One Valentine's Day with you

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A/N: this is was my first very short one-shot, please bear with my grammars, I owned the story and I put a little change with the characters, hope you enjoy my story 🥰

Leckan Sarasushi
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One Valentine's Day with You


"Hey, Sing let's play a game" P'Off and P'Tay invited me to play with them a Truth or Dare

"Sure! Come on" P'Tay spin the bottle, after a long spin it landed in me, "Truth or Dare?" P'Tay ask me, "Dare" I answered. P'Tay is grinning at me "ow fuck I know what on his mind" I thought in my mind.

"So, your dare is 24hours boyfriend challenge with Krist" P'Tay said. "and make him your wife" P'Off added while grinning at me.

"Hey I thought that was a one dare why did you added another one P'Off?" I said pouting at them.

"Because you have a crush on him and you didn't even make a move you idiot" P'Off said

"aww! Ok I agree with that dare, as if I have a choice even if I didn't accept that" I said while rolling my eyes

"Go ahead and make him you wife, don't forget to bring flowers for him!" P'Tay said

So I didn't introduce myself earlier because the author is busy to find a lover as if she can find anyone (A/N: 🙄) My name is Singto Prachaya Ruangroj 26 years old and single, but I have a 4 years crush and his name is Krist Perawat Sangpotirat, yah you saw it right HIS, well I'm not into boys, I'm just into Kit (A/N: eww cheesy 😝)

I'm here in flower shop to bring 3 flowers to him symbolizing it as a 'I love you' message and while picking I saw the red roses (A/N: of course, you know the meaning no need to put it here 😆) I bought them and went straight to Krist's Apartment


Today is Valentine's Day and of course am here in my apartment reading books to pass my boredom here single life argh! And by the way, I'm Krist Perawat Sangpotirat 25 years old, single since my college days, and I have 6 years crush and his name is Singto Prachaya Ruangroj, don't tell P'Sing that I have a crush on him 🤫

While reading a fictional book someone ringing the doorbell at my apartment and I'm not expecting someone to come at this day because all of my friends are with their boyfriends.

I opened my door and there is my crush "P'Sing?"

"Umm, Hi Kit" P'Sing said to me and pass me the flowers that he carries a while ago

"Do you have any plans? If you don't have, can you accompany me somewhere?" P'Sing said to me
"Umm I don't have any plans, and where we will go?" I asked him

"That will be a surprise, go change your clothes I'm going to wait you in lobby" P'Sing said, I nodded at him and proceed to change my clothes while thinking "Is P'Sing asking me for a date?" I giggle while thinking that.


Krist go to lobby to find Singto, after he see him, they go to parking lot and ride a car going to a park, Singto pick the park so that they can have a picnic, "Where are we going Tuan?" Krist ask Singto, "Just wait and enjoy the day" Singto said while winking at Krist. Krist blushed but he fights it so that Singto cannot see it. After a long drive they reached the park, Singto got down and go to the trunk to get the picnic basket, Krist insist to take the basket and Singto doesn't have any time to argue with it. They find a place to sit, when the found Singto took the basket and got out all of the foods he prepared for the picnic, Singto gave Krist the lunchbox to eat it, while Krist is eating Singto asked "does the food suits your taste?" Krist look at him and replied "yes, it tastes good, thank you singtuan" Singto felt relieved to hear that, and the continue eating.

After they finished eating, they pack the lunchbox and put it again in picnic basket, "do you want to strolled a little bit Kit?" Singto asked Krist, Krist nodded and the went to walked further to their recent place earlier. After they strolled to the park, they watch the sunset to set down, after they watch it, they go back to car and Singto is driving to another location.

They arrived at Rama VII Bridge, they walked around, and silence enveloped them, until Singto broke the silence "Kit, do you want to know a truth?" while facing at Krist, Krist nodded, then Singto tell all the happening in the morning, he didn't tell the part that he was having a crush with Krist.

Krist asked the same question to Singto, and Singto nodded, Krist tell that he was having a crush with someone for almost 6 years, Singto felt his heart stopped beating because of what Krist said, Singto feel rejected even though Krist didn't tell him who is Krist crush.

"Do you want to know another truth Tuan?" Krist said while turning around to face Singto, Singto nodded, Krist breathed heavily and said "Do you know that the one I'm talking about I have a crush for almost 6 years is you?" Singto felt he was dreaming of what Krist saying about him, like Krist was confessing his love to Singto.

"M-Me?" Singto asked Krist, Krist nodded, then Singto said "Me too, I almost have a crush on you for almost 4 years" Krist widened his eyes because of what Singto said, and Krist chuckle because they have a mutual feeling but no one confessed until today.

"So, can I ask you officially?" Singto said and Krist nodded.

"Will you Krist Perawat Sangpotirat will be my officially my boyfriend?" Singto asked while smiling at Krist

Krist nodded while saying "It's always a yes Tuan"

Singto smiled, and went forward to kiss Krist, his boyfriend

The dare come to end, and it became a reality


A/N: how was it? Did I reach your expectation? Vote and Comment down your reaction to my first one shot 🥰

I just repost it here, because it was first publish in wattpad😅

Love you all 😘

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