Who is Lucy?

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Chapter Four - My Intrigue

My thumb stops at one name: Walker Lowry.

I first met Walker close to a year ago. He had just moved from a small town in a Nebraska and got an apartment on the same floor, right down the hall from me. He is a little bit older than me, about 28 or 29 and good looking, kind of in a hickish, country way.

I knew early on that he has a crush on me, always going out of his way to hello to me and even helping me bring groceries in when I returned from the store. He is always sweet and I always end up catching him checking me out, especially when I'm in a short dress or skirt that I typically where to the office.

And to be completely honest, I do tend to tease him from time to time. Give him a little peak down my blouse when I bend over to retrieve my mail while we are talking, playing the helpless female role from time and time, and even overtly flirting with him when I was feeling rather on the needy side.

He always obliges me though.

And I've often wrestled with the idea of actually hooking up with him, more so lately after he began to grow out his reddish-brown beard. He keeps it neatly trimmed and it makes him look so much hotter than ever before. Roles have been reversed.

Walker now tempts me.

I keep my thumb floating above his name. I light another cigarette and sit overthinking where or not I should message. I also look down at my current attire, I look like a mess. I could fix that real quick that though, my make up is still looking pretty good.

"Fuck it," I think to myself.

"I'm going to see if he's still up."

I finish my cigarette and snuff it out in the ashtray. I scurry into my bedroom and quickly look for something to put on. I reach in my drawer out a pair of red lace panties and go into my closet and grab a matching lace and silk baby doll negligee and pull it out.

I take off my shorts and tank top and fold them and set them on top of the dresser. I slide the panties up my long legs and pull it up over my penis, which isn't much of anything while I am soft. I am definitely a grower not a shower, but that doesn't matter much when I'm not very big hard anyways, just about 5 inches.

It looks more like an over-sized clit when it's soft.

I pull the negligee over my head and let the straps fall over my shoulders and the outfit flow down over my body. I look in the mirror and check myself one last time and take a deep breath. The baby doll top ends right above my knees and fits me to a T.

I hope Walker is still up.

I want to see his reaction.

The look on his face.

I feel so turned on already and I haven't even made it out of my apartment yet. It's been awhile to be real with you, several months to be exact, so any little thing could suddenly set me off. Like any other woman, I have needs. And masturbating only gets you so far.

I take another deep breath.

And exhale.

I check myself one last time and leave my bedroom, turning my overhead light off and heading back into my living room. I open my door and check the hallway. It is empty thank God. I only want one person to see me dressed like this and that's Walker.

I am ready.

I quietly walk down the hallway until I get to his door. I lightly tap against his door. Nothing. I wait another 30 seconds and tap again. I hear the clicking of his lock and he slowly opens his door.

His eyes widen as he takes his first glance at me dressed in my sexy attire. His cheeks redden as he fumbles over his words, trying to say hello as casually as he can.

"H-Hey, hello," he manages to get out finally, after stammering over his first few words. His expression is mixed with intrigue and of course concern. I have never knocked on his door this late. It is almost 2 o'clock in the morning

"Hey," I casually respond.

"Is everything alright," he quickly asks, trying to fix his disheveled hair with his hand. I must have woke him up. I instantly feel bad, but I was willing to make it up to him.

Walker is a sweet and caring man. He always makes sure that I am doing good and makes sure to always offer his hand to help, which at first I didn't pay much attention to but as the time went on, I learned to appreciate it so much more.

His beard is neatly as always but his hair was growing out longer and starting to appear a little more shaggy. He looks fucking hot and I knew there was no turning back now.

I was in too deep now.

"Everything is fine," I reassured him coyly.

"I have just been thinking about you," I continue saying, laying on the flirting pretty heavily. I want him to pick up on my cues. I know he wants me, I want him to know I want him too.


Right now.

Walker is dressed in just a black t-shirt and a pair of gray boxer shorts. He wasn't expecting company at all and probably nodded off after a long day working at the local factory a few miles from where we live. He smiles and relaxes a little once he realized that I was okay and that it wasn't an emergency.

"Really," he asks, a little confused.

"Why would you be thinking about little old me for?"

"What can't a neighbor think about you," I answer, letting out a little chuckle as I writhed my hands together nervously.

"Sure. I guess so. Anyways, what's up?"

"I was wondering if you would want to have a drink with me. If I'm not bothering you of course," I ask, hoping he would accept my impromptu invitation. I can feel the knots forming in my nervous stomach, unsure if my bold strategy was too much.

"Sure. Let me get some more clothes on..."

"No, you're dressed fine. It's just drinks," I interrupt him, knowing he is perfectly dressed for what I had in store for him.

I grabbed his warm hand and lead him towards my apartment, him closing the door behind him. If I didn't act this fucking bold then I was going to second guess myself and end up kicking myself for not actually going through with it. And then I'd feel like an idiot.

Not today.

Ms. Bold is what he is getting tonight.

Ms. Bold - I like the sound of that.

We enter my apartment in through my sparsely decorated living room and I clapse the chain lock behind us. I lead him back towards my kitchen where three bottles of alcohol are already sitting on the table, waiting for us to consume. I had bought them the day earlier coming home from another long day of work.

We make idle chit chat as I pull three bottles out of the fridge, one that's orange juice, one that's lemon-lime soda, and the third one, a bottle of cola. I set them down onto the white and back checkered kitchen table, where Walker has already taken a seat at.

I can see the outline against his boxers. His girth is extremely thick and mouth-watering. I can feel myself already drooling. I steer my attention away quickly, I needed for both us to have a few drinks before I get that brazen. Not that I'm some sort of prude, I have been known to be somewhat of a hoe from time to time.

Don't we all have those moments though?

"What's your poison: whiskey, vodka, or rum?"

"I'll take a rum and coke please," he politely asks.

Rum and Coke.

My kind of man.

I pull out two tumbler glasses and drop an ice cube into both of them. I cover the cubes with rum in both glasses and fill the rest with the cola. I had him his glass first. He smiles, thanks me, and slowly begins to twirl his drink in his hand. I pull out one of the chairs and and sit down right besides him, our knees nearly touching, of course by my own design.

"This is a nice place you have here Lucy," his long western drawl filling the air with a feeling of hospitality that many people here in the city just don't have. It is refreshing. Maybe that is the reason I am so attracted to him. Well that and his good looks."

"Thank you sweetheart."

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