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Episode 1 - Departure

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Episode 1 - Departure

Today was Jim’s last day in the company. Everyone loves him as he was good to all. They will be missing him for sure. He left a void there. All these days, he makes everyone happy and now it’s time to leave. No one knows the reason for his exit. He didn’t tell anyone. Of course, no one took suspicious in his decision. Since it was common in those days in this company.

He came at usual time on his last day. He always stick strictly to the time. No matter the situation is, he always come and leave the company at the correct time. Everyone might have noticed his punctuality.

He don’t know what to do in the last day. No one wants him to work on last day. But he find uncomfortable to sit near the people who were busy working. So he keep on walking in and out from the floor. But Alice is expecting him to seat near with her. Even though both were sitting opposite to each other, they used to have less conversations these days.

He is actually avoiding her last days. She can sense that. But she pretends to act like she don’t know. She talks like everything is in normal. But the fact is, it isn’t.

Whenever he steps in, she tries to engage in talks with him. But he defends. Time is still there. He needs to surpass few more hours. Everyone in the floor started sharing the sweet moments with Jim. Everyone is going to miss him.

Then he started bidding farewell messages to anyone in personal in the floor. Alice is waiting for him. But he deliberately avoids her. I am not like others to him. I deserve some thing special. She thinks. But the time is about to end. He is about to relieve. He didn’t came near to her.

Did he forget me?. He tempted her.

He never went out of the sight. She tries to grab his attention by speaking loudly. But it doesn’t affects him. Later she loses control. He wons.

She called him. “Jim. Would you mind come here for a second?“. He went swiftly by cut shorting the conversation with a guy. It seems like he too expecting the same as she. But hesitated to talk. As he is not familiar with this kind of moments. He is not prepared.

“I was saving the best for the last. I’m about to come.” He added.

“I think I’m gonna miss you very much”. She said.

“But not as much I do”. He argued.

She smiled.

" The only thing which I’m relieved is we are streets apart. We can meet whenever required. The spot which we once meet. So If I call, would you come for me?” She asked.

“Yeah. Sure. Call me. I will be there.” He replied.

Then he heard someone calling his name and he went quick. Then he didn’t came back. She expected a proper sign off. But it seems to be weird one.

She reached home. Suddenly she felt some thing rolling in her head. She decided to call him and ask. The phone says the number is switched off. She felt disappointed and she laid to sleep.

Then after a good and long sleep. She woke up. She tried to call him back.

Again Switch off. She called his alternate numbers. All numbers answered Switch Off.

Then she finds that he is no more in facebook, whatsapp. She have his personal email id. She sent a “Hello” message. Soon after sending the mail an error message came stating that email id is not existing.

What happened to Jim??. Why he is disconnected from all this things??. Her mind started boggling.

She went to office and asked everyone ” Did you know anything about Jim?” He went out of contact. Did you tried to contact him??

No one actually did tried. She is the one who first identifies. Then everyone started from their phone and found that they are unable to contact.

This is strange and no one can think of a reason. Everyone looks confused and amazed by his decision. But later they resumed to work as normal.

But Alice can’t. She keeps on thinking about Jim. Because she is the one who really cares about Jim. Both were very close indeed once. Certain misunderstanding clefts them. They don’t know how to get things back. They just went as it is. Both of them might have regretted now.

Days passed by. No information on Jim. Alice knows the area in which Jim is resided. But she don’t know anything else from that.

I could have visited his house once or at least asked the street name. She thought.

She searched him in the streets of that area, but it is no of use. She have no assurance that he might be still staying there. He is gone as air.

The thoughts of him keeps on boggling her mind. She couldn’t sleep well.

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