Who is Lucy?

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Chapter Six - My Lust

I take Walker's hand and he stands up. He has already pitched a tent in his boxer briefs. A clear sign that I was doing something. I give him a nod of my head pointing towards the hallway towards my bedroom. The moment has arrived.

"Would you like to take this somewhere more comfortable," I ask with a sutle yet seductive tone. He nods his head as I lead him towards my bedroom, opening the door slowly as he follows.

We sit on the edge of my bed and resume kissing. Our tongues go right back to how we left them, cascading and fluttering as the lamp on my nightstand provides very little light. I reach between his leg and feel his engorged member pressing tightly against the thin fabric. I run my long fingers along it's length, his heavy, almost thick breathing filled my mouth as our kissing grew hotter.

"Fuck," I think to myself as our moment grew more intense by each second. "I can't believe I waited so long to make a move. What, had a been a complete idiot this entire time?"

I must have been.

I have never experience such an intense moment from just making out before. And here it is with a man who have been interested in me from day one. A handsome and sweet man right down the hall.

I break our kiss, looking up at him with my intense greenish eyes as he meets mine. I drop down to the carpetted floor and slowly slide his boxers down as he slightly lifts from the bed to allow me better access. Our eyes never breaking.

I feel the intensity.

I feel the heat.

His boxers fall towards the floor as he removes his t-shirt and tossing onto the carpetting below. I marvel at his extremely thick and long. My eyes widen as I count his inches in my head: 8, 8 1/2.


I have never seen a cock this big in person.

Sure, it's one thing to a big one in a porn or whatever, but it's a completely other thing to see it in real life. He looks huge and insanely thick too. He has to be a solid 3 inches around. It looks like a Red Bull can hanging between his legs.

Don't get me I'm going to attempt like hell to take this goddamn monster, I can already feel the drool gather at my lips for fucks sake. But it isn't going to be an easy thing though.

Maybe easier if I was a snake and could dislocate my jaw.

I lean in and lightly lick the tip of his bulbous head. He shutters at my tongue tasting the already accumulated pre-cum forming. I let the thinness of it slather across. It doesn't taste much like anything but at the same time I enjoy the lack of flavor.

Plus him moaning already didn't hurt.

I circle around the tip almost teasing him, taking my time to have a little fun. Savoring the moment really. Sure it's late but it's a Friday night and neither of us have anywhere to be.

I struggle to take him in my mouth at first but waste little time in relaxing my throat and opening up a little wider. I begin working the first several inches down my relaxed throat, trying desperately not to gag and throw myself off my rhythm.

He lets out a low deep groan as I wrap my fingers around his shift down towards his base. I slowly work him up and down as I suck him feverishly. His hands run through my long chesnut brown hair as my mouth continues to pleasure him as I take my time making him feel as good as I hope I am.

"Oh fuck, Lucy this feels so good," he moans out as my hand works his cock at a quicker pace, another light coating of pre-cum oozing over my slippery tongue for me to graciously enjoy.

"Hmm," I inadvertently moan out, the sound muffled.

"No, no, don't make me cum yet baby," he pleads, signalling that he must be close to finishing. Don't worry, I wasn't going to let him get off that quickly. I am taking my time.

It is crazy how quickly my night turned around. Just a few short hours ago I was feeling sad and angered by letting another dumb, narrow-minded person get to me. I was resigned to having another night alone, licking my wounds and falling into a depression.

But I always know I am much stronger than that. I wasn't going to repeating the same old cycle over and over again, making the same mistakes and allowing myself to make better choices.

Walker was under my nose the entire time. It took me on a bad night to realize he was worth giving a shot to, knowing that he is was deep down a good chance to take. I just needed to come to that realization and stop being so stubborn about it.

I am not regretting the decision.

Not in the slightest.

I lift myself up and look up at him. He leans in and kisses my lips gently. He runs his rough muscular hands across my satin and lace covered breasts, my puffy nipples already hardened by his mere touch. It sends sensations coursing through my entire body like a crashing wave hitting against a sand covered beach.

I let out a soft muttering wimper as both of his hands move down to the thin spaghetti like straps and lower them over my bare shoulders, letting them fall down to my waste, exposing my full melon-sized breasts for his eyes to embrace. He pulls me up and allows his mouth to explore my breasts, rotating between both of them, licking and sucking at my nipples as I throw my head back and enjoy the continous pleasure taking over.

I feel him driving me insane, teasing me and making me internally beg for more. It's like he is reading my mind. It's like he is savoring each moment as I am, perhaps knowing he doesn't want to waste a single second of it either. Maybe I have finally met my match.

I wrap my arms over his shoulders and run my long nails against his back as his mouth continues exploring my breasts. I mumble incoherently as my nails trail against his musular back. I want him inside me desperate. He lets go from my breasts and reaches in to kiss me again, making me turn into a puddle yet again.

"I want you inside me," I purr loudly.

I know it sounds like begging. And that I never beg. Well this isn't turning out to be a normal hookup for me. The sparks are brighter than ever and the passion is intoxicating.

I don't want normal.

I want real.

I want fire.



I stand up straighter and let my baby doll nightie fall back down towards the floor. I saunter over to the nightstand and pull out a small blue bottle of lube. Walker leans back and pushes himself towards the top of my queen-sized bed, laying his head against a pile of neatly stacked pillows.

I follow him and slide between his legs on all fours and open the bottle. I let the lube dribble over his still rock hard throbbing cock as he shivers from the touch of the cold liquid. I warm him up in no time as I reward him by rubbing the slickness over him, giving him a large, wide smile in the process.

I bring my knees up and line them to his waste as I take his slick cock in my hand, directing it to the enterance of my pucker hole which is begging for him to enter. I let out a shallow moan as his head enters me slowly, his girth stretching me open.

I expect it to hurt immensely but his dark eyes looking up at me somehow eases the sensation, allowing the stretching to become just a formality. I eagerly let me inside him inside me as I lean to kiss his full lips again. I slowly work his thickened length inside as the slickness of the lube lets him glide effortlessly.

"Oh fuck baby," he lets out a deep gutteral groan.

"You are so fucking tight!"

"I've never had a big thick cock inside me," I stammer.


I damn near yell loud enough to wake the elderly couple from next door. His cock covers every square of my insides, rubbing the walls of my "pussy" that envelopes around him like a vice.


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