feel anything but poor !said corey! You turn around the corner and keep walking hand in hand .oh corey ! There was one more thing that I wanted to ask you! Said Jane ! Sure ! What is it said corey ? I saw Kevin fighting side by side with you .saw you protecting each other .do you think that could mean said Jane ? That we are friends again ?said corey! Yes said Jane ?hmm i guess we did what we had to do I mean I will always try my best to help Kevin if he needs me but I can’t promise you anything more than that I’m afraid.said Corey ! Sure. I understand said Jane? But I’m glad he was there that night and not only because of his fighting skills said corey ! I’m sure he was glad you were there too said Jane! I bet he was .alright it’s only a short walk from here .said Corey!. You arrive at the fair and immediately feel that your heart fills with happiness.. oh my god! This is amazing! Said Jane .I’m glad you like it said corey ! Sure all these beautiful lights and smiling faces around us ..said Jane .you spot a big shiny merry go round .. Corey do you mind if we ... holding two tickets his hand appeares in front of your face .I hope you don’t mind me reading your mind this time said corey ! I’m glad you did ! Said Jane ...Corey helps you saddle one of the toy horses and jumps on the horses next to you . Let the magic start ! Said corey ! Laughing yourself silly you enjoy the ups and downs when you notice that corey isn’t laughing with you .he seems to be lost in his thoughts ,good thoughts though ,cause he’s smiling.said Jane ! You stretch your arm and softly touch his knee.are you ok ? Said Jane .I’m wonderful! I mean riding a merry go round with you on a perfect evening ! What could be better ? Said corey? Alright let’s rephrase the question! What’s are you thinking about?said Jane ? He seems puzzled at first then smile come back on he’s face.okay you got me I was thinking no dreaming about us said corey? Carry on said Jane ! Imagined us travelling together seeing beautiful places and talking to interesting people you know living a rich and joyful life with you on side !said Corey ! He’s cheeks redden and as you look into he’s shining eyes you feel your heart pounding .suddenly his face becomes all serious .but tell me Jane is this a real thing ? I mean do you want to be with me when the contest is over ? You put your hand on top of his hand of course .I do corey .I wouldn’t be going thought all this if I didn’t want to be with you ! Said Jane! Oh Jane ! You make me a happy man . I want to make you happy too .said corey I’ve got a feeling ,you’ll be really good at that ! Said Jane.I’m glad you’ve got faith in me as long as you do nothing is impossible for me said corey ! The carousel stops and you walk out .thank you .Corey ! It was wonderful! Said Jane .my pleasure ! Do you want a snack ? Said corey .I wouldn’t mind actually! Said Jane .key join the queue then what do you want said corey ! Let’s see ..I’d like some cotton candy please ! Said Jane .sure let’s get some magical fluff for the princess said corey ! Aww said Jane .few minutes later you are enjoying your treat together with Corey having sweet talk..smiling and laughing a lot when you hear a some what familiar voice behind your back ! Hi there said Tom .a good evening to you too say Gabe ? What do you want ? If you wanna talk to me. . Jane doesn’t need to see that said corey ! Come on man just chill out ! We only wanted to say sorry that we went a bit too far a few days ago although ,it was a hell of a fight wasn’t it Gabe ? Said Tom ! That right Tom ! Said Gabe !you look at the bikers ,they look rather friendly with Gabe holding a caramilzed apple in his hand . But we’re still kind of sorry .the ladies didn’t have to see that s..t going on between us four .said Tom ! There! Said Gabe ,uhm thanks Said Jane. .your welcome ! Said Gabe ! Meanwhile Tom offers corey to shake his hand .deal ? Said Tom ! Deal said corey ! Good now we can sleep well again let’s go Gabe said Tom ! But you slept well last night and night before ..said Gabe ! That cause I was drunk you idiot Said Tom! They leave and you turn to Corey . Wow ! What a night full of wonders! Said Jane ! I totally agree with you said corey .you come back home way after midnight ,trying to be as quiet as possible.up in your room throw yourself on your bed god ! I could be happiest girl in the world let’s hope tomorrow will be as interesting and fun as today .with these thought you fall a sleep .

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