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Things are going surprisingly well for Margaret in Nashville, She's building her new bakery from the ground up. Her best friend is experiencing the joys of pregnancy, and she's got a great guy by her side. But the roller coaster that is life can only go well for so long before it takes a nosedive. Shortly after she moved, Declan goes MIA. The socially awkward baker and her best friend are determined to find him, but when life throws several curveballs her way Margaret has to decide what to do. Should she uncharacteristically roll with the punches or retreat back to what's normal?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Olsen’s Bake Shop, this is Margaret speaking. How can I help you?” I asked the person on the other, carefully stepping around the boxes littered on the floor. Despite the fact I had been in Nashville for almost a month now, the renovations for the bakery just finished yesterday. It won’t be long before I trip over these boxes and break my face.

“Mags, where are you?” Declan’s voice was urgent as he spoke. Wait, I was supposed to be somewhere? Shit. Had I been so distracted that I forgot something?

“At the bakery per usual. Why, what’s going on?”

“You were supposed to be here an hour ago. I called because I was worried something happened.”

The knot in my stomach intensified as I navigated my way around the boxes. “There was something? Shit. With the move and the bakery finishing itsrenovations, I must have completely forgotten. I’m so sorry, I’m leaving right- “I stopped in the midst of my panic rant when I heard Declan snicker on the end. The snicker lasted for a few seconds before it turned into a full-blown chuckle.

“There’s nothing I’m late for, is there?”

“You’re too gullible for your own good sweetheart.” I let out a groan, tipping my head back to look at the ceiling.

“Have I told you how much of an asshole you are lately?”

“Someone’s got to keep you on your toes. I was just calling to make sure we’re still good to head over to Audrey and Thomas' tonight.”

“Yeah, I’ve got a few things to finish up but I’m going to head straight over afterward.” I tucked the phone between my shoulder and head as I walked into the back. “Are you still ok with me coming over tonight?”

“I haven’t seen you in almost a week because of the bakery and then last-minute cases were thrown my way. Trust me, I’m more than ok with you coming over.”

“Alright.” I managed to get out in a meek voice. “I should go. I’ve got to unpack this place before I break an ankle.”

“We wouldn’t want that to happen. I’ll let you go. See you later.” Before I could utter a goodbye, Declan ended the call. I couldn’t help but narrow my eyes as I stared at the screen. He hated saying goodbye and he never let me say it either. Sure, it was something minor, but it frustrates me. But that summarizes my feelings for Declan pretty well though.

He’s a great guy and I’m happy we’re together, but God does he fucking piss me off.

Later in the day, Audrey, Thomas, Declan, and I were gathered around the living room at Audrey’s place. She and Thomas took up the love seat and Declan and I was sitting on the sofa. His arm was draped across my shoulder as his fingers continuously grazed my shoulder.

As I listened to Audrey and Thomas chatter on, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I thought about Declan. Ever since we had arrived here, he had to find some way to touch me. Whether it was a hand on the small of my back or his arm across my shoulders like it is now.

Who knew Declan, the big bad FBI agent would be such a touchy person.

That thought caused me to chuckle out loud, getting the attention of everyone in the room. “What’s so funny over there Margaret?” Audrey asked, chuckling under her own breath as she raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a- thought that crossed my mind. That’s all.” Even as I spoke, I could feel my cheeks heating up.

“Just a thought hm? Is that why your face is taking after a fire truck?” Thomas jumped in which my face turned even redder.

“Ever think it’s because you’re all gaining up on me?”

“You know Maggie, I have ways of making you talk.” Declan leaned over, his lips brushing against my ear.

“And in an interest of me keeping my dinner down, how about you save those for when there aren’t other people in the room?” After the sentence left Audrey’s lips, I felt my cheeks begin to heat up for an entirely different reason. My stomach had suddenly turned, causing me to become faintly nauseous.

“You ok Margaret? You’re looking a little pale there”

“Yeah. Too much work, not enough sleep. The renovations for the bakery put me a little behind schedule and I guess I’ve been pushing myself too hard to put myself back on schedule. Perks of owning a business.” I smiled in an attempt to focus my mind on something other than the building nausea. Thinking back, I think I’ve only gotten three or four hours of sleep for the past week.

Well shit, I guess I’m doing worse than I thought.

“If only you weren’t ungodly stubborn and actually took a break.” Though there was a joking tone to Declan’s voice, I could detect the underlying worry in it. “You really don’t look good Mags. Are you sure to don’t want me to take you home to get some rest?”

I waved off his concerns as I straightened my posture. “I’m fine, really. I’m sure it’ll pass in a few moments.”

“Nope.” Audrey declared, struggling to stand up from the love seat with her protruding stomach. “You’re going home and getting some sleep, as well as a decent meal. Your boyfriend might accept a no but I sure as hell am not.”

I sighed as I stood up from the couch. “I hate it when you pull the best friend card.”

“And now it’s especially powerful considering I’m pregnant.” Audrey playfully winked at me before turning towards Declan. “Take her home before she passes out in my living room.”

“Yes maim.” Declan sent her a mock salute before launching up from the couch. “Come on Mags, let’s get you home.”

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