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Tracy Morgan a young teenager who's trying to be happy after the separation of her parents which she hated her mum for. Tracy has an high school crush (Gabriel James) who's the best basket ball player in Westview high school and is ready to do anything to beat the world record. Tracy's best friend (Scott williams) is in love with her but keeping it a secret. Tracy's willing to do anything to Gabriel hers but things started changing when she found out her best friend has feelings for her Will she find true love?

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Chapter one

My name is Tracy Morgan,am seventeen and I live with my. My parents separated when I was barely eleven years old and I hated my mum for it.

I always wanted to be like other girls, have a happy home, dress like them, go to parties and also have a boyfriend. But am stuck up with my mum and high school stress.

My best friends Scott and Elsa, we've been friends since we were little, we do things together, read together, play and tell each other our secrets, we attend westview high school.
It's Monday morning and the clock alarm rang waking me up from bed, I took my bath, dressed and had breakfast and left for school.

I always want to go to school early just to secretly stare at Gabriel James at his morning practice. Gabriel is the best basket ball player in Westview and also a tall handsome freak who would beat the world record best basket ball player. I started having feelings for Gabriel since middle school, Elsa would always tell me to go for what I like unless it would be late or be taken by someone else.

The school bell rang and it was time for me to be in the class but every part of me still wanna watch Gabriel practice, looking at his muscular alethic body drives me insane God!!! Sometimes I wonder if he is really human, like how can a human being be that cute, tall with curly hair and gorgeous lips.
I went to my locker to get my books for class, couldn't miss my best subject for anything and I have to study really hard to get into college and also improve my grades. Chemistry class was fun, we had some practicals and talked about a lot of things.

After class, I, Elsa and Scott went to the library to read but couldn't concentrate, I just can't help get the thought of Gabriel outta my head. Elsa noticed and asked what the problem was "I wish he could just walk up to me asking me to be his girlfriend " I replied. "Who"? She asked " Gabriel of course, who else?"I replied. "Can we please just concentrate and forget about Gabriel" Scott said with an annoying tone. After reading, we went to the karoke machine which was my best place to be, When my parents were still together, we always go to the karoke machine to sing and dance, we really were a happy family. I really miss my dad, I wish I could just take back the clock so that things would go back to the way they were.

Can't wait to be eighteen years old so I could go visit my dad, I wonder if he is ever going to recognize me cause the last time he saw me I was barely twelve, he never came you visit or called to how I was doing.

"It's past curfew" I said, my mum is gonna kill me. I rushed home trying to sneak into my room but I was already too late, my mum was waiting for me at the sitting room. "Where have you been? " She asked, "I was out with my friends" I replied, "you grounded for the rest of the week, that's your punishment for coming home late and you have to take your education seriously. How will you get into college with your low grades!!! " She yelled at me. "Grounded?? " But I was only out with my friends nothing more and am improving in my school area, my result was better than the last one"I replied "you still have to try your best plus you still grounded" I stamped my foot I went to my room.

Later that night I received a test from Elsa "party at Gabriel's, coming to pick you up" Told her I was grounded, won't be able to go "don't worry about that we'll sort it out when I get there" She replied . Few minutes later, I heard a noise on my window, stood up to check and it was Elsa, I couldn't let her use the door cause my is gonna find out we going out and she is gonna double my punishment. She sneaked into my room using the window "we have to hurry, there is no time and we need to get back before midnight so your mum won't find out we went to a party" She said, "I don't know what to wear am fucking nervous" I said "don't worry I will pick a nice sexy dress outfit for you" She replied. We got dressed and left for the party, when we got there I was so happy and nervous, have been to a pool party before, girls putting on bikini and guys wearing pants. Gabriel's was so lovely, it looked like a palace, I imagined myself staying there with just Gabriel, I was lost in my imaginations then I heard Elsa voice "Tracy, guess who's coming" She asked , I looked and saw Gabriel, he was shirtless which almost drove me crazy, I imagined doing dirty things with him"hi, welcome to my party " He said, I couldn't believe he was talking to me. We've never talked since we were in middle school. "Thanks" I replied "mind if I show you around? " He asked "I would love that" I replied delightedly "now is your chance" Elsa said, "wish me luck" I replied "you got this baby girl but don't forget to use a condom" She said jokingly. "Spoilt brat" I replied.

I left with Gabriel, we talked about a lot of things "where are your parents? " I asked, "they are out on a business trip" He replied, so I finally summoned the courage to let him know how I feel about him, "ummm, there is something I would like you say, hope you don't mind" I said with a feeble voice "yeah go on" he replied "the thing is uhhmmmm, I...... I..... I.... never mind " I said stammering. He chuckled "are you making fun of me right now? I asked " No, it's just that" That what I asked? "I like you " He said, "What? , really??!!!! " I asked surprisingly "yes" he replied. "Thank goodness it was one sided" I said with relief, "what do you mean?" he asked, "I like you too, started having feelings for you since middle school, I come to school very early just to watch you practice" I replied with a happy tone "wow!!! "He said, he came to me gently rubbing my hair and was about to kiss me, I thought my heart was gonna jump outta my chest.

Just as were about to kiss, Elsa interrupted" Hope am not Interrupting? Tracy we need to go" She said, felt like crushing Elsa with my bare hands,she just made me miss what I have been wishing for all my life I grumbled, he pecked me on the cheek and bided me good bye, I felt on top of the world cause even if I didn't get a kiss from him, at least am glad to know he likes me back.

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