My Femboy Mate

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His life never been easy...with his parents that always want him dead,he lives a life in living hell.Everyone also hate him...they even call him by all kind of bad names.Its because his body features...he had unique and rare body sucture..But that dont mean they can call him likes that..he wish someday he can meet someone and live in a place that everyone love him for who he is. Being a mateless wolf not a good thing.Its likes you missing half of your soul and it make you feel that your life never been complete.For Ayden Keith, it's even worst...he unable shif to his wolf form when his mate that what they had told him when he felt a instant pain and cannot shif at the age of 12...but he never believe them.He can fell that his mate is out there, still alive and waiting for him to come.He even don't care if his mate a male...all he want now is his mate to be beside him...

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Slowly he regain his concesness,first thing he felt is a deep pain in both of his hands.There some hot liquid pooling around his hands.Its feel sticky and wet.He try to lift up his hands but he couldn't.

He looks down at his hands,there another deep cut had been added on his wrist.The red flows of his blood and the smell of it,make him want to puke.He also can't move his body,as its been in deep coma..

'What happened,where am i...what i'm doing here.'

With that question,Fern lets his eyes rome around.He now know that he laying down inside theirs storage house near the backyard of their family house.

Then its came into his vision,he sudder with his teary eyes,he remember what just happened.He having a families dinner with his parents.Its was a first time in sixteen years of his lives he been asked to join them for dinner.

He really happy,he thinks that they had change and that they finale except him as one of their family members.But he's wrong,they drug him.They want him dead.They bring him here and cut his wrist.They made it look likes,he commit suicide.

'wh...why must they treet me likes i am a bag of garbages.I'm for god sake is their son..their own blood son.Why...why..'

There always a big capital letters of 'WHY'inside Fern brain to what his parents had done to him.Altough he knew to why his families hate him so much,but he still wonder what he has done wrong that make his parents and siblings hate him so much.

As for his body features and condition,its not his fault that he looks like who he is now.So why must they treet him as a monster.He know he's different from his family members..but that dont give them the right to makes his life a living hell.

With a petite 5,6 feet tall,a curvey feminine body,cute oval face and pale smooth skin..he is the most beautiful boy that anyone will ever meet in this world..not to mention his black long silky hairs.He is most likely look likes a girl then a boy.

With his unique feature, everyone had been call him a femboy and he hate that.

The loud crash sound from outside the store house wake him up from his tought.He try to shout for help but there not a single word coming out from his mouth.He try move his body but he's to weak,the lost of his blood makes him dizzy and sleepy.He knew at that moment that he could died of blood lost..but what can he do..

"Fern baby..are you there.Please baby...Fern..Fern darling"

That voice..he knew that voice..the only one that love him as who he is..

'Please god..please i beg you,please spare my life.There so much i need to do in my life.Please let me live...'

with a little prayer and a bit of energy left in his body,he shout for his uncle.

"U..un..uncle me.."

" is that you."

"Yes..ple..please me."with a whimper in his voice..Fern use his remain strength to call his uncle.

He really exhausted,the dizziness became more and more valid.The fatigue already consume him little by little.But before he completely consume with darkness,he hear a bagging on the door.. and the last thing he saw was his uncle worries faces.

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