Who is Lucy?

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Chapter Eight - My Morning

I awaken to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. I remove the blanket and crawl out of bed. I still feel sticky from our sex last night and quickly grab a few moist towelettes from my nightstand. I wipe myself clean and reach for the shorts and tank top that I was wearing last night before I went to Walker. I reach for a hair tie and fix my hair into a ponytail before heading out of my bedroom.

"Good morning sleepyhead," Walker smiles as I come into the kitchen. He is frying eggs in a pan and is spreading butter over several pieces of golden brown toast.

"Good morning," I repeat, rubbing the crusties from my eyes.

"What is all this?"

"Breakfast. I figure you would be hungry."

He hands me a cup of coffee and sit down to the table, reaching into my pack and grabbing a cigarette. I light it and take a sip of my coffee. Sweet and creamy, just how I like it.

"How did you know I like my coffee like this," I ask perplexed by how good and exact it is.

"You mentioned it before."

"You do really have it bad for me," I chuckle as he removes the eggs from the pan and sets on to a plate with two pieces of toast and walks them over to me. He places it on the table in front of me and leans in and gives me a kiss on the lips.

"I'm happy you finally noticed," he jokingly retorts.

He sits down to me as I snuff my cigarette out.

I take a bite of the eggs which are lightly salt and peppered, they taste amazing. I let out a big smile. I haven't had breakfast in quite a few months. I'm usually to rushed or busy to indulge in the first essential meal of the day. Walker smiles as he watches me hoover down the eggs and toast.

"Is it good?"

I nod.

I stuff forkfuls of eggs into my glutenous mouth. He finally joins me eating. This whole exchange doesn't feel forced at all. It just feels natural. I actually have forgotten how to be happy. I am constantly working late, devoid of any social life other than a few drinks to unwind at the bar.

I set my fork on the now empty plate. I look over at him with his crazy hair standing every which way and smile. He is so fucking hot. Like damn hot. I am so smitten.

"What are your plans today," I ask as I relight my cigarette.

"Nothing. No overtime this weekend so I'm just spend it relaxing. How about you," he responds.

"Nothing really. Got to grab a few things at the store, but other than that I haven't put much thought into it."

He smiles as he finishes his breakfast and gathers our plates. I still can get over how amazing last night was and the fact that he hasn't ran for the hills yet. I still don't know what to expect from this, I mean sure I know him but I am damned if I'm going to get too far ahead of myself. I have a tendency to ruin shit by doing that. I sit there and just watch him, content and happy.

Suddenly I hear my phone ringing from the bedroom. I excuse myself and check it, noticing that my best friend Leila was calling. I have known Leila since moving to the city. She moved here a few years before I arrived and took to me quickly.

She is a small town girl like me trying to make it. She was born a woman unlike myself but took to me quicker than shit. She taught me how to get better with makeup, getting more confident wearing high heels, and showing me all the cool clubs.

In a lot of ways she took me under her wings.

"What's up Luce," her sweet tone reverberates from the phone. She seems cheerful and happy to talk. Come to think of it, it has been a while. We were used to talking every other day over the course of our friendship but the last several months it's been hectic.

"Hanging out with Walker," he purr excitedly.

"Like Walker from down the hall?"


I was trying my hardest to hold back the excitement. But Leila is smarter than that. She had me figured out from the jump. She screeched on the other end. She knows he has a serious crush of me and was hinting for months for me to do something.

"Did you two..."

"What," I ask giggling.

"Did you two hookup?"

"Um, what do you think," I respond, trying hard not to giveaway the trust but knowing she would get the hint.

She let out a long, drawn out shriek. She knew before I even knew and was bound and determined to see the two of together. I sit there laughing on the other end. After she got it out of her system, I told her had to go and hung up. I walk back into the kitchen where he was still sitting. He had already placed our dishes in the sink and was messing around on his phone.

"Everything okay," he asks out of concern.

"Yeah, it was Leila."

"Oh. What did you tell her?"

"That we were hanging out?"

"And...," Walker asks as his eyes grew larger.

"She already knew."

We both let out a laugh as we sat at the table. It is nice that this hasn't been weird or uncomfortable. It just feels so...


I guess it always has.

After a few minutes of bullshitting, Walker excuses himself and saying he is going to check on things and get a quick shower and gives me a kiss on my lips. My head spins for a moment, caught in the sweetness of the kiss. He says he'll text me in a little and see if I want to hang out later. I nod and smile and tell him - "I'd like that."

The closes the door behind him and I'm left sitting alone in my thoughts. Of course I'd want to hang out with him later. How could I not? He's funny, sweet, compassionate, and fuck, amazing in bed.

Was I falling hard for him already?

I stand up and walk over to the sink full of dishes and quickly begin soaping them up. I wash them, rinse them, and set them in the strainer for them to dry. I light myself a smoke and grab myself a bottle of water and head into the living room and stare out my window into the beautiful view of the city.

"What a gorgeous day," I say to myself as I take in the view.

I know a shower and shave was on my list for the day but wasn't feeling like doing much else. Maybe I just needed a lazy weekend to relax and maybe get some more quality time with Walker in.

I smile to myself.

This is turning out to be a great one so far.

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