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Chapter Twelve - My Nemesis

Rebecca can be a cold bitch of a woman. Heartless and cruel, hardened by growing up in the city, the product of the harshness of what the underbelly of the city had to offer. She is well established though, working for a high level fashion company for the last 15 years while working her way up to a department head.

And she fought for everything that she got. She had to you see, she didn't kiss any ass. Her work spoke for itself. Her face is taunt, aging lines around her pert mouth as she hangs on the last little bit of the syllable...


Rebecca is in her late 30s, and is kind of the elder person in the complex, having lived her close to 20 years. Most people are transient especially with the economic ups and down. Most people respect her, some even fear her. She is blunt and can be a fucking thorn in everybody's side.

She can be hated.

And boy could I hate her.

Our relationship is complicated. Well, not always but especially over the last year. Before that we actually were quite friendly even though we hadn't hung out. That was before Derrick.

Derrick lived on the same floor as Rebecca, the 2nd floor. He was a good looking man who was recently divorced. He was in his mid 40s and had an effinity for women. Women of all kinds.

He also enjoyed partying.

One of the reasons he doesn't live her anymore thanks to uptight landlord Mr. Foxworth. He loved sex in every shape and form, whatever kink or taboo subject matter, it never seemed to matter. And he always enjoyed it when Rebecca and I joined in for parties.

Don't judge me.

Remember I was still getting over Avante' back then.


Derrick was a playboy, plain and simple. He took a quick liking to me and Rebecca. Flirting and alcohol is a dangerous combination, then you add some drugs on top of it, shit can get bizzare.

Really bizarre.

I was attracted to him.

So was Rebecca.

Derrick was distinguished and handsome. He oozed power and authority, two things I found enticing. And apparently so did Rebecca. A struggle for his attention soon took place. I'm not proud of throwing myself at him, something she wasn't ashamed in the slightest. She was used to getting her way.

She was cunning and manipulative. She knew how to attract men and used every trick on him. But he still went back and forth to both of us. He knew what I am and that didn't stop him from flirting with me and annoying the piss out of her. It felt good to be on level ground with her, a biological woman.

It grew more and more intense when Derrick came to the two of us with an interesting proposal: a threesome. He could have his way with the both of us and it would be equal. Rebecca scoffed at the idea but soon she was up for it. I was the tricky one. I hadn't had a three way with anybody before, with the exception of being asked to a few times while in college with two closeted jocks.

Back then I was mortified by such a thought.

This time I was intrigued.

I didn't dislike Rebecca then. I actually did find her attractive for a woman 10 years my senior. And it wasn't like I hadn't been with girls in my younger years, it just wasn't my typical want.

I sat there as the two of them waited for my answer, sitting there with their hands on their knees waiting for it to leave my mouth and decide our fate. I could have said no and let Rebecca have him all to herself, but I'm a petty bitch like that.

I said yes.

What could it hurt.

Rebecca's look said it all though.

She was hoping I would say no.

She was wrong.

Fuck her.


I wish I had some grandiose story to share with you about it, but honestly it wasn't anything enthralling. Sure the sex was incredible and pleasureable but my heart wasn't into it, I was doing it out of complete and utter spite. Spite towards Rebecca.

The slut.

The ego.

The cunt.

Of course it took place in Derrick's loft apartment on the top floor in his extravagantly large Alaskan king sized bed. He started out by us taking turns kissing him and then each other at his request because he "found it hot." Looking back Derrick was kind of a rich ass "Bro Type." I even hated admiting that as I type it.

He slowly removed our clothing piece by piece as if he was come kind of Don Juan Casanova, both of us eating up the individual attention he gave us. He took turns kissing the napes of our necks and foddling and sucking on our breasts. He was an intentive lover, I'll give him that, taking his time with the both of us. I felt his attention to me even if Rebecca was in the same bed, vying for her own time with the dominant man.

Our mouths were soon pleasuring him under the dimly lit lights of his spacious bedroom, slurping, sucking, and licking him in our intoxicated state. He let out a series of low gutteral noises as we passed his thick and massively hard cock between one another in a fevery and lustful urges took a hold of us. Soon he was deep inside her as I licked the two of them and watched jealously as his cock penetrated in and out of her bare pink pussy, slick with her glistening juices that seemed to flow out of her like a faucet.

Rebecca moaned and panted as his thick cock thrusted in and out of her at a furious pace, pounding and slamming against her as I laid on my back and watched it all unfold. Derrick and Rebecca took turns sucking on mine but I paid them little mind, knowing I was just biding my time until I could feel him inside me.

I wanted him to finish with me.


Pettiness seems like a counterproductive emotion.

Where does it get you?

Is it good?

Is it bad?

Is it indifferent?

I knew I was being petty when it came to Rebecca that night, and selfishly it was because I wanted Derrick for myself. I was tired of men choosing biological women over me just because I had this thing hanging between my legs.

I am a woman God damn it!

And I want to be seen that way.

Rebecca was just another roadbump that was getting in the way. She knew it too. She wanted Derrick and wanted to rub my nose in all her glory, making me watch him thrust violently into her sopping wet pussy that glistened under the dimness of the room. She may be a cunt, but she is smart, knowing how to win and how to play the game. She had experience on me.

But not for long.

Soon he had exited her and found his way towards me, his mouth searched for mine hastily but I made sure to meet him halfway. His slick tongue slid into my graciously accepting mouth as he slowly entered me with Rebecca's slickness as lube.

I bit the bottom of his lip as his thick and long cock entered me, struggling at first. The struggling didn't last long though, her juices making it easier for him to work deeper inside me, sending my sensitive nerve ending erupting into overdrive at every spark.

I could feel the heat radiate off of Rebecca.

She was fumed and I could feel her eyes on me wanting to catch me on fire, but I paid her little mind. I drifted off and completely forgot about her even being there until Derrick slid out of me and brought me back to reality just before plastering my face with his plentiful and immense seed.


I looked up at him as he smiled, his eyes part menacing and sweet, part calm and intense. I laid there for a moment as he got up from the bed. I could see him talking to Rebecca but couldn't make out the words of what was being said.

But what happened next startled me.

He handed her the clothes she had worn there and looked to the door. I watched as tears streamed down her face before walking out of the room. Derrick had sent her home.

He was done with her.

But not me.

He got back into the bed and used a towel to clean my face of his remnants and probably some of my smokey mascara in the process. He leaned in and kissed me on my still trembling lips, still reeling from a combination of getting fucked and watching my rival leave the bedroom in a battered huff.

I had won.

I was chosen over her.

And I reveled in it.


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